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Star Wars Tickets by Phone/Web 66

superchiken writes " Get your tickets one week prior to the movie's May 19th opening day." Thank god Lucas is letting up on this- I will see this movie, or I'll just skip LinuxExpo for a few days to wait in Line *grin*
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Star Wars Tickets by Phone/Web

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Refusing to sell tickets ahead of time
    was the best thing I've heard of in years!
    Now all the credit card carrying wastes of flesh
    will be able to get tickets and not have to
    wait in line like the rest of us.
    At least tell me he's going to make them
    cut off a pinky yakuza-style for the privelege.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Then again we will be seeing the film several days before the rest of you :) [Sorry, but I just had to rub it in.] I am just curious if the pirated version will show up before the premiere...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Erm, not to be pedantic, but the actual english spelling is 'loser'. Why do computer geeks always have so much trouble with the spelling of the word lose? A few weeks ago in one of the the CS labs on campus, there was a sign with something about 'loosing your account'.
    Must be just another mystery of the universe.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 24, 1999 @01:37PM (#1917649)
    The interesting aspect of this is that Lucas is not the one hyping this. It's the fans of the previous movies. I remember when my kids were growing up (born after the movies hit the theatre the first time) they woud have at least one of these movies on the VCR or later the Laser disk player every weekend. And then when the radio play came out they would play the tapes all the time in the car. I remember that the original movie played for 14 MONTHS at the theater in my area when it came out the first time.

    There are a LOT of people for which Star Wars is a Really Big Deal. Maybe it isn't your cup of tea, but you are definitely in the minority. Remember that only Titanic has grossed more at the box office, and when Star Wars came out movie tickets were $2.50, not $8.00 like they are now.

    That facts are there. Star Wars has been immense since it originally came out. It was immense 25 years ago, and it will be immense in May.
  • Arrhh! Polly want a cracker?

    Stop calling them pirates. They're not murderers on the high seas you know. It's really Lucasfilm's fault if it get copied in violation of their copyright, and it's their responsibility to keep a lid on things.
  • Posted by DarkSecret:

    Finnaly, a door for us going to school to snag a ticket without ditching an entire day of school.
  • There's a real problem to online ticket sales.

    On the one hand, it sucks to *have* to wait in line to get tickets. On the other hand, it sucks *far* more to wait in line forever only to find out that almost all the tickets were sold ahead of time over the phone.

    Lucas has created a major community, no, a *movement* which is *already* waiting in line for tickets. Can you imagine if these people, who have been waiting in line for ages, actually end up being unable to buy tickets in person?

    I suspect Mr. Lucas is attempting to reduce the lines to "those who want the best seat", instead of "wait six hours and maybe you won't even see it." This seems worthy. But I still wonder--LucasFilm has already chosen to give the finger to one of the most(*the* most?) well known Star Wars artists--is this company still making decisions with the fans in mind(i.e. "we don't want people to wait without seeing it") or are they obsessed with making the most money("people might not go see Star Wars because they think its too hard to get tickets").

    Who knows. About the only thing obvious is that the "scalper protection"(12 tickets a turn) is rather useless :-) It'd be better to highly publicize anti-scalper police presences.

    Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky
    DoxPara Research

    Once you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.
  • How did they manage to miss the perfect release date by a 15 days? What were they thinking? Just imagine the advertising slogans:
    May the 4th be with you.
  • You bastard! I didn't know that! I can't believe you just ruined something as mind-blowing as that for me! Next you'll be telling me that everyone in the whole series is somehow related!

    Arrgh! You just killed any kind of wonder I could have had... Geeze.

