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Submission + - Oxford Internet Institute Create Internet "Tube" Map 2

Jahta writes: The Oxford Internet Institute has created a schematic of the world's international fibre-optic links in the style of the famous London Tube map. The schematic also highlights nodes where censorship and surveillance are known to be in operation.
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Oxford Internet Institute Create Internet "Tube" Map

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  • and I really wanted to see it. /. will take it down :}

    Opera - Connection closed by remote server (bad link)
    FireFox - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. (busy)

    • by Jahta ( 1141213 )

      and I really wanted to see it. /. will take it down :}

      Just tried it again myself. The link works here in both Firefox and Chrome (and through my company's proxy) so it must have been just bad timing when you tried. In that case /. may well take it down! :-)

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