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NY Times article on Open Source 18

sean dreilinger sent in a link to a NY Times article that praises open source software and marks it as an unpredicted computing change of 1998.
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NY Times article on Open Source

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  • This is what I like to call, US bastardization.
    Yes, I'm from the US, so I have a unique insight on US bastardization of language. Everyone I know says "Linux" with a soft i (which rhymes with 'cynics').

    By the same note, everyone I've ever known prounced 'Minix' with a soft i as well, as "minicks". Since Linux was derived from Minix, it was a natural transition to go from min'ix to lin'ix.
  • We musta /.'d 'em. What server are they using? And why has all this MCSE add crap followed me to slashdot?
  • The article is, in part, an outgrowth of SVLUG's "Silicon Valley Tea Party" [] at Microsoft's Palo Alto office, which the reporter attended. She has also interviewed many prominent open source people, and my guess is that she'll be writing more articles on the subject.

    Rick Moen
  • FreeBSD is dying. According to some folks in the know, the last FreeBSD has already been made.

    An unknown anonymous source quoting an unknown anonymous source. Right. I think you're so full of crap, your irises are turning brown.

    Rick Moen
  • How can someone 'predict' that something will be an 'unpredicted' force? Of course, that's ignoring the fact that open source software has already become a huge force and people have already been predicting it's leaps and bounds in this New Year.
  • Well, it's very nice to hear your views on Bill Clinton, but the NYT has actually been anti-Bill in the great republican crusade, so that puts you in agreement with them.

    Maybe next time you'll keep your politics and technology separate so your punch lines don't coagulate into contradictions.

  • Interesting new use for Apache mentioned in the article: apparently many ISPs use it for making web pages :-)

  • Yup, just pronounce 'cynics' with a funny accent. :)

    There are Cynux in every crowd...
  • But it least it's the NY Times.

    So Linux rhymes with 'cynics' eh...

  • While reading the NY Times article something struck me. Does anyone else find it kind of ironic how publications so many times seem to choose the word "cynics" for describing the pronunciation of "Linux"?

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