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Lucas to end Star Wars 48

VanL writes " Looks like episodes 7,8, and 9 are not to be. Lucas told Vanity Fair that he plans to quit after the prequels are done." Related news for Dutch Trekkies below.
In a related story Merijn Broeren wrote in to tell us " More geeky news for Dutch viewers. There will be a Star Trek Movie marathon next week (16 January), an all night Trek fest, with 4 shows after each other. The first three you can choose between the 8 old movies, then in three rooms at once the new Insurrection. 1400 trekkies will attend!" More info in Dutch (which I can't read).
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Lucas to end Star Wars

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  • ...says the same things as the English text (click the British flag in the upper right corner), with the addition that the price for a ticket is 45 guilders (about 20 Euro :)
  • Movies are a bit different... a good director can keep doing good movies. He doesn't have to crank out one per week.

  • Actually, in the latest X-Wing novel, one of the characters says that he was involved with a group that broadcast the destruction of the death star by hacking into the computer systems on Coruscant to bypass the Imperial propaganda. This set off a lot of celebrations... which were unfortunately later quelled by stormtroopers firing into crowds. Just thought that might be relevant.

  • He did? I musta missed something...

  • One of the best parts of the series was the story behind the story. That is an essential element to writing.

    I'm going to not be negative, I'll look forward and stand in line with anticipation with everyone else. But I really fear he will not (and from the trailer it looks this way) figure a good enough reason for Anakin to go bad. At best I anticipate the old plot of a good kid who is confused and impresionable, and the bad people seem to be the only ones who understand him. (i.e. Hook)

    Seems better to have it insinuated(sp?), huh.
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  • Hmmm, the only parts of the Return of the Jedi I didn't like was a few "stars need more roles" kind of contravnces. Lando and Han are all of a sudden Generals and leading the main missions. I felt that cheapens the Rebellion and makes it seem as though only five people have all the talent.

    The plot as you describe it is (BiON) pretty much what I'm suspecting. It just seems to me that the downfall of the Jedi's should really be themselves. They are getting lazy, proud, and lonely at the top so they start fighting amongst themselves. The forget the ways that lead them to the status they were. (Anger moves people to the Dark Side references and all.) Darth is just the single embodiment of the fall.

    But as it is I foresee a "Young Indiana Jones" style of storylines that wind up with an old man sitting in a rocking chair saying "And /that/ was how the light bulb was invented." Too much charectar contravance.
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  • Unless bonehead got off his ass and started seriously producing some film. At the rate he's going...
  • Every time he's been interviewed about Star Wars it sounded like he was about to puke, collapse from exhaustion, or spin his head around 360.

    For his own mental sanity, it sounded like he needed to quit.

  • ...why dredge out tired old plots, characters and Universes when you can use your imagination and come up with your own?

    Software: Code reuse is good.

    Entertainment: Plot reuse is bad.

  • by slim ( 1652 )
    As I see it, the 6 movies will add up to a
    the whole story of Darth Vader's life. The series
    begins with his birth, and ends with his death.

    Just like Titus Groan ;)
  • Lucas hasn't been hyping it much. Apart from the trailer and stuff on the web site (which, let's face it, not everyone has access to) I have seen very little official. The only people who have been hyping it are some of the die-hard fans. If they are disappointed, that's their problem. I'm just going to wait and see what it's like. I'm quietly confident that it'll be good, but I'm not working myself up over it.
    Hey, get a grip! It's just a film!

  • Wait until episodes 1-3 make Lucas richer than Bill Gates. Then we'll see what he thinks.


  • Star Trek in the same situation? I kind doubt it! Star Trek be bad, and even getting worse, but they have a strong following and as long as people (like me) are going out to see their crappy movies, I don't see them going out PERIOD, in style or in a coffin or anyway else.

    I don't think that death, (or how they die,) is really an issue to Paramount and the Star Trek crowd. They see it as a bottomless pit and it's idiots like me who make it possible. Oh well, I enjoy myself! :)
  • by ewhac ( 5844 )

    JMS is J. Michael Straczinski(sp?), creator of Babylon-5.


  • So whats this? ST night with only four movies? Either show Insurrection alone or show em all. *Thats* what I call ST nights! (Then again, the 8-movies-in-a-row was already a bit more than a night.)
  • The way I see it, Star Trek has had the same problem for the last couple of movies that Return of the Jedi had. Instead of creating a movie that appeals to dedicated fans, they attempt to bring in new fans by putting to much "cute" or "funny" into the movie. I really enjoyed the dark tone of the first two Star Wars movies, and was disgusted when I went to see Jedi and saw a bunch of nausea inducing ewoks.

    While I will not disagree with you one whit about the Ewoks (I thought they were cute at the time, but not so much any more) there's a reason movie and TV producers try to cater to new viewers as well as die-hards, and it starts with "$"...

    You have to open the franchise up at some point to new viewers, otherwise as the die hard fans start leaving (as some Trek fans are apt to do when Voyager is the only TV left) there's no one left to fill their shoes.

    Babylon 5 is the exception that proves the rule, by the way... it's only now at the end we can say it was a success. It could have foundered and died after the 1st season when they lost their leading man. When I'd heard that O'Hare was leaving, I thought "that's it, the show is toast."

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I stopped watching B5 halfway through season 1, and didn't start watching again until they started dropping hints about the Shadows, which appealed to the H.P. Lovecraft and conspiracy fan in me. I'm glad I stuck around for the ride the second time around (plus getting to catch up on the episodes I missed in seasons 1 and 2 on TNT...)

    Jay (=
    (Who knows someone who honestly thinks that a Trek series based on and starring Klingons would actually be a success...)
  • Lucas did an excellent job of killing off all the bad guys in last movie: Vader, the emporer, Jabba, even Bobba Fett is dead.

    He would have to make up an entirely new story line, which would be rather anticlimatic.
  • I don't remember anyone saying that the people celebrating were rebels, or that the planet even WAS Coruscant. But maybe I missed a subtitle somewhere %)
  • I think I remember reading that Lucas said he was not going to make any more after the original 3 (episodes 4-6)? I could be wrong. I think he just likes to see if he will get any reaction from the fans. (Helps fuel the ego a bit)
  • ...especially the pa'rt about him not knowing what to do next after all this time. As JMS has shown, the deneumet(sp) can be the most explosive part of the story... OTOH, given the time scale bumped out to the same as for Episodes IV-VI, he hos plenty of time to change his mind...


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