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Submission + - MIT develops red-light running algorithm (

MrSeb writes: "You’ve got a traffic light that’s just turned green. Some idiot approaching the intersection at right angles doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Will he stop or will he sail through on red and give you a chance to test your side air curtains? Researchers at MIT have bottled up a mathematical formula that predicts the odds the other driver will run a red light with 85% accuracy. That’s important because half the time there’s a red light fatality, it’s not the red light runner learning about Darwinism, but an innocent pedestrian or the car with the green light that pays the price. To predict red light behavior, MIT’s car geeks looked into all sorts of variables. Where you or I might think, “tricked out ride tinted windows young driver we’re in New Jersey yep, he’s going through the light,” MIT tracked more concrete data and found it could confidently predict red light runners by tracking vehicle deceleration (or lack thereof) and distance from the traffic signal. All told, the algorithm can make a go-or-stop decision and alert a driver within five milliseconds, potentially saving hundreds of lives a year — when automakers integrated it into their cars, anyway."
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MIT develops red-light running algorithm

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