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Time on Star Wars 32

BOredAtWork writes "Hey, it turns out that George Lucas guy is still alive, and making movies. He's got a new one coming out this summer, and it's even on the cover of the April 26th issue of Time! " You can read the article online.
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Time on Star Wars

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  • Oh, don't worry, I'm still here, still posting. Just have a coop job that actually -gasp- keeps me busy, so I don't have 7 hours a day to post to slashdot. Check the "user info" stuff - you can track people that way... I've not written any novellas lately or anything, but I've not disappeared.

    Slashdot suggestion: Poster Watch. Make a slashbox allowing one to track the last X number of posts by a registered user. Watch for me, MEEPT, Bruce Perens, whoever...


  • First, thanks for the warning. However, I've been avoiding actually looking at these things just for that reason: I hate spoilers. Even though I would really like to see the trailers, read all the articles, etc, I don't simply because I want to go and see TPM and have a similar experience to when I saw StarWars. ie know nothing.

    *sigh* unfortunatly, that's rather impossible. For one, I was seven when I first saw SW in '78 (I think it came around for a second summer, or was still there), I had absolutly no idea what to expect (the only SciFi shows I'd seen before were Space 1999, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Star Trek (and not much of that, either). Now, I've seen all three (SW, ESB, ROTJ) several times, including the revamps (hated the modification to the saarlak (sp?) pit (that blasted Dune ripoff worm, bletch)), read the novelizations and 4.5 of the extra novels. So, unfortunatly, the only thing that will come as a supprise will be the actual story line (even the lightstaff wont be a supprise, unfortunatly, but thanks to a previous poster for the name of the weapon, I couldn't think of the word `staff' when I saw the piccy (my wife's women's mag)).

    Still, I plan on going and enjoying the movie, with no, or minimal, spoilers!

  • Actually, there are two ways to read it:

    a) he's dumb;

    b) he's smart, but making a point to a dumb readership in a simple way.
  • I wouldn't consider this a spoiler. It gave a bit of the plot, so I can see how some people would call it a spoiler, but it was only a paragraph worth. The next 3 pages had no info about the plot at all.
  • I think a comment I saw posted already about the CG characters not looking CG explain it.

    Simply that. I've got a subscription to the dead tree edition, and they had a few large pics (large for a print magazine, anyway) of the CG characters. Quite simply, if I hadn't known that they were CG, I don't think I could've said one way or the other. I'd say go wander past a news stand or bookstore and flip through it.

    4 more weeks!

  • And all (most) the college kids find summer jobs or internships. Sometimes the firms that hire them underestimate their abilities or just don't have much work to hand them (or the kids just slack). So these students browse the web all day because they are Bored At Work. :)

    just my hunch,
    --Lenny (who wishes people would miss his posts on occasion)

    //"You can't prove anything about a program written in C or FORTRAN.
    It's really just Peek and Poke with some syntactic sugar."
  • You'd think the pop-up window you get when you leave the site would have someone besides Bill Gates on the cover of the magazine ad. Especially if they knew they were linked from /. :)
  • Why does BoredAtWork [caps?] never post anymore?
    He used to post a lot and be really interesting.
  • Nope, its because I picked up the real magazine and read the article. Slashdot is great and all, but please, lets keep in mind that it is not the only form of news and information on the planet.
  • ..Check out
    Damn funny, in my opinion.
    I am seriously considering giving The Phantom Menace the same treatment I gave Insurrection- skipping it.
  • why hasn't anyone said anything about this before now? i can't believe that someone as well known as George Lucas wouldn't have put at least SOME media attention into something that's supposed to be as big as this...

  • just the most important one!

  • that was the LAST starwars article on slashdot!
    most likely, the person who posted this got to it because of that earlierlink!

  • Don't worry, God told me that he told George to leave out the subliminal messages. You'll be safe. Mostly.

