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MST3K Cancelled 153

Stardate writes "One of the best shows on TV (and a geek favorite I'm sure) will be entering it's last season. The press release can be read here. " The show never recovered completely from the loss of Joel. And when Frank, and then Dr. F left, it completely fell apart, but its still sad. 'twas the best.
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MST3K Cancelled

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  • IMO, two things happened to lessen the appeal of the show:
    1. Joel left. A lesser show wouldn't have survived at all, but MST only went from "amazingly cool" to "pretty darned good"
    2. When you're scouring the universe for funny movies, and you have to have one every week, you start to exhaust the easy targets, and you lower your standards. I'm not dissing them -- it's inevitable, and they did as well as they can.

    Ah, well, there's always the tapes. And there are a lot of shows I never saw, so I don't guess I'll want for MST3K any time soon. Still sad, tho'.


  • Of course I get it. Yes, "any bunch of idiots" can do it, but the current bunch is a such a long, sad way down from the original bunch that the show has naturally declined.

    I appreciate their efforts, but the directions they chose and their chemistry just hasn't worked for me for several years.

    I lost MST3K a few years ago, not today when I read Slashdot.

  • There already are a bunch of web versions. They're called, generally, MiSTings and range from USENET posts to full-blown movie scripts to bad fan-fics and others.

    There are also web page parodies as someone else mentioned, but I don't know if I'd necessarily call them MSTings, unless there are some I've not seen. I know the Weird Al fans have spoofed a bunch.

    -Augie, Weird Al fan, but not a spoofer
  • I have watched only a few episodes of this show. It was one hell of a pleasant suprise, when we first got the SciFi channel in Rotterdam. But a couple months later, they were kicked off the cable. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Might as well sell my TV now.

    By the way: is this show available on video? I don't care if it's PAL, NTSC or even Russian SECAM. Whatever. Please.
  • At first, I never liked the episodes with mike, but eventually I grew to like him even more than joel. With mike, the shows were more consistently funny whereas in the older ones, it could be great one week and suck the next. It's sad to see the show go away(It's the only show on tv I bother to watch, except for the japanese shows on the international channel), and I hope all the cast will go on to make other shows, though I don't know if they could ever be as good as mst. Joel's solo projects really sucked(tv wheel, etc.).
  • You know, I meant that subject line as a joke, but then Is tarted to think: what if they did "release the source"?

    Think of it; you could have the right to create your own "homegrown" episodes of MST3K, and even try to get them on TV (be it public access at 3 am or as a professional network/cable show) but you'd have to make the tapes (or scripts) of your episodes readily available, so others could do the same.

    I know people already do their own "mistings", both privately and at conventions, but I'm talking about making it legal to do so. :)

    Let the free market decide who should be the replacements for Joel, Mike, Dr. F, TV'S Frank and the rest...

    Jay (=
  • i forgot about gamera. that was a great one too.

    "sidehackin' is the thing to do!
    all it takes is a low iq!"
  • Posted by Charles Bronson:

    After Joel was gone, it was okay. Mike is still a pretty funny guy capable of quite a lot. But when Dr. Frank left, Comedy Central got wise and pulled the show, and it was then that I realized that it was all down hill from there.

    It's a shame that they show didn't stop when Dr. Frank left, or even when Joel left. It really sucks when a show keeps going well past it's prime until someone forcefully cancels it..

    At least I had the foresight to tape the best episodes during the Turkey Day marathons..

  • There IS a web based version. It is at http://neylonpc.engin.umich.edu/mst3k/mistings.sht ml [umich.edu]
  • That's a good point. Where do I find that episode? Hiiiiilarious....
  • I admit, I'm going to miss the show. It was funny and in some cases brilliantly subversive. Was it a "geek" show as some suggest? I think only in the way that it was a lot more savvy and intelligent than 99% of the television dreck out there. It made us laugh about media and culture, but it also made us think.

    I don't expect MST3K to die away - it's an idea as well as a show - the idea of making humorous but insightful commentary on various forms of media. The idea is there, and exists and will survive in on-line form at:

    Web Site #9 [wtower.com]
    SVAM [simplenet.com]
    MSTie Web Ring [infinet.com]
    And a ton of other sites.

