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Submission + - Orphaned works and the requirement to preserve metadata ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Orphaned works legislation promises to open older forgotten works to new uses and audiences. Groups like ASMP think it's inevitable. But it comes with the risk of defanging protection for current work when the creator cannot be located. Photographer Mark Meyer wonders if orphaned works legislation also needs language to compel organizations like Facebook to stop their practice of stripping metadata from user content in order to keep new work from becoming orphans to begin with. Should we have laws to make stripping metadata illegal?
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Orphaned works and the requirement to preserve metadata

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  • Stripping the metadata essentially is creating a derivative of the original work.

    If the original work creator so licenses their work (for example, by agreeing to terms of service and submitting their work to a service that creates derivative works and distributes them), they deserve it.

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