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Submission + - Richard Stallman says No to Mono. ( 4

twitter writes: "There's been a lot of fuss about mono lately. After SCO and M$ suing over FAT patents, you would think avoiding anything M$ would be a matter of common sense. RMS now steps into the fray to warn against a serious mistake.

Debian's decision to include Mono in the default installation, for the sake of Tomboy which is an application written in C#, leads the community in a risky direction. It is dangerous to depend on C#, so we need to discourage its use. .... This is not to say that implementing C# is a bad thing. ... [writing and using applications in mono] is taking a gratuitous risk.


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Richard Stallman says No to Mono.

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  • You'll get taken more seriously if you use "Microsoft" instead of "M$" in the body of posts. Sure, M$ is OK in 50-character subject lines, but what's the point of saving seven bytes in the body if the body can be a hundred to a thousand times that big?
    • Interestingly, I just found in a Twitter journal entry that he attacks you (tepples) for being "friends with troll koreaman". What the HELL? I didn't even know Twitter knew who I was. I feel almost honored to be on his shit list though.

      By the way, my primary computer is a linux-from-scratch machine with exactly one piece of non-free software installed on it: nvidia drivers. I'm not an M$ shill; fuck you, Twitter.

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