  • Ugh! I remember that screensaver.
    "THe MAsTeR WoUlD nOt ApProVE oF bURn iN"
  • by yAm ( 15181 )
    Actually, there was a really clever roasting of the Unibomber's Manifesto. I don't know if it's still around, but that could certainly be a blueprint on how to start.

    Perhaps even mocking websites (CNN's and Mickeysoft's come to mind...).


  • Hey! Joe Don Baker is an American treasure! Okay, I
    • can't
    say that with a straight face.
  • I will miss the show. One of a -VERY- rare few that didn't insult your intelligence, or pander to the lowest denominator. Many of the riffs go WAY over your average watcher's head. Many go un-caught until I've seen the episode more than once. I know that seeing "John Agar" or "Joe Don Baker" means I'm due for one hell of a ride..

    I'm hoping they don't attempt a "let's bring mike down and dismantle the bots" type deal that ends it wholly. Let the show end without trying to bring it to a "happy closure" no "death of the bots" or lame 'star trek' endings that they've parodied for the past decade...

    I want to see the show end, with the hope that Mike/Joel/whoever and the Bots will make an appearance again.

    I got into MST3k "seriously" at the start of Season 8, having seen a few rare episodes before that. (I was without cable access until Season 8) I love the concept, and have done quite a few "movie mistings" at home. (nearly got kicked out of "Titanic" for making mst3k style comments at baby-faced what's-his-name.)

    I'm a big fan of Web Site Number Nine [wtower.com] I have, somewhere in the dusty tape backups, a few of my own mistings... even one on a piece of fiction I wrote. In many ways, MST3k is more than a show.

    Farewell SOL. Victim of another corporate decision.

  • There is a web page out there like MST3K. It's called www.badmovies.org. I guy watches bad movies and creates reviews about them. Some of the comments are great.
  • I liked the Mr. B Natural and the Good Posture short skits. They really put out some nasty and cheesy propaganda back in the 50's and 60's.

    Godzilla vs. Megalon was cool because of that stupid jet maneuver that Godzilla did.

    Manos was cool because the film had the quality and acting of an amateur porno flick. And Torgo was such a cool character.

    It kinda sucks that MST3k never was on at a convienient time; the best coverage it had in my opinion was when Comedy Central had it on weekdays from midnight to 2am, as well as on Saturday mornings.

    And my cable company never got the SciFi channel so I was out of luck.

    (any similarities between my login and the article topic are purely coincidental.)
  • Posted by Mr. Assembly:

    The robots were the best part of the show, so what are you talking about DOSbrains???
  • This is truly a sad day. MST3K was just one of those shows that appealed to (just about) everyone - and performed a needed service - making us laugh. I for one will miss it.
    Although it is true that the show went unplesantly downhill after Joel, then Trace left, it was still much better than most shows on TV. I hope they leave it open-ended for "special" appearances and possibly a revival once things calm down. (The summer movie spot was always good for a few laughs)
  • It's been a while since I visited those sites, but check through a search engine for MST3K tape trading. There are a couple of sites which specialize in bringing traders together.

    There might even be a link somewhere in the links section of the site this story references.

    In the meantime, go to your local video store and buy the videos, or better yet: the DVD of the movie.

  • I loved a lot of the sci-fi movies. I especially like the 80s ones, but that's just me reliving my childhood.

    Look - the sf-only clause was a hell of a lot better than the No More Episodes we would have been stuck with otherwise. And I still say some of the SF shows will rank right up there with the best of the CC shows.

    Losing Trace was a bad blow and I didn't much care for many of the host segments on SF, but I watched the show for the movies, and not the interstitial segments. On that basis the show was still damned good.

    It ran for a pretty long time, though. What did we get -- something close to ten seasons of bad movies?

    -Augie, hasn't had time to watch it much lately but still enjoyed it
  • Anyone else besides me who hasn't heard of it before? Prolly an American thing...
  • a cape!