    *deactivates sarcasm mode*

    Me, I don't allow movies, books, demagogues, web sites, or other information outlets to modify my preconceptions and beliefs. That way, I can tell the difference between shooting somebody in the head with a rocket launcher in Quake and pulling a Glock on my coworkers. While we're on the subject, aiming a Glock in real life is NOTHING like it is in Half Life. I've yet to find the mouse controller on the back of the gun. : )
  • Info about a 25 minute short film being made by some australian fans, with Lucasfilm's blessing.
    I saw some clips of it last night on oz tv, and the effects are pretty good when you consider that they are doing it in their spare time.
  • I dunno it's gonna be tough. Both should be fine movies.
  • What we need is someone with more graphical ability than me to make Phantom Menace Themes! Gtk Themes, E themes, WM Themes, etc, etc :)
  • ...are "exclusive pictures". Some of the closeups of the CG characters are amazing... I could really only tell that they were CGI because I *knew* they were CGI.
    The Galactic Guide's much neater in there, too... all on one foldout, that's going to get tacked to my wall.

    4 more weeks!


  • i have to say that is one of the better star wars articles I've read. It covered a large aspect of what the movie is going to contain. Of course, if these articles keep coming, I'll already know what's going on in the movie. I got to thinking "geez, that'll suck." Then I thought, no it wouldn't.

    I think a comment I saw posted already about the CG characters not looking CG explain it. What of my biggest irritations is movies with CG special effects that you can TELL are done by a computer. (In my opinion that means the special effects are not special effects).

    There are 250 shots of the 2200 that haven't been digitally produced or enhanced. I have a feeling this is going to be something worth getting on DVD.... without doubt. (of course, I wonder how many years until it is available on DVD)

  • I enjoyed the interview with Lucas, tentatively perused the main article (don't want to many details), and simply adored the $!@^#% picture of Gates that kept popping up. For more on Star Wars, check out theonion [] web site. It seems that another Bill (Clinton) is already standing in line to see the movie.
  • I'm suprised that you did not mention that There's an interview with Lucas by Bill Moyers. Bill Moyers, along with Joseph Campbell, is responsible for the rebirth of mythology theory and the Hero's journey stuff that y'all learned in High school. He's really quite a genius.
  • My understanding is that Lucas wants to make people think about the big questions regarding spiritual reality, such as, "Is there a God," or even, "Is there anything beyond the physical universe?"

    That's very different from saying that the movie will have a Christian emphasis.

    And I remember when Christains were complaining that the Force was analogous to witchcraft. If it's not one side, it's the other...
  • Along with begin in Time Star Wars will also be in a great number of other maganizes this month. Among them include the May issue of Metropolis with focas on some of the props used in Episode 1.
    Also Star Wars will be fetured in Premiere. The First time ever that Premiere has dedacated a whole issue to one moive. Star Wars is coming.
  • Seeing this cover brought back memories of the first cover story run by Time on Star Wars. Published in the spring of 1977, it gave in-depth coverage of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, known at the time simply as "Star Wars." The Time scoop was nearly the only advanced publicity the movie received, and not surprisingly, the theater was less than full capacity when I saw the first showing of Star Wars in '77, on opening day.

    Of course, the film blew me away. Unquestionably.

    Some things that took my breath away:

    - Size and scale. The angles used in filming the model made the spacecraft seem, well, immense. A far cry from "2001" (*different* from SW, of course, not inferior) and its ilk.
    - Uniqueness of the aliens. Up till Star Wars, humanoid aliens ruled the roost, and the inventiveness of Lucas enthralled.
    - Details, details. Flash-by scenes, such as the holographic chess game, only adhered to the memory on the second or third viewing. Perhaps that's why stories of viewers who, in '77, revisited the show > 500 times were legendary that year.
    - The expansiveness of the SW world, which encompassed desert planets as well as space melees, bar brawls as well as romance.
    - Finally, the heady pace. Fast cuts. Brief scenes. Action from start to finish.

    Star Wars, in this respect, was Hollywood's first "action" movie -- the first movie to launch this genre into cinematic hyperspace. The torch lit by the film was taken up by "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981), the (bad) Simpson/Brukheimer films of the 80s ("Top Gun"), John Woo, and, in its most recent incarnation, "The Matrix" -- a superb distant descendant of the genre.

    "Star Wars" lit the original action flame, and we have Lucas to thank for his inspirational wizardry in the cutting room.
  • by Thag ( 8436 ) on Wednesday April 21, 1999 @05:41PM (#1922530) Homepage
    Geez! I stopped reading before the end of the first page, because they were giving all of the plot away! I hate that!


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