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OSS gets a good nod in Security Awards 11

jose nazario writes "hey, just a quick note to say that L0phtcrack, nmap and the IPsec draft all got high nods from InfoWorld's Golden Gaurdian awards for 1998. a brief quote, "The developing IPSec standard also is represented in the third portion of 1998's Goldie, which we bestow on the scope of open-source security solutions. Self-reliance is a central tenet of the security administrator's bible, and 1998 saw the release and improvement of some useful tools for security administrators." enjoy. "
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OSS gets a good nod in Security Awards

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  • by Trepidity ( 597 )
    Every time L0pht Heavy Industries or Phrack are mentioned here, they are ridiculed as being "crackers." Yet now that they win some awards (with L0phtcrack and nmap) the OSS community suddenly claims them as part of the community. Odd.
  • On a side note, the GUI L0phtcrack is shareware. Nice way to punish clueless NT lusers. CLI version is Open Source.

    Ex Machina "From the Machine" []
  • Looks relatively familiar ;) []

  • Why do you demand that people who use free software sign up for the politics? Is there supposed to be a minimum intelligence limit for your average Linux user? Although I may be wading through a few more newbie posts on newsgroups, I'm happy to see the new-found popularity of Linux and the attention it's brought to the free software effort. Making it more "doze-like" (if this is what's required to present a more friendly human interface) will only allow more users to escape the QA-hell that's Microsoft. Whether new users understand the different licensing models or philosophy behind it makes little difference to me. All this attention can only lead to more, higher quality free software.

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