    This makes me want to go and hunt down
    the Torgo screen saver I had a long time
  • I've got this one! If you're interested in a copy email me at blythe@ntrnet.net.
  • I watched the first few episodes -- and I really liked them. Then after they became a real show, it went downhill. Years later, they're finally going away. Boo hoo.
  • You want pain? ROGER CORMAN!!!
  • Oh my god, they're doing it CLOWN STYLE!
  • The first time I saw the show (ca. 1992), I thought, "Gee-awd, how can anybody watch this crap?" Then I happened to catch Human Duplicators, and after that, I was hopelessly addicted. The line that did it for me was "Guests of the Human Duplicator stay at the Motel 6, on the Beltline..." I was working as a radio announcer at the time, and, man, that spoke volumes to me. Since then, I've burned up two VCRs on that show.

    Favorite episodes:

    • All 5 Gamera movies
    • The Day The Earth Froze -- "He has failed to bring back the sampo... Lemminkainen is a failure..."
    • The Creeping Terror -- "Well, it's creeping all right, but the terror part... it's just not happening."
    • Secret Agent Super Dragon -- "...confronts his adversaries in a deadly game of 'Hungry Hungry Hippo'"
    • The Last of the Wild Horses -- that was the one where they did the Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" parody, and I howl every time I watch it
    • The Beast of Yucca Flats -- Proposition Deep 13: Blank Faces... Bleak Landscapes... NO DIALOGUE!
    • Rocket Ship X-M -- They really rip Lloyd Bridges in that one
    • Operation Double 007 -- A must for all Bond fans
    • Red Zone Cuba -- Possibly the single most depressing movie ever made, but -- the other day, I was extremely bummed out, and popped that one into the VCR, and Mike & Co.'s riffing completely cured my depression
    • Monster A Go-Go -- Hands down the single worst sci-fi movie of all time
    • Master Ninja I & II -- "Things are not what they seem, Lee!"
    • Fugitive Alien I & II -- "He triiiied to kill me with a forklift..."
    • Number One MST3K show of all time (IMHO) -- It Conquered The World with Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, and Beverly Garland -- also featuring the short "Snow Thrills" -- I can recite Peter's soliloquy at the film's end by heart :-)
    Oh fsck it, they were all great, each one chock full of Rock-Climbing and Hypno-Helio-Static-Stasis. The Invention Exchanges also rocked, and I really missed them when they were dropped.

    Do not go gently into that good night, my little robot friends, go with a killer riff on your lips and undying defiance of conformity and mediocrity in your hearts...

    You will be missed.

    I have most of Seasons 2-7 on tape. Email me if you wanna trade.


    (somewhere in tenn.)

  • MUT3K (Mystery Usenet Theater 3000) has now been going for about three years now officially. For the joy, the skinny, and the really bad USENET postings, join Mike and the Bots at:

    Web Site Number 9 [wtower.com]

  • Hey look, Johnny Mathis...get my gun!

    Well, you know it's not often you see Johnny Mathis in the wild.

  • I liked Kevin Murphy's Bobo, but I shed no tears for the Observer brain-dude guy.
  • It's a good show. I don't watch it as much as I used to, but now and then I still do. Good stuff! :-)
    -Rich (OS/2, Linux, Mac, NT, Solaris, FreeBSD, and OS2200 user in Bloomington MN)
  • Ok, so the newer stuff wasn't a patch on the old Joel stuff, but there have been some real winners recently. "Riding with Death" has to rank up there with some of the best of Joel. "It can't beeee... he's deeeaaaaad!".

    Nothing beats Trumpy though.

    I never took sides in the Mike/Joel debate, because Mike was head writer back then too, so the content didn't change any in my opinion, just the face. Shame to lose Jack Perkins when Mike came out front though. :-)
  • BEST episodes:
    • Mitchell
    • Manos: The Hands of Fate
    • The Girl in Lover's Lane
    • Girls Town
    • Day the Earth Froze
    • Laserblast
    • I Accuse My Parents
    • This Island Earth
    WORST episodes:
    • Red Zone Cuba
    • Stranded in Space (note: don't confuse with "Space Travellers" with Gene Hackman (who is good in anything))
    • Crash of the Moons
    PERSONAL quirky favorites, though not the best:
    • The Brain that Wouldn't Die
    • Master Ninja I
    • Alien from L.A. (with Kathy Ireland)
    • Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
    • Eegah!
    Best SHORTS:
    • What To Do on a Date
    • Mr. B Natural
    • Alphabet Antics
  • Naw, it looks like SFC screwed 'em.

