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Couple of Dorks in Wired 69

drwiii was the first to submit it and I guess I have to post it. Hemos and I have our pictures in the March issue of Wired (p45). We look like dorks, but when they took that picture it was like 5 degrees out and had something like a 25 degree wind chill. This is for the March issue they say as they order us to remove our coats and risk frostbyte so that we look timely. Eek. I guess this means I should buy this issue. Update: 02/15 10:34 by CT : I'm the ugly on. The ugly one on the right. The metal thing is a lighthouse.
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Couple of Dorks in Wired

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  • Gotta agree with you there.. I've lived everywhere, but I've lived in Fairbanks for the past 4 years....its gotten to like 60-70 below do NOT want to go outside *grin*
    Although it's quite amusing to throw some hot water out your front door....its all frozen before it hits the ground....=)
  • Nothing beats an unbuttoned cotton shirt over a t-shirt with jeans for style and functionality.

    As a matter of fact, I'm quite certain that I own the shirt that Hemos is wearing.

    - Adam Schumacher
    N.A.R.T. #009
    P.W.T.T.K.S.S.S.T.H.U. #001

  • You smile any bigger yer gonna crack yer face!

    Dorks rule.
  • Posted by johnny the homicidal maniac:

    if they took a few shots and chose that one out of the bunch, i wanna see the rejects. probably put us into convulsions too.

    did they smack y'all with trout before taking the shot?

    and all you bastards quit bitching about the temperature in Farenheit - this is the ultimate beauty of living in the United States:

    We are such a world economic and military power that we, as a country, can say "Fuck the Metric System"
  • Posted by KarlSnake a.k.a. The Deadly KarlSnake:

    C/K is too imprecise, the numbers are 1.8 X coarser than F or the (oversight ?) ommited R.

    Still, if it was so damned cold, why no contrails?

    When you spit & it makes a crackling sound (as it freezes) before it hits the ground, it's about -40 C/F or 233 K / 414.6 R or colder.

  • Sorry, couldn't resist... :op

  • EC59

    The Jargon File got you spot on.
  • its a lighthouse, read the post.

  • What have they got you leaning against? The Exxon Valdez? (Did I spell that rite?)

  • Though personally, not being a geek, I didn't get excited. Notice y'didn't get the centrefold, but I guess this is only Wired. And hey, maybe you'll get the centrefold in the swimsuit edition.
  • Just hope you don't die from it! ;)

    For the amount of satisfaction we all get from your site (even the 'angry' posters - perhaps especially), congratulations.

    I have no doubt, in all seriousness, that Slashdot, and the notorious "/. effect" will be prominent features of the socio-technological landscape for many years, if not generations, to come. (until, that is, the world is razed by y2k-enraged appliances)

    Your appearance in Wired is a fruit (the first of many, i'm sure) of nothing more or less than your own sincere efforts and dogged persuit of your own dreams. If I could leave a mark 1/100th as bold...

    Way to fscking go!
  • I think we have an entry for websters here!

  • Did they have to print that quote again?

    I personally enjoyed Insurrection, but I do agree about ST V! I think it will be the first Star Trek movie on MST3K...
  • In other words, Malda (=CmdrTaco) is the one without glasses.

    It's okay - we forgive... ;-)

  • We look like dorks, but when they took that picture it was like 5 degrees out and had something like a 25 degree wind chill.

    So, did they use warm water or a sharp scraping tool to remove you from the large metal thing to which you froze during the shoot? It's not a bad picture, anyway.
  • Kinda got the Stevie Ray Vaughn look goin there, Rob..

    Or is that the My Ass Is Stuck to This Metal Wall scowl? =)
  • Hey Rob! Is that a Dust Puppy on your chin?
  • So, the real question is... when are you guys
    doing the layout for the Linux Journal swimsuit edition? It's all about geek tan skin.
  • 'nuff said.

    Some of us live up here you know.
    We can wear T-shirts in december too.

    Can YOU?


  • I can't put it any better way.

    Get a better mug shot and post it. You guys looked like crazed sex-depraved college kids.



  • Is that 5 degrees F or C? As an Illinoisan, I sympathize either way. Minnesotans sympathize if it's C. Alaskans only if it's Kelvins instead of degrees.
  • risking, hell...when your body parts start matching the color of that metal doohickey you're leaning against, you're done. ;)
  • Gotta be groupies all over the world trying to figure out how to get their own Net account...
  • Said in good jest as a Minnesota resident, of course.

    By the way, I'm in Fargo right now, and yes, some of the locals (me not being one of them) do talk like the movie - more the old folks than the young.

  • If you had an email address in your profile, I would've mailed you. Being exiled in Fargo too, I can't find any other Linux jockeys to bounce ideas off of. Email me.
  • Hmmm...I wonder how this would be on a Mug.

    http://www. ot99w2.jpg []

    Boxer shorts?

  • The one with glasses is hemos , the one with out his cmdrtaco.
  • Only those damn Californians would ask you Michigan types to take your coats off outside in the winter. I mean, winter in Michigan is *hard*. It *builds character*. It means *lots of time indoors drinking beer*. Or so my friends from Detroit, Kzoo and Lansing tell me :)

    The whispered-about Wired Effect doesn't apply in this case though, because you didn't get the cover. (It works like the Sports Illustrated Cover Effect, except faster -- remember how much faster a Web year is).

    Oh I see, you don't believe me about the Wired Effect. Oh yeah? You remember that cover about "Push"?


  • It seems that even though it was bitterly cold,
    Mr. Malda has had no packet loss whatsoever.
  • I suppose the photographers were nicely bundled, right? Where's they think you guys are from, Minnesota?
  • Errr /which/ ugly one? :)
  • How the heck can you have a wind chill that is warmer than the actual temperature?! Unless you meant a 25 below zero windchill.
  • I'm sure even geeks can pick up Wired on the rare occasion when it covers something relevant. Like, say, new short fiction from Neal "Snow Crash" Stephenson, or last month's article about Matt Groenig's "Futurama". Besides, I'm sure there's less of a stigma attached to being in Wired than buying it.
  • Obviously not. The colonists had planned to use the lighthouse as a waystation; the faceless rebels shot this picture to expose their plot! Of course, I'm sure you all already know that CmdrTaco is a failed alien-human hybrid experiment.

  • So just run this past me again...

    The article says "nerds who embrace the spirit of the open-source software movement"

    I trust you have copyright permission to scan and post that page image?


  • what do you mean by "We look like dorks, but when they took that picture it was like 5 degrees out and had something like a 25 degree wind chill. This is for the March issue they say as they order us to remove our coats and risk frostbyte so that we look timely"?

    There is no excuse for being a dork, and there's not a single thing wrong with it either...

    dorks rule... blaspheme...
  • I think y'all are quite cute...and anyway, it led me to your site as the 61,000 visitor. Like it!
  • I think maybe you would look like dorks to me if I knew you. As it is, you seem like pretty hip computer or whatever types whose picture will inspire me for a few days as I stare at Windoze...
  • by PhillC ( 84728 )
    I can't believe you guys actually went outside for this.

Fear is the greatest salesman. -- Robert Klein