  • The article mentions that people will "simultaneously" be able to buy tickets in person. Does this mean that we can actually get in line to buy them at the theater on May 12th? Alternately, is Moviefone completely automated, or do you have to speak to an operator? I have a feeling I'll be typing in info on the web site (which I'm sure will be swamped) and calling with the other hand, and buying with whichever lets me put in a credit card number first...
  • You can get parent approved credit cards if your over 12 I believe..
    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • anyone notice the last little tidbit they squeezed into the press release? "MovieFone has announced that it will merge with America Online subject to shareholder approval." interesting. I bet the line to get the actual tickets at the theatre after ordering them will be huge. I did the moviefone thang for special edition ep 5 and I went to a machine that took my credit card as ID and printed out the tix. no line. That was in NYC. let's hope it's the same for this one. Of course the line to get seats was huge. good thing we were there an hour and a half early. (we were still about 25 peeps back)
  • Does anyone else think that all this Star Wars Hype is just getting old? No offense to you Star Wars fans out there, but I've seen the first movie one time, and I have no desire to see any of the rest of them. Granted, the special effects were phenomenal for it's time, but the movie just doesn't appeal to me. I have a feeling I'm gonna get burned from the flames now.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • So this means that I can arrange tickets in the comfort of my own home by staying up 'til midnight on May 11. Very nice for me. Not so nice for the poor folks who've been sitting in line for the past week and intend to do so for almost the next month, who are now on precisely the same footing as, and have no advantage over, lazy bastards like me on their sofas at home.

    I suppose there's still the line for seats, tho.

  • I think the article has made an error in that they probably meant to say 3pm Eastern Daylight Time, not Eastern Standard Time.
  • I don't want to go early so I can brag about it.
    I want to go early to share the sense of excitement with other people.

    I mean, I just know that as soon as the STAR WARS logo blares onto the screen, the crow will go absolutely wild.. and I want to be there when it happens.
  • Nope, its the Eastern Time Zone.
    That's Eastern Daylight Time spring through fall and Eastern Standard Time fall through spring.

  • You might have to skip LinuxExpo? Man, I wish I got to go to cool things like that. At any rate, who cares if you see the movie opening night? Big freaking deal. You know what happens a week before I do. Is that worth camping out for a month (yes lines are there)? Hell, no
  • read the fucking article. It's good advice too. 777-film *IS* moviefone.
  • See but it's not actually like reading the 1st chapter. It's more like reading the 4th, and ignoring the 5th and 6th. But now the 1st is coming out,'s like opening a book, where the first 3 chapters are blank, but the first one will be ariving by mail in a few weeks, skiping straight ahead to chapter 4, igoring the rest of the book. Arg, I'm confused.
  • I know this has nothing to do w/ anything. But i've seen things on tv (i know it's the root of all evil but...). Where they recomend, in order to establish good credit, once a month buying a pizza on your credit card. Then paying off the bill each month. This way companies see that you have an active credit history, and that you pay your bills ontime. They like this, even though that way they make less money, i dun get it either.
  • "I'm proud that I fell for all the hype."

    That's great, you should put that on a T-shirt.
    You can sell it to Microsoft fans.

  • That facts are there. Star Wars has been immense since it originally came out. It was immense 25 years ago, and it will be immense in May.

    Not to pick nits or anything, but star wars has only been around for 22 years, not 25 (the first movie was released in 77, it's now 99, do the math)
  • No doubt the pirate version will show up first...

    I don't think that will stop people from seeing the real thing, however, and if Lucas were feeling especially cruel, could probably leak some almost real version, edited in such a way as to confuse the heck out of pirates =)

  • Well, what you *should* do is give the other movies a chance. The fact that it doesn't appeal to you doesn't suprise me if you've only seen the first movie. That's like reading the first (well, fourth in this case) chapter of a book and deciding the rest must suck too. The first movie is not the best. Most people consider the second (5th?) movie to be the best. I reccommend you watch it, then make a decision as to whether or not you want to see any more. Of course, if you just hate science fiction in general, never mind.
  • Well, nothing out there has universal appeal, and Star Wars is no exception.