    This is from the Wired article on the death of MST3K:

    Best Brains, the show's production company, announced the cancellation Wednesday after receiving word that the Sci-Fi Channel, MST3K's latest broadcaster, had decided not to buy any more episodes.

  • The saddest day since TGBOTG left us. :-(

    One of the last truly great TV programs is almost gone. Unfortunately, there's little or nothing in the way of quality TV anymore. Star Trek really lost a lot of quality following the death of TGBOTG. The X-Files will be done after next season. Chris Carter's other offering, Millennium, just isn't that good.

    Anyone wanna buy a used TV? :-)
  • Well I will miss it, but I enjoy the reruns with joel, Frank and Dr. F more than the newer ones
  • This is the second time I've heard this. Why Mitchell??

    Mitchell was so bad even MST3K couldn't make it fun. I cringed the whole time.
  • The MaSTer WoULD Not AppROVE
    of CanCeLLAtion..

    This episode reduced by brother-in-law to tears.
    His face actually hurt from laughing.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Dennis
    Weaver character from "Touch of Evil"
    looked like Torgo?

  • We all know Macs aren't Y2K compliant. Don't you ever read the news?
  • ..that you were a clueless MS troll.

    Blow me.


    (somewhere in tenn.)

  • MST3K will be missed, but it will always live
    in my heart.

    BTW, I needed a /. nick yesterday, and created
    megalon because of an ol' MST3K episode.

    Megalon "For my next trick I will need a large,
    metropolitan city"
  • I haven't been able to watch it since damn Comedy Central dropped it. Who the hell gets SciFi? Not my home and certainly not Vanderbilt University Cable, i can tell you.

    Now, I love C.C., most of my TV time is spent there, but they seriously dropped the ball on that one.

    R.I.P. MST3K, we love ya...
  • >Man on viewscreen, "Come in Rocky."
    Tom Servo: But I'm not in Rocky.

  • "Sandy Frank? Isn't that what you get when you drop your hot dog at the beach?"
  • "Trumpy you can do stupid things!"
    "It's called evil, kid."

    I just had a whole group of people over to watch that particular video last week. Ahh, MST3k. I will miss you greatly.
  • My friends and I would watch the show every saturday night and have a great time, then they moved it to sunday night, which is a school nite for my friends (they have to be back in their assortted colleges), and now THIS :( Xfiles, DS9 , MST3k, and various other fav shows of mine are ending this year...looks like the next millenium is really gonna blow, TV wise *sigh*

    HotsOS home http://hotsos.8m.com/
  • No question:
    The Amazing Collosal Man was probably the funniest episode ever. Anything with Gamera rules too!

  • Damm I just got in to mst3k recently, this summer haven't ever seen and epiosde with Joel, and now what the shows going away. Damm need to start taping episodes. It is one the better shows on TV with nothing else out there really like it. It will be missed.

    At least there's one new season left.

  • megaweapon!!!! that was the BEST! that and sidehackers. TORGO! btw, the paper chase guy's real name is robert ginty. anyone else hear see that other movie of his called "jail break" or something like that? it was from bbb productions, i know that. (just found a napkin from several years ago where i wrote that down, after seeing the movie)

    i remember the first comedy central episode. "quick! stir or tang will settle to bottom!"
    comedy central was eleet, back in the day. onion world. higgens boys and gruber! clutch cargo!
  • Posted by Tr0ll3r:

    It was such a stupid show anyway, what were they thinking?
  • "Brought to you by the Bureau of Psychotic Children. Surround yourself with annoying shrill-voiced children."

    "Gamera is really neat / He is full of turtle meat / We believe in Gamera!"

    "Wow, Tokyo Disneyland sucks. There's NothingWorld and ParkingWorld..."

    "o/~ He tried to kill him with a forklift!"

    This one's imperfect: "Hi, Everyone. Let's Pitch In 'N Get Cracking Here In Louisiana Doing Right, Eh? Now Then, Hateful Rich Overbearing Ugly Guys Hurt Royally Everytime Someone Eats A Radish, Carrot, And Never Does Dishes. Eventually, Victor Eats Lettuce Over Peoria Mit Ein Neuesburger Tod."

