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Music Media and NMPA reach agreement 15

slambo writes "Today's New York Times is reporting that everyone's favorite lyrics site, the International Lyrics Server and the NMPA have reached an agreement that would put the site back online more or less intact. " How about OLGA? Please?
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  • So what it comes down to is that was in competition with the new online service that the NMPA are launching. And in return for not being sued, get to hand over all their content for use free on the NMPA service.
  • If uses banner ads, like they used to, I will have no problem with it. If, however, they start charging users a per-song fee just to look at lyrics (which is stupid, and which is *exactly* what the music industry would do), I will never, ever use it. Even Microsoft found out that charging people for online content just doesn't work (c.f.: Slate is once again free.)

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  • That's the second time I can't read an article today ! I think it would make sense to give a little more info on the content of articles which are on password protected sites... Not all of us have the time to register, ya know ;-)
  • I can't believe they'd sell out and make a commercial venture! Damn them for selling out! It should be enough that the NMPA sales for people being able to find the titles and albums of the music they want to hear..

    Count me as one of the people that will not use the lyrics server if it is commercial in nature.
  • I had no problems reading the article, mind you I am in the lab so somebody else may have signed up and I am lucky enough to still have a cookie..
    OLGA is still out there, check Harmony Central []
    but reading through the article it sounded like the biggest argument against OLGA was that they had lyrics on the site, so once they have all the lyrics on or where ever OLGA should be able to put up the tabs and link to the lyrics..
  • I loved the of the best things about the internet.

    Please someone work out an agreement for getting it back, or let's get a class action lawsuit going to sue HFA for not publishing all of the sheet music to every record for everysong. Seems like if they are going to prohibit the distrubution by others b/c they want money, then they ought to do it i can finally figure out some of those new songs from artist that don't have a sheet book published, and believe me, I looked....


    This is the australian OLGA, good site. Not very large, but it has a tab request forum. I've been playing bass a lot lately and found this to be an invaluable resource for many of those more complex bass tunes out there.

  • Its hard to tell from this article, but it appears that has "gone commercial" and is probably going to pay NMPA (the parent org. of Harry Fox Agency) a percentage of advertising or some other revenue stream.

    OLGA, from the words of the guy who started it, will never be commercial. My understanding is that he'd rather it shut down than "go commercial".

    The bigger issue here is commercial v. community-based. Its very similar to the "open source" v. proprietary debates people have with the exception that there are more pernicious IP issues involved in the OLGA/ issues.
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by gig!:

    I have a pack-rat copy of the web site, but it is not on-line. I've found a couple sites still hosting, but grossly out of date. If you know of any alternatives that are on the web, pass the URL.


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