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Star Wars Prequel Bits 41

Dave Phillips sent us a minor spoiler so sbort now if that bugs ya. "Hosted a chat with Star Wars author Dan Wallace last night, and he had some interesting things to say about the Prequels, LFL in general, and some hints about upcoming books, etc., in the works. in the works. Also, Liam's confirmed for Episode 2: "Lucasfilm has exercised the option in Liam Neeson's contract. The option requires Neeson to be available for 11 shooting days on Episode 2. So, does this mean Neeson will appear in Ep. 2 as a ghost (ie; like Kenobi did in Ep. 5-6)? Who knows? But the option has been exercised and Neeson must make himself available to Lucasfilm. . . Now you are NOT going to here this news anywhere else. And Lucasfilm will probably deny it....AND Neeson's people will act like they havent heard a thing regarding it . . . .BUT, its true." "
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Star Wars Prequel Bits

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  • by Gleef ( 86 )
    Ewan McGregor is Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    Liam Neeson is listed as "A Venerable Jedi Knight"

    More information (with no spoilers) can be found on the Star Wars: Episode I - Cast [] page.
  • would be nice to have a feature to individually
    filter out topics that we, the individual readers,
  • would be nice to have a feature to individually
    filter out topics that we, the individual readers,
    don't care about. I hope this doesn't get posted
    two or three times like I think it has because I
    keep hitting tab instead of enter (d'oh!). (If it
    has, I blame lynx.)
  • by Dave O ( 391 )
    Maybe Im missing something, but how is it possible for Liam Neeson to be a ghost in the second one? Unless I was misinformed, Neeson *is* Ben Kenobi. And IIRC he dies in episode 4. Or maybe Im just smoking too much crack again.
  • Posted by yuiop:

    I realize you tried to warn us, but I read the paragraph from the middle (scrolling).

    Next time, keep *any* spoilers off the front page, please.
  • Posted by ashort:

    I enjoy the Star Wars updates, and as it has been pointed out, anything that leaks CAN be considered "shaky" at best.

    And like anyone else who's read what's available on the Star Wars site AND seen the trailer, I pretty much figured OUT that Neeson's character was going to die (didn't ALL the good Jedi die except for Obi-wan and Yoda, pre-ANH?) I didn't know (still not SURE!) that it would happen in "Phantom Menace" but I WAS pretty sure (hunch).

    I figure it's going to be by the double-bladed lightsaber of the badguy Sith-Lord (ol' what's his name?) with the wicked eyes.

    How ELSE does Young Anakin's training get transferred to the young Ben Kenobi? Get over yourselves, I love Star Wars, and I am glad that Slashdot does the updates. And, aren't the first three episodes ALREADY available in book form somewhere?

    I don't gripe and complain about everything that's on here that I don't read or care to, I SKIP OVER IT. Geesh, get a grip. Try this, "Oh, a STAR WARS label...perhaps I won't READ that one".

    I finally find a really great nerd site that doesn't WORSHIP Star Trek and people complain about it!

    Oh my...

  • (OOPS on the double post)

    Let it be noted that George Lucas has known to fool people by having a "Close Person to Lucas" or something like the above article.

    In other words, he did it with the Second and Especially the Third movie, what exactly is keeping him from doing it this time?

    Although, Ignorance is Bliss :)

  • by Eccles ( 932 )
    I don't know about you, but I don't really slowly and out loud, I read very quickly and essentially am digesting lines at a time. Since I don't expect spoilers -- has there ever been one on the Slashdot main page before? -- I'm not reading in a way where halting is gonna happen. I skim, seeing if this story seems interesting, and click-through if it does. So I'd request that spoilers not be on the main Slashdot page.
  • but do keep the Star Wars Stuff
  • i agree, the spoilers were a bit much, but everyone makes mistakes.

    Now, all you AC's need to stop bitching about SW and this site. YOU come to this site. YOU do not do anything else, besides bitch occasionally. YOU do not write content, YOU do not pay the bills. CmdrTaco does, and he damn well has the right to post anything he finds interesting. Be it Linux, Star Wars, or the latest Furby uproar, its his goddamn right. So stop complaining.
  • And I warned people on EFNet #perl, and they are staying away from Slashdot today.