    "Guys! Guys!"
    "Yeah, Gypsy?"
    "That's not cheese..."

    "You failed to properly compensate during the ion storm. Your agonizer, please."
    "But Captain Mike...!"
    "Your agonizer, please!"
    "Agonizer, agonizer... Where the heck did I put that doohickey?"
    "It's right there on your belt."
    "No, no, that's not it."
    "It is, too!"
    "Nope, no..."

    "Joey The Lemur, the friend to mankind / A furry kind of monkey friend / He really does shine."
    "Joey The Lemur, he's great to have around / To snuggle and huggle / And fun fun fun."
    "Joey The Lemur, he'll run anywhere / Joey The Lemur, what kind of heck of animal is he, anyway / Um, uh, Joey The Lemur, the kind of animal that would go to the bathroom anywhere..."
    "Uh, Crow, stop."
    "Just stop."
    "...But there's more."

    "Uh, that's not how you wear your Depends, Torgo..."
    "Been hittin' the Thighmaster, Torgo?"


    "The Schick Electric Razor Car!"

    "Meanwhile, the Soviets were launching Sputnik."

    "Yes, it's never too early to fuse your spinal column together. In a few years, these children will be addicted to painkillers, but for now, little Johnny is paralyzed."

    "We leave you with this question: If you enjoyed Catching Trouble in any way, there's something wrong with you."

    "Now we head up to $(PLACE) to enjoy the sport of 'scheeing', as they call it. But you and I know it better as playing badminton and/or ping-pong with a Barbie doll frozen in a block of ice."

    "Slab Bulkhead!"

    "Put your helmet on, we'll be reaching speeds of 3!"

    "...Fer cryin' out loud. EACH! OF! YOU! WILL! ENTER! A! SPACE! CAPSULE!"

    "...Uh, camera three, get off the track. Camera three... AAAGGHHHH!!!"

    "Have you ever thought about being evil? I mean really evil?"

    "You know, not kneeing you in the groin is a constant struggle."

    I can't hear it very clearly. "That's 'cause it's a RAZOR BLADE IN A GLASS!"

    Feel free to add more, people.


  • This sucks SOOOO much. I had just gotten to know the show, then Sci-Fi stops sending in Scandinavia. And now this. I can order some of the films from sci-fi online, but many are only available from Rhino, and they don't deliver outside of the US. It's like a conspiracy to keep me from watching MST3K.

    Now, my dream is this: ALL the seasons, released on DVD. Maybe 3 or 4 episodes per disc. Think there is any chance of convincing them to do this? Probably not, but one can dream.
  • Where do I get them? Where where where where where???
  • Agreed. The movies were just as funny as they ever were.

    The only real problem with the Sci-fi channel was the focus on sci-fi movies. I would think that the concept of being on a space station would be enough, but I really wanted to see more non-sci-fi movies along the lines of Mitchell ("Mitchell!"), Sidehackers, and other great forgettable 60s cheese movies.

  • Yup, I'm from Minneapolis :o) And ya know, that's the only time I even watched the show until I went to college. Argh. Now I don't have time to watch it.
  • "Manos" is a classic, a must see.

    "Mitchell" was good too.

    My personal favorite was "Time of the Apes"
  • No one remembers "Santa Claus"? An ad hoc south-of-the-border film that throws together religious Christmas, commercial Christmas, MERLIN and THE DEVIL!?#?#!?@?!

    That has to be one of my very favorite. That and Cave Dwellers that I've watched about 80 times or so.
  • Actually, the Sci-Fi channel loosened up on that requirement to a degree last season. And this season they are going to spoof a German-made film version of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    Some of my personal favorites from the Joel-era include the biker films: "Sidehackers", "Hellcats", and "Wild Rebels".
  • i haven't seen it since it LEFT comedy central! warner cable sucks!
  • GAWD! I haven't felt this bad since Calvin and Hobbes disappeared. Oh well, there's always the tapes.
  • I vaguely remember that show. Don't even remember who carried it. Very funny, though. Very obscure, but very funny.
  • of the one or two times i saw mystery science theater blah blah, i thought it was some joke show. now i find out that people actually like it, and i can't get this twilight zone music out of my head. :(
  • My personal favorite is probably The Magic Sword... or most of the Hercules series I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Castle of Fumanchu was the most painful episode I've ever seen.

