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Open Source

Submission + - Navigating the Vast Ocean of Open Source (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "Open source is no longer relegated to the discount software vendor that serves cash strapped startups. In enterprise software development these days, open source is not only immensely valuable, but increasingly crucial to stay competitive in releasing high quality software at regular intervals in a world where technology is changing so fast and every edge matters.

Today, rolling your own logging package instead of using something like log4j is as silly as trying to build your own web server instead of using Apache httpd was 10 years ago. Still, there are other components like guava that are less well known, but are currently making a name for themselves as libraries that can take the solution you are building to the next level of sophistication and quality. Just knowing they exist—and knowing where they fit—can help you design and build better software at a lower cost.

In addition to conducting a traditional build versus buy analysis, it’s critical to think about the maintenance and support story surrounding an open source package. Here are some things to consider and questions to ponder."

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Navigating the Vast Ocean of Open Source

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