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Submission + - Why Adobe is not developing Photoshop for Linux

i_dream_in_black_and writes: "Yesterday Adobe announced the availability of Photoshop CS3 Beta for Windows and Mac. Since they recently released Flash 9 Beta for Linux, I pondered the question, "Why no Photoshop CS3 for Linux?". I got my answers from Adobe developers Scott Byer and Chris Cox.

Scott wrote: "It really comes down to a cost/benefit analysis. Right now the Linux market is still small and fragmented, and the cost of developing for it is very high (I've done a Unix + X Windows version of Photoshop — remember 2.5 and 3.0 for Sun/SGI? — so I'm familiar with what it would take). There are also missing infrastructure pieces (color management, printing) that would make it a less-than-ideal experience right now."

Chris wrote: "...Linux developers and users are what's holding it back. As long as they are unwilling to pay for commercial software, unwilling to standardize the distributions and APIs, unwilling to support basic OS toolbox features (like a working window system — and anything based on X-WIndows is non-working by definition), unwilling to listen to the developers who keep telling them WHY they can't develop for Linux, etc. nothing will change. (of course, there are also problems in the OSS community that are holding things back, and that relates pretty directly to Linux)"

What insight can the slashdot crowd give to the developers at Adobe to address these issues? Is the future of the Linux desktop limited by it's own limitless customization?"

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