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redletterdave writes: "The main ingredient in Botox may be modestly helpful for people with chronic migraines, according to a new study conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Jackson from the Medical College of Wisconsin. For the new analysis, Jackson and his colleagues looked back at 27 studies in which over 5,000 total headache patients were randomly assigned to get botulinum toxin A injections in the head and neck or drug-free placebo injections. Study participants with chronic headaches or chronic migraines initially reported having 17 to 20 headaches per month, on average. Twelve weeks or longer after getting botulinum toxin A injections, that had dropped by an average of two monthly headaches, compared to patients getting the placebo.The findings were consistent regardless of patients' age as well as the botulinum toxin A dose and injection strategy used."
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Botox Ingredient May Help Migraines, Headaches

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