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Submission + - Future of U.S. Education Depends on 'Innovative Microsoft Ads'

theodp writes: Ever wonder where those teacher recruitment ads on the web are coming from? Well, back in 2011, the U.S. Dept. of Education delegated teacher recruitment to Microsoft (RFP, pdf). "The decision to turn over TEACH to [Microsoft] Partners in Learning serves to expand the already outsized influence Gates and his fortune have on public education," wrote the Washington Post at the time. So, "what happens when a public institution in a democracy — the US Department of Education — outsources its goal of recruiting good teachers to a private industry?" Well, in addition to and redundant social media efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube, the U.S. is now relying on "Innovative Microsoft Advertising to Recruit the next Generation of Teachers". From the press release, "The Ad Council and TEACH have formed a unique outreach campaign with Microsoft's Advertising team in an effort to recruit the next generation of teachers who will drive innovation and redefine teaching in K-12 classrooms. Microsoft donated over 125 million impressions across Xbox 360, Windows 8, and MSN in order to encourage consumers to rediscover teaching through interactive ad units. This media effort is an extension of the Ad Council and TEACH's public service advertising (PSA) campaign, Make More...Throughout March, consumers were able to engage with TEACH "NUads on Xbox", via gesture, voice or controller on their Xbox 360 consoles...Most recently, Microsoft leveraged their Windows 8 platform to provide a unique experience to consumers, enabling them to navigate through a series of questions to help 'discover their true passion,' along with the opportunity to play challenging mind and word games, such as a word scramble and tangrams." Check out the demo of the Windows 8 platform experience [YouTube], in which a person is advised "You'd Make a Great Science & Tech Teacher," on the basis of a "Personality Quiz" consisting of five dragged-and-dropped photos.
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Future of U.S. Education Depends on 'Innovative Microsoft Ads'

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