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Submission + - Google Updates Algorithm to Punish Websites with E ( 2

hypnosec writes: Google has decided to take punitive actions against those websites that flood the top of their web pages with ads due to which the visitors have to scroll down to finally view the relevant contents on the page. According to Google, this type of layouts annoys the users and thus the web search company will be penalizing those websites through search results. The company disclosed this on its blog. According to Google over the top ads is not good for user experience and thus such websites might not get high ranking on Google web search.
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Google Updates Algorithm to Punish Websites with E

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  • But it can affect those who trying make product both useful for user and for money. Isn't right?
    • Worst case scenario is that a site appears lower in a Google search. You could argue that that might have a profound effect on any profits being made by these sites, but if they are making money from information that others are providing without filling the user's screen with ads I would argue that this is just a free market in action. I for one wholeheartedly agree with Google that user experience should be considered a search metric, and those sites with tons of pop ups and ads, in my opinion, should defi

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