    I gotta agree with you about the hype, though. I liked the original three movies, and I still think that the hype we're seeing now is several orders of magnitude out of proportion. Matter of fact, I'm getting right sick of it.
  • Accually at the risk of sounding like a luser who can't help but spell loser looser.
    I personally think its not the coolest thing since the 300 baud modem. Its the coolest thing sense the transistor. No WAIT, its the coolest thing since the icebox (chataching)
  • I agree totally .... I'm glad he takes the presentation of the film so sertiously. There's a local theater here that plays the DTS trailer in front of like every movie, and it sounds like crap .... When I saw ESB for the rerelease, the theater sign said the movie was presented in THX, and it sounded horrible too. And most of them think that just cranking up the volume is good, and you get distorted garbage. The THX Theater Alignment Program is the coolest thing ever invented!! Use it!
  • so does this mean the telephone systems are going to be down on may 12? just wanted to know so i can plan my day... this rocks! now i don't have to wait on the lines. anyone planning to write a little app that will turn itself on, log on to a movie web site and buy you tickets as soon as may 11th goes midnight? it'll be the next killer app. :-)
  • I have to wonder exactly how the campouts being planned (starting tomorrow, I think) will be affected. Hm.

  • "The merchandising, toys mainly, ... Lucas won't let a soul even look at them, ... until the specified date (May 3rd).

    Not exactly. Some of the Star Wars toys this past Christmas were clearly from the new movie.

  • by D3 ( 31029 )
    So I suppose that if I don't put extra protection on my car and it gets stolen I'm to blame?!? I'm sure Lucas felt he had good enough security but where there is enough money, any security system can be bypassed.
  • Thats the name of the time zone, duh.


  • Its a fact: This is the biggest and most anticipated movie to have ever been made. And Lucas knows this. Very well in fact.

    I'm sure most of us have heard the rules related to Lucas' new venture, including the fact that if a movie theatre wants to show the film, it has to display it in the best stadium-seating theatre it has, and it has to stay there for a good majority of the summer (twelve weeks in fact). The merchandising, toys mainly, is a whole other realm. Lucas won't let a soul even look at them, especially the media, until the specified date (May 3rd). But..why? One would think that to keep the under lock and key would kill some of the utter excitement everyone has to see the movie. On the other hand, its just another ploy to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, when the toys are released on May 3rd. And I have friends who do collect these toys, and will probably be sleeping overnight in front of the local Toys R Us just to get a few pieces for themselves.

    But, we can't blame Lucas. The man took One Hundred and Twelve MILLION dollars out of his OWN POCKET to pay for it. His project. His baby. We're lucky he's letting us order tickets online. Maybe he will lighten up on some theatres, but I seriously doubt it. Hold on, its only going to get worse as the weeks go by...


  • And you call yourself a geek. Ha. BTW, it is the coolest thing since the 300 baud modem.
  • You won't need to stay up until midnight to get your tickets. The press release stated that they would go on sale at 3:00 PM on May 12.

    Now as for staying up until 3:00? Hmm...
  • The first post commented on can you get them in a week via moviefone. Well, when I order via moviefone, the tix are in a computer system at the box office and I just head to the will call window bypassing the lines. I hope this is the same way for SW. If not, I might be ticked off.

  • Well, if you consider a $0.75US upcharge per ticket "cut off a pinky yakuza-style"...

    I am proud to be able to have a credit card since it is "Everywhere I want to be"

    And I want to be in the theater when it opens.

    Some of us treasure and don't blow the privilege that credit is. I, for one, treasure it because of events like this.

  • "Credit card carrying waste of flesh"?
    I guess that refers to every American
    above the age of, say, 16?
  • At least in the SF Bay Area, moviefone has no operators -- it's entirely computerized. And I'm sure they are doing *something* to prepare for the volume -- At a $1 "service charge" per ticket, they are going to want to get as many tickets sold as quickly as possible.
  • I am one of those people who is willing to do anything to go see Star Wars (first showing), and I'm proud that I fell for all the hype. I mean you have to believe that somethings are just special enough to get all stupid over. Besides the way the world is looking right now it is very unlikely that I will ever go to fight in a war. So what am I gonna tell my grandkids stories about. I'm gonna tell them about Star Wars. "Yep kids your old grandpa had to beat up and steal the tickets from one of those cool people that hang out at starbucks" Speaking of which if I dont get tickets that is what I will resort to. If I see some jerk in a Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and his cup of double cappacino who doesnt know the diffrence between Chewie and The Princess, I'm gonna go off.

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