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gManZboy writes: " announced Monday that it has hired former U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra to serve as the vendor's executive vice president of emerging markets, a role in which he will be a highly visible face to the market, particularly for major public-sector projects around the globe.

Hired as the nation's first official Chief Information Officer in 2009, Kundra was given a mandate by the Obama Administration to better manage and coordinate $80 billion in annual federal IT spending. Kundra led open-government initiatives such as launching, which offers open access to government data, and he created the Federal IT Dashboard, which sheds light on major IT projects, exposing delays and cost overruns. He also championed cloud computing and data center consolidation initiatives aimed at cutting cost and improving security.

Yet while he outlined big changes to federal IT strategy, he resigned as federal CIO in August, 2011, leaving the implementation work to his successor, former Microsoft executive Steven VanRoekel. This highlighted federal IT's continuing revolving door problem."

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