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Submission + - MA "Right To Repair" initiative still on Tuesday ballot, may override compromise (masslive.com) 1

skids writes: MA voters face a complex technical and economic question Tuesday about just how open automobile makers should be with their repair and diagnostic interfaces. A legislative compromise struck in July may not be strong enough for consumer's tastes. Proponents of the measure had joined opponents in asking voters to skip the question once the legislature, seeking to avoid legislation by ballot, struck the deal. Weeks before the election they have reversed course and are again urging voters to pass the measure. Now voters have to decide whether the differences between the ballot language and the new law are too hard on manufacturers, or essential consumer protections. At stake is a mandated standard for diagnostic channels in a significant market.
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MA "Right To Repair" initiative still on Tuesday ballot, may override compromise

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  • Just get the manufacturers the hell out of the retail business. Let the retailers sell whatever brands they want. Without the perverse incentive of proprietary dealerships running repair shops, the makers might have a reason to start building products that aren't designed to maximize repair cost. It's been a scam for decades, and it has to be fixed at a fundamental level.

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