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Submission + - The Apple vs. Samsung Trial is Already Over

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Jared Newman writes that it seems that the purpose of Apple's trial against Samsung escapes most people — it isn’t about getting compensation for products that were released in 2007, it’s about protecting the products that Apple will release in 2013 and 2015 and beyond — and Apple has already won that fight. Earlier this year, Ron Amadeo of Android Police analyzed the design of Samsung’s Galaxy S III and called it “the first smartphone designed entirely by lawyers,” because it avoids nearly all of Apple’s trade dress claims against earlier products. "Unlike Samsung’s previous Galaxy S phones, the S III doesn’t have a perfectly rectangular shape with uniformly rounded corners, and size of the bezels on each side of the screen are not equal," writes Newman. "Samsung also abandoned the colorful square app icons found in earlier versions of its software and removed the stationary app tray from the phone’s app list." Win or lose, Samsung’s reputation is getting dinged in this trial. That’s why you see Conan O’Brien poking fun at Samsung, and not Apple, in a comedy skit. As Jim Dalrymple notes, $2.5 billion is chump change for Apple and in the big scheme of things, it’s not even that much for Samsung, which made $5.9 billion in profits last quarter alone. The bigger issue in this case is whether Samsung can continue to make its products look like Apple’s. "If Samsung has any pride, it’ll keep producing designs that don’t invite accusations of copying," writes Newman. "Recent products suggest that Samsung has already moved beyond that. The legal pressure has already been applied. In the future, may the best product win.""
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The Apple vs. Samsung Trial is Already Over

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