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Slashdot T-Shirt Update 42

Neil from CopyLeft wrote in to say that they finally caught up on the flood of Slashdot T-Shirt orders. They're really sorry about the lag- apparently ya'll ordered a lot more then they expected. Anyway they are now geared up to handle sales efficiently so go order a Slashdot shirt if you want to drape yourself in #006666 and blatant advertising, or just want to help support Slashdot. They have shirts with my Don't Fear the Penguins logo too. I'm also hearing rumblings about Hats for the zillions of you who request them. No word yet on Slashdot Undergarments and Ties, but who really wants to wear underwear and ties anyway?
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Slashdot T-Shirt Update

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  • speaking of which... this is a damn funny site......
  • in no particular order. In the spirit of Slashdot, consider these Slashdot 1999 Merchandise Suggestions open-source, GPLed, whatever. I ain't gonna sue anyone when I see 'em at my local Wal-Mart.

    - the official Slashdot lunchbox
    - the official Slashdot bong
    - the official Slashdot colostomy bag
    - the official Slashdot pocket bio of Rob Malda (sold right where those dreamy Leo pocket bios were at Barnes and Noble last week!)
    - Slashdottin' to the Oldies - the official weight loss video
    - the official Slashdot taser, for hostile Linux advocacy rallies
    - the official Slashdot adult film

    and my personal favourite idea:

    Slashdot Flakes - the Breakfast Cereal.

  • ...I'd rather wear a "Vote for Quayle" shirt. :)
  • by kip3f ( 1210 )
    Thats disgusting! I'm trying to eat my lunch over here!
    mmmmmm... campbell's vegetable-beef.
  • I would by any garments with /. stuff on them, especially the don't fear the penguin stuff. I'm always quoting that at work. I REALLY want a HAT! Not a cheap crappy hat with that fishnet top and plastic thingy in the back. I want a black or dark grey hat with /. or don't fear... on it. It has to be all cloth, including the resizer thing in the back with a metal clip. How about a penguin on the front, with "Don't fear the penguin" written over the hole in the back.

    Or maybe one that says "Microsoft, FEAR THIS"
  • This link [] was posted a couple of months back.

    But Rob said that they did mugs (which is true) but they can also do T-shirts.

    I have the one with Tux in sunglasses and the Slashdot logo and it is very cool.

    They delivered it very quickly (less than a week and I'm in the UK) and the quality is excellent.

    I'm not associated with them I'm just a happy customer.

  • - Due to the stupid form contruction. E.g., country doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Or I'm too tired.
  • First Qualcomm sent me a Eudora T-Shirt
    Then Barebones sent me a BBEdit T-Shirt
    Then Barebones sent me a Mailsmith T-Shirt
    Then Amazon sent me an Associates T-Shirt
    The only Geek T-shirt I was willing to fork over money, though
    Was the /. shirt I'll have on tomorrow.
  • Nono!

    "World Domination for Dummies"!

    Pitr's choice!

    User Friendly []

    - Sean

    - FiReStOrM
  • my /. t-shirt was one of the most creative gifts I got. (thank you Jeff!)
    Maybe we could have a little contest to see who can send in the coolest /. t-shirt picture. Just an idea.

    "But I might be wrong." --Carl Sagan

  • With the reappearance of Kiss, Dee Snyder and other Monsters of Rock, I think it only appropriate to expand your product line.

    I want my Slashdot cod-piece and I want it now.
  • Take a look at the total S/H (4 + 11) for
    non-US residens in the case of just one T-shirt.

    $30 for a T-shirt - NO WAY!
  • by dumptruck ( 5401 )
    Hey I have to wear a tie to school everyday and I'm getting tiered of wearing the same tie every day for more then a year (school year?)

    Keep the tie looking good though. I am not a real big fan of the redhat tie

    What about other nerd stuff like pocket protectors?
  • Hell, yeah I'd buy a tux and a /. strangulation device. I'm forced to wear one where I currently work. It's a kewl place in terms of being able to play with enterprise systems and designing better systems that our consultants couldn't figure out for themselves. (read as not understanding DNS and networking concepts, as well as many other things...but anyway)

    I already wear goofy strangulation devices (tie), gumby, goofy, donald duck, cleveland indians, and so forth. A tux and a /. one would fit in nicely. Especially considering me and a co-worker are bringing in the onslaught of penguin boxes (8 VAReasearch boxes) to handle DNS and other things that we don't want to let WinblowsNT to mutilate.
  • There is. Try this [] . I want one. Not that I'd ever wear it, but it's cool...

    Colin Scott
    Final Year Computer Systems Engineering Student
  • What about:

    * The Official Slashdot Caffine Drink, or better
    * The Official Slashdot Caffine IV
    * The Official Slashdot Vending Machine (that's where I'd get my lunch...)
    * And of course all the Official Slashdot hardware. Someone contact Intel, AMD, Sun etc to see if we can plaster Slashdot logos on all the cool toys we put in our computers.
    * Not to mention the Official Slashdot World Domination Handbook. This, of course, would have to be delivered fast.

    Colin Scott
    Final Year Computer Systems Engineering Student
  • around 25 bucks..Now thats not to much to ask for a one of a kind t-shirt that has elite written all over it.

    "Release your inner nerd."
  • As one of the (what, 2?) /. readers who don't work in IT, I'm forced to wear my very own noose to work every night. (Seems like the nights I 'forget' to wear one are the nights my boss 'checks up' on me - busted!) And I'd much rather wear a slashdot tie than anything else, except maybe a Tux tie, which I'm planning on making myself before too long..

    Oh well, we're lobbying for scrubs in the workplace - wish us luck.

  • My girl would go for wearing a /. bra for me. Anything to make me happy. But then again, I'd probably never really want to take it off :)
  • by allan ( 14417 )
    (1) print out the slashdot logo on a Color Printer Near You (the better the better)
    (2) buy a white t-shirt el cheapo
    (3) go have the logo printed onto the shirt with one of those funky t-shirt-photocopier-thingys, will cost u something on the order of 5 euro or so ...

Mathemeticians stand on each other's shoulders while computer scientists stand on each other's toes. -- Richard Hamming