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Razgorov Prikazka writes: There is a lot of technology involved in sailing these day's. EPIRB, FHV-DSC, GPS, NAVTEX, Inmarsat, fishfinders/depth sounders, different kinds of radar (with MARPA or ATA) you name it and there are dozens of manufacturers out there willing to provide, all of them with a range of different products. Right now I am planning a round-the-world-trip and my ship (an 18 meter skerry-cruiser sailing yacht) is in its early construction phase, so I need to shop for some hi-tech gear and basically I got lost in all the possibilities.
What kind of hardware would you recommend as necessary for a trip of this kind? What would you have installed in your ship in order to have a safe trip?
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Ask Slashdot: What tech for a sailing ship?

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  • Read "Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding" and learn. If George is still around, I think he would say you are asking the wrong questions.

    Mind you, if you are building an 18 meter, you are so rich that the other answer to the question is "Get a competent skipper to advise you."

    • The point is that there are just to much options, hence the question. I will get the book, it seems interesting of what I just saw on Amazon. Thank you!

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