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Submission + - Siri Will Speak Italian, Apple's Tim Cook Tells Fan (ibtimes.com)

redletterdave writes: "Apple doesn't openly tell the media or the public what it is working on, but in an email exchange with a fan, CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple will soon offer Italian language support for Siri, the company's AI personal assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4S. A fan and user named Michele had written an email directly to Cook on March 8, wondering why Siri has not been able to speak Italian, despite the technology being publicly available for more than six months. Michele also complained that Italy is "no longer in the group of 'first day' of a product launch." Cook responded the next day with a brief email reply, informing Michele of the good news. 'I love Italy,' Cook wrote. 'We will support Italian in SIRI this year. Tim'"
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Siri Will Speak Italian, Apple's Tim Cook Tells Fan

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