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Submission + - RIAA wants songwriter royalty lowered on downloads (hollywoodreporter.com) 7

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "Lest there be anyone left who believes the RIAA's propaganda that its litigation campaign is intended to benefit the 'creators' of the music, Hollywood Reporter reports that the RIAA is asking the Copyright Royalty Board to lower songwriter royalties on song file downloads, from the present rate of 9 cents per song — which translates to about 13% of the wholesale price — down to 8% of the wholesale price. Meanwhile, the big digital music companies, such as Apple, want the royalty rate lowered even more, to something like 4% of wholesale. So any representations by any of these companies that they are concerned for the 'creators' of the music, should be taken with a grain — er, truckload — of salt."
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RIAA wants songwriter royalty lowered on downloads

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  • Without the writers, the artists would have nothing to perform. Without the artist's performance, the publishers would have nothing to sell. But it sure doesn't seem like the RIAA thinks this way.

    Maybe it's time for a strike...
    • by Jaliyl ( 1206354 )
      Yea, a big musician strike could be the final nail in the RIAA's coffin. I really hope it happens.
    • I think of it like a computer. Without the PSU, the computer won't turn on. Without a CPU, you can't do anything. With no video card, there is nothing to see. With no motherboard, you really don't have a computer anyway. Etc.

      The music industry is similar. Except nothing would change if the RIAA went bye bye; there would just be a one less split among the cash to be distrubted to all of the members of the pie chart.

  • Finally, the RIAA shows its true colours. The music industry has been mercilessly screwing artists since the first vinyl album was created, and they have no intention of changing now. Their claim that their harassment is conducted on behalf of the artists is and always has been a lie. But then, the ethical standard of these weasels has always been nonexistent. Greedy, selfish, thieving scumbags, the lot of them.

    I have no idea how to track it down, but there was an investigation of the industry conducte

  • I have a bit of a headache today but I looked on the CRB website [loc.gov] and I didn't see anything about this. Maybe I missed it.
  • As someone said over on alt.audio.pro or thereabouts, record companies are concerned about artists the way that ranchers are concerned about cattle.
  • there is a long, sordid history of the record companies screwing their acts. most of the innovators in what can now be described as rock, blues, jazz, and pop were regularly forgotten when royalty check time came, and those paid were shown badly cooked books.

    nothing new, RIAA has stopped pretending to be the artists' friend.

    no doubt Metallica will now get all screamy against the RIAA.

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