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Submission + - Temporary classrooms are bad for the environment, and worse for kids ( 3

tcd004 writes: You've always suspected those trailer-type portable classrooms are no good, right? It turns out you’re right. Analysis of prefabricated classrooms in Washington shows the structures often don't allow for proper ventilation, leading to terrible air quality for kids. Students in temporary classrooms have higher rates of absenteeism than those in standard classrooms. And the energy-inneficient structures often become permanent, sucking on school energy bills for decades, and requiring more upkeep than permanent classrooms. What's needed are new designs for healthy, sustainable temporary classrooms.
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Temporary classrooms are bad for the environment, and worse for kids

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  • There's a headline, a video, an abstract, a bunch of share buttons, and a comment section. I click "Transcript" below the abstract and nothing happens. How am I supposed to read the article?
    • by Soulskill ( 1459 ) Works for Slashdot

      I don't think it's a button, just a label. When this was submitted, PBS hadn't filled in the transcript text yet, but it's there now.

      • by tepples ( 727027 )
        Thanks. I've never understood the meme of taking pride in not having read the featured article. I read it, and this is what I understood: crap ventilation => crap mental efficiency => crap student performance.

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