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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GNU hands out Trisquel at a Microsoft Store 1

alexanderb writes: Remember GNU's Windows 8 launch trick or treat in October, where Free Software Foundation activists handed out gratis copies of the free (as in freedom) system Trisquel Gnu+Linux? Well, GNU returned for a Microsoft store's "Tech for Tots" session on December 20th in Boston, MA. Like in October, the activists (accompanied by a gnu) handed out gratis copies of Trisquel GNU+Linux — a free alternative to Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8.
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GNU hands out Trisquel at a Microsoft Store

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  • I welcome these Gnus bearing free gifts! (valid to say "free gifts" in this context, with free as in software freedom. It's redundant to say "free gifts" with "free as in beer" as the word "gift" by itself implies "free as in beer"). [On Grimm, they mentioned that "gift" in German means "poison", so is it necessary to disavow that meaning? Free as is beer not as in poison?]

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