    The first words that popped into my head when I saw it were "FUCK Slashdot" and "Bastards". I have calmed down a bit, but that was really lame of you to post it on the main page. I skimmed and missed the part about it being a spoiler. Now I know more than I want to know. Thanks.
  • WTF could Star Trek possibly have to do with this? The post was completely about Star Wars. Someone claimed that Star Wars has outlived itself (he's wrong), but he didn't say anything about Star Trek being any better.

    Are you one of those idiots who thinks that fans of Star Trek and Star Wars are somehow opposed to each other, hence anyone with something bad to say about Star Wars must be Trekkie? Otherwise why change the subject unless trying to start a Star * flamewar?

    Or was this just a lame attempt to insult people who know how to appreciate real science fiction? (Though of course neither Star * is on the level of Babylon 5.)

    David Gould

  • Anybody want in on a pool as to when this will be deleted?

    I'm in favor of the right to post anonymously, but it's kind of stupid to offer a wager when, in order to take you up on it, somebody would need a way to contact you! That's assuming it was an honest suggestion and not just weak sarcasm.

    Why does Star Wars warrent all this attention and not say 'Pi' or something?

    There was a story here about Pi, when it was new. The discussion was very favorable. I for one had not heard of it until then, but it got me interested enough to look up the theater listing and go see it. It was a great movie. Thanks for asking. Did you have a point?

    Why do people assume that because I use a computer and have access this this site, I automatically want to hear about STAR WARS 3 times a week?

    That would make sense if this were a "mainstream" media body targetting "nerds". No doubt the content would be dictated by stereotypes and we "real" nerds would probably be offended, etc.

    However, this is a "real" nerd site: Rob doesn't post stories because he thinks people will find them interesting (well, yeah, but not based on stereotypes) -- he posts stories that he himself finds interesting, on the basis that people like him will also be interested. I suspect that a poll would show he's right.

    David Gould
  • I think that the death of a main character is a rather important part of a plot. This should not have been described as a "minor" or "small" spoiler at all, but a MAJOR one.

    "Major" Tony

  • Okay, let's go over this again..."appears as a ghost," as in, gee, that would mean his character dies in the film we're all waiting to see. Gee, um, THANKS. That was really minor though. Or something.



  • > Was that just a hunch or did you hear/read something elsewhere that made you suspect that he dies?

    I suspected he might die because Liam stars in a lot of other movies, and I don't think he's the type of actor to do a lot of sequels. So it's a double spoiler for me; he dies, he comes back . Argh !!!

    > I didn't think it was that big of a spoiler.

    It sort of is ...
  • I suspected Liam's character was going to die in the first film, but you totally spoiled this event when posting it in the main slashdot page !!!
    Please stop this. I don't mind "links" to spoilers so you have a choice to read them, but putting them in plain sight like this really sucks .
  • I think CmdrTaco distictly says:

    Dave Phillips sent us a minor spoiler so sbort now if that bugs ya.

    I think that explains it all. Lamers with nothing better to do that bitch about stuff. Save your keystrokes and ignore the postings. It's that easy. Some of us happen to dig Star Wars, and yea, it's media overkill, but what isn't nowadays?

    (Cartman) "Screw you guys, I'm going home"
  • Liam Neeson returning is a minor spoiler.

    *His Character Dying* is a *MAJOR* spoiler. I love seeing StarWars news here, but please mark the spoilers better.
  • by Artemis ( 14122 )

    If you really didn't want any spoilers, I would suggest you be careful reading anything about it then. Especially avoid it when the words small spoiler are in bold. If you managed to miss that while 'skimming' the main page, then I would suggest you look about more carefully for bold words next time.

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  • Excuse me, I meant "minor", not "small" in the previous posting, but it still conveys the same message. Also notice the department the message came from: "blatent-spoilers-and-rumors dept."

    Force Recon Half-Life TC: Check it out []
  • Hummm... Iiam dies, well that's reassuring. At least we know one actor was in the film. Still, spoilers are not fun. I for one have only begun to accept the fact that you ruined the film for me.
    Stop here, doesn't work, as far as getting people not to read spoilers. Not on your site anyway. Two seconds into reading we have already scanned the whole page.

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