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Submission + - The EPA carbon plan: Coal loses, but but who wins? (thebulletin.org) 3

Lasrick writes: Mark Cooper with one of the best explanations of some of the most pressing details on the new EPA rule change: 'The claims and counterclaims about EPA’s proposed carbon pollution standards have filled the air: It will boost nuclear. It will expand renewables. It promotes energy efficiency. It will kill coal. It changes everything. It accomplishes almost nothing.' Cooper notes that although it's clear that coal is the big loser in the rule change, the rule itself doesn't really pick winners in terms of offering sweet deals for any particular technology; however, it seems that nuclear is also a loser in this formulation, because 'Assuming that states generally adhere to the prime directive of public utility resource acquisition—choosing the lowest-cost approach—the proposed rule will not alter the dismal prospects of nuclear power...' Nuclear power does seem to be struggling with economic burdens and a reluctance from taxpayers to pay continuing subsides in areas such as storage and cleanup. It seems that nuclear is another loser in the new EPA rule change.
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The EPA carbon plan: Coal loses, but but who wins?

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  • Answer: We All Loose!! no matter how you slice it it means higher prices, which means fewer jobs and lower pay. We All Loose!!
  • Of course nuclear loses in this plan. They're only figuring in the economics of the current pressurized water 2% enriched dinosaur reactor types. Those are insanely expensive to run, not to mention inherently dangerous and able to melt down (albeit very very unlikely).

    There should be an apollo-style program to get fast reactors online. One particular design that I've recently come across is the dual-fluid molten salt reactor. http://dual-fluid-reactor.org/ [dual-fluid-reactor.org]

    It addresses a lot of the problems the LFTR

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