    My first episode was Teenagers from Outer Space... we had just got cable, and this came on the screen. We were getting ready for a party, and it was so bizarre that I couldn't pull myself away, I just sat there and watched. I was immediately hooked.
  • Just shows you need to get out more. Lots of the jokes required knowledge of the outside world. So, if you're a head-down geek, paying attention to only what went on in your computer, it's no wonder you wouldn't get the jokes.

  • I've been watching since 1989 when the show debuted on the Comedy Channnel. IMHO the Sci-Fi editions are still pretty good, but you really owe it to yourself to check out some of the older shows with Joel Hodgson. Rhino Video has several shows available on VHS.
  • Now that's a tough one. I don't think I can name a specific one, so in no particular order:

    * Manos: The Hands of Fate
    * Laserblast
    * Danger: Death Ray
    * Riding with Death
    * Attack of the the Eye Creatures
    * The Starfighters
    * This Island Earth
    * Any Gamera one


    * Mr. B. Natural
    * Robot Rump(us)
    * Progress Island, USA
    * Junior Rodeo Daredevils
    * Speech
    * Why Study Industrial Arts?

    So many memories ... even though the show might be past its prime, I still enjoy it. Maybe they could do more movies. Had to drive 2 hours to see the last one!
  • Right now, there's NO chance of putting 3 or 4 episodes on a DVD. Can't handle that much. The DVD-18s will start coming out this year, but even with that, 4 episodes would be pushing it. MAYBE two on a disc on a single side with RSDL and a high compression rate, but then you're bound to lose some resolution. . .

    Plus, getting the rights to release the videos is hard enough, imagine what torture they'd have to go through to get the DVD rights.

  • Sad to see shows like that get pulled... *sigh*
    Anyone up for starting a web-based version?
  • Joel made the show... You have GOT to see the first seasons of it.. HILARIOUS...
  • There is no god!!!

    If the Sci-Fi channel won't take it, nobody will
  • Gangsters laughing, really smiling, a man selling heroin...

    Chief? McCloud!

    Hey look, Johnny Mathis...get my gun!

    "her head, full of answers"...split it open now

    ...and numerous others I can't remember since I haven't seen most of em in 8 years. I haven't felt so pissed since my favorite radio station (KNAC) went off the air. RIP MST3K.
  • anyone else here a member? i've been one since 5th grade. 8) i haven't gotten a newsletter in a while. i wish i got the scifi channel. anyone know if they're gonna sell tapes of episodes from any of the seasons? i haven't seen it since they left comedy central.

    member #2945
  • by burnsbert ( 3282 )
    I have no idea which side is right, but that was really funny.

  • I live right near Hopkins, MN where MST3K started. It's sad to see it go, but it really was going downhill faster that the speed of light (not the slowed down speed of light either).

    They had two live shows that where pretty funny. Especially Joel's show (Mike did the second one).

    So long Crow and Tom Servo......
  • Actually, last i heard, Joel still wrote for the show, and according to the press release he'll be back infront of the camera for the lst season

    HotsOS home http://hotsos.8m.com/
  • My favorite bad movie review show is leaving the airlwaves! What should I watch now?

  • then at least let us hear those famous words one last time during the final episode:

    "Push the button, Frank"
  • My poor 486! :-) But seriously, I've been running the net equilvalent of MST3K for the last several years, and I don't expect the art of misting to die off with the end of the series. Web Site #9 can be found here [wtower.com].
  • That the show was ended because Tom Servo is not Y2K compliant? Just wondering...

    In all seriousnes, though, this is awful news. MST3k is my all-time favorite show.

  • This music was digitally recorded, then erased, then rerecorded on a Dictaphone.

    Watch out for snakes!


    Knees up!

    We got the MRxL, and you got none!

    Now is a good time for some phrases. Flag on the moon. A woman's purse.

    Next week, geriatric rodeo!

    They just didn't care.

