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Submission + - US intelligence officials to monitor federal employees with clearances (

Trachman writes: We are going to the next level. The people who are entrusted with the state secrets will now have be officially under automated surveillance. Sounds fair? Except that all those with the clearances have been monitored in the past albeit in less organized way. For decades employees have been taught to snitch on each other by reporting "suspicious" behavior in any self respecting organization, private or state funded. So it does not appear to illogical, in fact, quite a reasonable justifications for 5 million or so of people with clearance to completely and officially lose their privacy, right? So who knows, perhaps in ten years when federal employee tracking will be "accepted social norm", there will be a new push (under whatever the issue of the day) called "entrusted citizen and taxpayer". In order to be deemed to be trusted citizen and taxpayer one will be subjected to the scrutiny currently extended to the federal security apparatus employees. The icing of the cake is the comment made by the program leaders : “The system only works well, if it has thoughtful, educated, careful human beings behind it” . I am happy to remind that this a less romantic quote of Soviet Cheka (, who have described themselves as patriots with flaming heart and cold mind.
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US intelligence officials to monitor federal employees with clearances

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I've got a bad feeling about this.