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Submission + - Expulsion Exposes CS Departments Stuck in "Pre Internet Era" (securityledger.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Security Ledger writes that the expulsion of Ahmed Al-Khabaz, a 20 year-old computer sciences major at Dawson College in Montreal, has exposed a yawning culture gap between academic computer science programs and the contemporary marketplace for software engineering talent.

In an opinion piece in the Montreal Gazette on Tuesday, Dawson computer science professor Alex Simonelis said his department forbids hacking as an “extreme example” of “behavior that is unacceptable in a computing professional.” And, in a news conference on Tuesday, Dawson's administration stuck to that line, saying that Al-Khabaz's actions show he is "no longer suited for the profession."

In the meantime, Al-Khabaz has received more than one job offer from technology firms, including Skytech, the company that makes Omnivox.
Chris Wysopal, the CTO of Veracode, said that the incident shows that "most computer science departments are still living in the pre-Internet era when it comes to computer security." “Computer Science is taught in this idealized world separate from reality. They’re not dealing with the reality that software has to run in a hostile environment,” he said. Teaching students how to write applications without taking into account the hostile environment of the Internet is like teaching architects how to make buildings without taking into account environmental conditions like earthquakes, wind and rain, Wysopal said.

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Expulsion Exposes CS Departments Stuck in "Pre Internet Era"

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