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MrSeb writes: "After much hype and furor, the Lytro light field camera is now shipping to those who pre-ordered it. The initial response (from those who haven't been taken over by fanboy fever) isn't fantastic, though. Its odd shape, lack of video, 1MP final resolution, and the effort required to make images that really work well with Lytro’s special re-focusing “Living Picture” viewer, all combine to create the potential for the blogosphere equivalent of buyer’s remorse over initial predictions its camera would come to rule the world. Let's not forget that the Lytro camera only works with Macs for the time being, too; there will be a lot of disappointed Windows as they unwrap their Lytro pre-order cameras later this week. Fortunately, though, Lytro has a lot more up its sleeve than just cameras. To create light field cameras, Ren Ng, the founder and CEO of Lytro, also had to revolutionize lenses — and if you're an SLR user, you'll know that lens technology has been stalled for years. There's no reason that Ng's lenses couldn't be used on the front of an expensive camera. Then there's sensors: Sensor vendors are close to producing gigapixel models, but with conventional lenses diffraction rears its ugly head long before reaching that resolution. The first light field camera might suck, but rest assured that there's better things to come."
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Lytro: Why it might succeed in spite of its camera

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