    Forgiving the fact that Ator is flying a hang glider, HE'S DOING IT OVER A MODERN CITY!
  • I've missed many shows, having lived where I can only see the 'distilled' versions on network TV (I want them to release the whole series on video, dammit!). Anyway, of the one's I've seen, my faves are:

    • Mitchel: singing "Shoots guy's just to put 'em in jail, Mitchell..."
    • Mitchel: "Hey look, the police station is in a motel."
    • Manhunt in Space: I'll find that Rocket! "Yah, even if I have to search all three pads."
    • Manos: "Ohh, it's the haunting Torgo theme."
    • Manos: "Meanwhile, in a completely different movie..."
    • Hercules (I forget which one of them): Scene - end of a storm, the clouds part to the side, a heavenly chorus singing "aaaahhhh-aaahhh-ahhhh", MSTers sing, "The Simp..sons"
  • "Pants! Pants!
    Sing the praises of Pants!"

    I think this was from one of those Hercules movies.
  • Without Joel, Dr. F., what do you have? I think you could have gotten rid of everyone but Joel and Trace and it could still be a good show, but without those two... I dunno, I stopped watching after Joel left. I don't think it's so bad that it's gone, as long as you have the best episodes on videotape.

    It's also a good talent to practice for actual movie watching. Impress your friends!
  • I don't think so, but his main squeeze Beverly Garland was in a few.
  • I blame ./
    If it weren't for /. I wouldn't have heard this.
    I didn't need to hear this.
    I've been awful sick for days, drag myself into work so I can get some money, and you give me this news. Like I didn't feel like shit already.
    I may as well go home and cry.
    hmm, then I could I could catch up on all that Quake I've been missing lately :-) okay, I feel better now.
  • I'm under the impression from the press release that Best Brains is just ceasing production, and not that SFC is cancelling the series.

    Maybe they're just tired of doing it, or feel they need a break. Maybe we'll get the spin-off series, MST3K: 2001 =)

    I'd love for the show to go on and I think that USA Network or TBS or TNT would be perfect for it. But it doesn't matter if the push to do it isn't there from the creators.

  • The Sci-Fi channel controls all distribution, and they won't release all of them.

    I will pay a hefty sum to anyone who can get me a copy of "Tormented".

    Fight or flight... fight or flight...
    Hm. Flight.

  • When Joel left, the show really lost focus and wandered aimlessly. Frank left, and the impact wasn't too much, but losing Dr. F. pretty much sealed its fate.

    It's sad to say it, but it's time to let this one rest. I prefer to remember it from the good old days. Keep circulating the tapes!
  • 'Mitchell' has to be my favorite MST3K episode of all time. "You can't keep a good Mitchell down..."

    Rob, I think you should have a favorite MST3K episode poll in memorial of the show.

    "Whoa, was that a beer?"
  • was better, but I really liked Joel. It was his vision of making it through bad times with jokes and friendship that gave moral to the comedy.

    Disasterpiece Theatre was better like I said. sal u Loid had more room to do strange things with the movies he showed.

    But it was such an obscure show, I'd almost pay money if anyone else on slashdot remembers it.
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  • I'm unsure as to where Trace is at, but I know TV's Frank is (was, last I checked) a writer for "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". I myself have never watched the show except for the credits to confirm it.

    Now I've got the urge to put a single curl of hair draped from my forhead...
  • "Gamera is really neat!
    Gamera is full of meat!
    We believe in GAMERA!"
  • I dunno my membership #, but the reason you haven't gotten a newsletter in a while is because it is now published online at www.mst3kinfo.com

    Apparently the Satellite News got too expensive to send out paper-wise, so they did this.
  • I really liked this show, it was a whole lot of fun.
  • Miles O'Keefe
  • "If Andre the Giant and Michael Caine had a child..."

    "Danger! Drywall!"

    "The death ray is just rolling around in the trunk..."

    "Bart Fargo!"
  • Actually there is (or was) a web based version at the SciFi channel's homepage, which took screen shots of whatever was on SciFi at the time (every 2 minutes or so) and visitors were encouraged to make their own captions. It is (or was) called "Caption This!" and was pretty fun.
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  • You know, all you people don't get it. The show is not about some stupid characters, IT'S ABOUT MAKING FUN OF MOVIES!!! Any bunch of idiots can do that! And that's why almost every episode of seasons 8 and 9 had me falling off my chair and tears coming out of my eyes.

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