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Submission + - With HTTPS Everywhere, is Firefox now the most secure mobile browser? ( 2

Peter Eckersley writes: Over at EFF, we just released a version of our HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox for Android. HTTPS Everywhere upgrades your insecure web requests to HTTPS on many thousands of sites, and this means that Firefox on Android with HTTPS Everywhere is now by far the most secure browser against dragnet surveillance attacks like those performed by the NSA, GCHQ, and other intelligence agencies.

Android users should install the Firefox app and then add HTTPS Everywhere to it. iPhone and iPad users will unfortunately have to switch to Android to get this level of security because Apple has locked Mozilla Firefox out of their platforms.

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With HTTPS Everywhere, is Firefox now the most secure mobile browser?

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  • While HTTPS is great to have, it does nothing to actually make the Browser itself more secure, it simply protects the data traveling between a web browser and a web server. HTTPS does nothing to protect against other vulnerabilities and exploits that could affect browsers. Yes, HTTPS is good, but it's by no means a silver bullet.

    • Agreed, provocative headline aside, the post specifies that the kind of security we can deliver is protection against dragnet surveillance.

      Mobile phones in general are not yet in a position to offer much host security against targetted attacks; they have unauditable basedband chips and carrier-controlled update mechanisms and very slow security update cycles.

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