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Submission + - An autonomous sailing robot to clean up oil spills ( 1

rDouglass writes: Protei : a low-cost open-source oil collecting robot that autonomously sails upwind, intercepting oil sheens going downwind. This crowd sourced, open source hardware, collaboratively developed project could help prevent the tragedy of the next oil spill. Furthermore, it is a prime example of what people can do together when they collaborate, working together on the research and development, design, and funding. Licensed under the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) license guarantees that as many people in all parts of the world will benefit from this effort as possible.
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An autonomous sailing robot to clean up oil spills

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  • I accidentally submitted the form before I had finished editing and had wanted to make it clear that this is a Kickstarter project. Everybody has a chance to contribute to this amazing project. I'm not affiliated in any way. I pledged the $150 level and look forward to my Protei hoodie! Besides hoping that I'll never see another oil spill again (I know this to be unrealistic), I dearly hope that I'll someday see a Protei robot sailing along cleaning oil from the water.

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