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Quickielanch 42

Robert Flemming wrote in to say that KDE 1.1pre2 is out. I also noticed that GNOME has 0.99.3 RPMs available now if you're into that. LoCoPuff sent us a link to a CNN article about theWindows Refund that mentions Slashdot and quotes me (cough cough). Nate wrote in to say "Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies" meet the Everything 2 code in The Oblique Strategies Garden. Indeterminacy=fun. " Robert Dale sent us a parody of Iggy Pop's Lust for Life called Lust For Linux (surprise) For todays Star Wars bits, Alan Shutko sent us a link to pictures of Official Star Wars Legos. And the todays flashback comes from The_Black_Macrame who sent a link to the complete errata list from the original Star Wars. It's an oldie, but a goodie. hangman got bored and decided to trash a DEC 2100 and post pictures. Check it out if you're into computer mutilation. An anonymous reader sent us a link to one image you don't want to see on an ATM. And lastly, jhack sent us a link to a nice little page on painting your mac black if you happen to think that blue color is a bit excessive. The final results are pretty sharp. Now stop reading quickies and go compile your 2.2 kernel.
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  • I see a blue Mac and I want it painted black...

    Um. Sorry.
  • Posted by HolyMackeralAndy:

    I agree with you Bastid. I loaded up KDE on my new Linux box and it slowed down like and old Windblows box. I'll try Gnome next.
  • by Eg0r ( 704 )
    Disturbing picture... I've always been wondering why some ATM machines are so desperately slow when all I want is to have some cash with no receipt... Please wait... Please wait... Please wait...

    Yeah sure, now I know why :-/ And you got me nervous on this one! is this thing broadcasting my PIN or something? my credit card number perhaps? where was the software made? which country?

    Another reason NOT to use ATMs with graphic displays! or maybe... not to use them at all?


  • by Eg0r ( 704 )
    hehe it's 4.30AM here in the UK, and these kind of comments sure makes me laugh my head off :-)

    What? you didn't even know she was? ;-)


  • That Mac looks 100% better already... I hope it's the quality of the image/compression - but that black on the side looks flat. Eeew. I'd have used semi-gloss, personally. But either way, it looks a helluva lot better than that Bondi Blue B.S. :)
  • by ader ( 1402 )
    I've used a NatWest cash till here in the UK with a similar NT error dialogue on it - something about not being able to fetch a current profile. It still worked OK (unless Bill now has a direct debit on my account :-) but the box obscured the display. Of course, NatWest has had well-publicised "issues" with NT. Serve 'em right. Errors like this on a customer-facing application are unforgiveable.
  • It ain't gonna be Y2K issues that cause a run on this bank :)

  • a=40678 []

    Also, rumor has it that some companies are going to start marketing custom inserts (the way that case is put together this is very possible). Hey, you can customize the OS all you want... why not customize the case?
  • and i thought "Holy shit, Someone is going to fuck up one of the great songs of the 70s." I was pissed off, man. Is nothing sacred? Perhaps some song by Kraftwerk or Eno was next. (Shit Eno is in the same quickie. The end of civilization as I knew it?)

    I clicked on and read it.

    I liked it! Wow. It wasn't super cornball and stupid.


    PS: Please don't put "Turn Blue" to risk.
  • Actually, I have walked by an ATM machine, an older non-graphical one, that had a *nixy crash dump on it. (I guess I can't say that for sure, but it did not look like anything a Microsoft product would spit out.) I wish I had a camera to catch the moment...that does not happen all that often.
  • I think they are in potato (2.2, unstable).
  • Those ATM should have a CTRL-ALT-SUP brand red new button you can bash onto when you don't get enough cash... definitely :)))
  • by ewhac ( 5844 )

    Who the fsck would use Windoze in what is essentially an embedded system? Have they caught him yet?


  • It's ironic that Gnome displays more maturity than some of its proponents, and that KDE displays more stability than some of its supporters ;) Having said that, I run both systems (parts of both at the same time) and am happy with the comfortable balance I've found. For those of you who want to switch back and forth, either Blackbox or WindowMaker are ideal light-weight window managers. For the toolkit purists, themes are definitely getting there so look-n-feel issues become less important.

    One sour note came with the new glib (1.1.13) -- missing symbols trying to run my shiny new GNOME apps. This was fixed by rebuilding from the source RPM. Now I just need to rebuild gnotepad+ to make it work. C'est la vie.
  • It's a pity about that DEC, I saw it up close in person and there were some big ceramic PGA chips that would have made lovely jewelry if they hadn't been smashed like last year's coffe mug. (I gave my last girlfriend a beautiful 486dx33 cut open to expose the silicon)

    Ah well, destruction was fitting for such an old computer. I know some people who spend much more time than reasonable trying to get those old junkers to keep working and be useful.
  • Those pictures don't even begin to do the thing justice! I was there when the perpetrator (unfortunately my boyfriend) needed a band-aid. The motherboard and case are completely bent yet not cracked at all. Noone can ever say DEC didn't make solid hardware.

    The highlight of it all, though, was when the police were called, because of a noise violation. Apparently (I was back in bed during this exchange) the police comiserated with my boyfriend about wanting to do the same to a computer. Gotta love those campus cops.
  • My friend was pretty big in putting in the NT systems at NatWest - he's an ardent defender of MS and stoutly maintains that if a system conforms to the Hardware Compatibility List, and is "properly set up", then NT is perfectly robust- which it may well be given those precepts..?
    I'm afraid he's got the MS line pretty bad, but he has recently asked to try out my copy of Redhat 5.1, so you never know...
  • Press any key to transfer your balance to BillGates@1st National Bank of Redmond, WA. or any other key to reboot.

    This sort of thing happens hen you build ATM software in visual basic. Of course, the ATMs at my bank look like they're probably running Fortran based programs under CPM...
  • It hasn't moved, just click on the homepage link when you get the error report, and there's a new link to it at the bottom of the page.
  • OK...OK... So I shouldn't have even told you I was bleeding... But I did see to it that that computer got what it had coming. Yes, I am the other person behind this useless destruction. And as a note, all useful parts were removed before destruction. These pictures really don't do it justice.
  • what were they thinking

  • I hate javascript. I hate plugins, especially if they aren't available for Linux.

    This kind of thing makes me want to buy a pair of boots and go on an ass-kicking road trip.
  • by Bastid ( 15074 )
    I have the latest Gnome.
    Still rocks. No silly Konsole thing to crash your machine. Works great with windowmaker or enlightenment. I will consider kde when it considers Gnome.
  • Maybe they weren't thinking in terms of formal rank. I always got the impression that it was Darth Vader who was running things and the emperor was a feeble old figurehead. But that's just me.
  • Does anyone know the web page or e-mail address for the IP mailing list, which they talk about in the CNN article? Thanks....

  • GAh! rpm for sparc yet no deb packages yet?!
    i wonder if redhat labs joining up with gnome has had any effect on whats going on :/

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