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Submission + - Ubisoft has Windows-style hardware-based activatio 1

Man Eating Duck writes: Guru3D describes how the activation system in Anno 2070 also tracks hardware changes: 'So yesterday I started working on a performance review. We know (well at least we figured we knew), that the game key can be used on three systems. That's fair, the first activation is used on my personal game rig. The second we installed on the AMD Radeon graphics test PC and the 3rd on our NVIDIA graphics test PC. [...] For the NVIDIA setup I take out the GTX 580, and insert a GTX 590. When I now startup the game 'BAM', again an activation is required. Once again I fill out the key and now Ubisoft is thanking me with the message that I ran out of activations.

Guru3D subsequently discovered that Ubisoft was less than helpful: 'Sorry to disappoint you — the game is indeed restricted to 3 hardware changes and there simply is no way to bypass that.' I, and many with me, will never buy games with such a draconian DRM scheme, as it's very likely that I'll swap out enough components to run into this issue. Even the Steam version includes this nice "feature". It's probably a good idea to let Ubisoft know why we'll pass on this title.
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Ubisoft has Windows-style hardware-based activatio

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  • The shitheads at Ubisoft will interpret low sales numbers as piracy, and the answer to that is more DRM! That's what they've done cycle after cycle, that's how we got here. How many times and with how many schemes do their ex-customers have to tell them 'we're not buying' before they understand that DRM is the reason their sales are bad? Are they just waiting until they run out of revenue and have to fold?

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