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Submission + - Chromebook takes top place in laptop sales on Amazon. ( 1

rtfa-troll writes: Amazon's latest table of the top selling laptops will be a surprise for many on Slashdot who's first reaction when we discussed this before was "so what" with pundits describing it as "an enterprise contender". Given the recent launch and huge advertising campaign, you would expect that the top selling consumer laptop would be based in Win8. If you read recent discussions about Microsoft's troubled new system you might expect a Mac to be leading but Google's Chromebook topping the sales chart on a consumer site without any major advertising campaign is a major surprise. We've discussed before that apart from it's web based ChromeOS Chromebooks are also very fast running Ubuntu Linux and have several other distributions already ported.
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Chromebook takes top place in laptop sales on Amazon.

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  • Having re-read the original slashdot thread, most were positive about a chromebook, with a few questioning the use of cloud storage, and others drawing negative comparisons to the failing sales of netbook market [unless its a Macbook air those can fit in envelopes(overpriced)...or a Surface that is a tablet or a Desktop(failure)]. The reality is most here see the chromebook as the natural evolution of the netbook that Microsoft/Intel hadn't crippled with shitty specification and crippled OS on hardware that

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