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Submission + - Meet Canada's Goosebuster - The Drone That's Saving Ottawa From Poisonous Poop

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Tyler LeBlanc writes that Ottawa has a problem — a goose problem. Every summer the wandering waterfowl return to the beaches that line the Ottawa River leaving high concentrations of geese poop on beaches and in shallow water that can lead to outbreaks of infection in human populations, particularly children. In the past the city has tried a number of different methods of ridding their beaches of the pesky poopers, but this year, they are going high-tech. Steve Wambolt, the founder of Aerial Perspective, modified a drone with some flashing lights and speakers and took to the skies. “I took existing land-based anti-pest technology and put it on a helicopter,” says Wambolt. “When I tested it at the beach a few days later it worked remarkably well.” Using pre-recorded predatory calls from hawks, eagles, owls, ravens and even wolves, Wambolt stalks the beaches of Petrie Island in an attempt to scare the loitering geese away from the area for good. Wambolt likens geese to snowbirds — people who travel south each winter to avoid winter. “Say if you were driving to Florida each year and you always stop at the same restaurant for lunch. If one year you stopped and someone was in your face harassing you, you’d probably leave, and likely not return to that spot. That’s basically what we’re trying to do here. We don’t want to hurt them, we just want them to move somewhere safer."
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Meet Canada's Goosebuster - The Drone That's Saving Ottawa From Poisonous Poop

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