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Tuesday October 24, 2017 @01:54PM Why Did Ubuntu Drop Unity? Mark Shuttleworth Explains
Thursday June 29, 2017 @03:32PM System76 Unveils Its Own Ubuntu-Based Linux Distribution Called 'Pop!_OS'
Wednesday April 12, 2017 @01:44PM Dozens Of Canonical Employees Resign As Ubuntu Switches To GNOME, Shuttleworth Returns As CEO
Friday April 07, 2017 @03:45PM Canonical Founder Talks About Ubuntu Desktop Switching From Unity To GNOME, And Focus On Cloud
Friday April 07, 2017 @02:18PM GNOME Dev Schaller Assures Ubuntu Users the Move To Step Away From Unity Will Bring Consistency Across Linux Distros
Wednesday April 05, 2017 @01:12PM Canonical Killing Unity For Ubuntu Linux, Will Switch To the Superior GNOME
Saturday October 29, 2016 @05:54PM How Linux Saved A School's Failing Windows Laptop Program
Thursday October 06, 2016 @11:50AM Unity 8 Desktop Session Arrives in Ubuntu 16.10
Thursday August 18, 2016 @10:44AM Facebook Teams Up With Unity To Create a Gaming Platform To Rival Steam
Thursday July 07, 2016 @04:25PM Unreal Engine and Unity To Get NVIDIA's New VR Rendering Tech
Thursday May 05, 2016 @03:38PM Unity 8 And Snaps Are Conquering The Ubuntu Desktop After Ubuntu 16.10
Wednesday March 30, 2016 @05:21AM Confirmed: Microsoft and Canonical Partner To Bring Ubuntu To Windows 10
Saturday March 19, 2016 @09:31PM Canonical Finally Lets Users Move The Unity Launcher To Bottom In Ubuntu 16.04
Friday March 18, 2016 @10:27PM Cinema-Quality Unity Engine 'Adam' Demo Claims To Run Real-Time On GeForce GTX 980
Thursday December 17, 2015 @11:48AM Unity Benchmarks Browser WebGL Performance
Tuesday May 12, 2015 @10:12AM Open Source C++ ClanLib SDK Refreshed For 2015
Tuesday March 31, 2015 @08:23AM SuperMario 64 Coming To a Browser Near You!
Monday October 27, 2014 @12:54PM New Oculus SDK Adds Experimental Linux Support and Unity Free For Rift Headset
Tuesday January 01, 2013 @12:12PM Gnome Extension Offers a Shopping Lens We Can Live With
Saturday December 01, 2012 @06:51PM Why KDE Plasma Makes Sense For Linux Gaming
Friday November 30, 2012 @07:06PM Ask Slashdot: Good Linux Desktop Environment For Hi-Def/Retina Displays?
Thursday September 13, 2012 @11:06AM Ubuntu NVIDIA Graphics Driver: Windows Competitive, But Only With KDE
Thursday July 19, 2012 @10:29AM Ubuntu Unity Ported To Fedora Using OpenSUSE
Friday April 27, 2012 @07:21AM Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Out; Unity Gets a Second Chance
Thursday October 13, 2011 @09:50AM Ubuntu 11.10 ('Oneiric Ocelot') Released
Friday July 01, 2011 @08:09PM Linaro 11.06 Release Brings Unity 3D Port To ARM
Saturday June 11, 2011 @07:03PM Tom's Hardware Dissects Ubuntu 11.4's Interface and Performance
Thursday June 02, 2011 @12:41PM GNOME Shell Hurts Gaming Performance
Thursday May 19, 2011 @07:07PM Preliminary Benchmarks: Unity vs. Gnome-Shell
Tuesday May 03, 2011 @12:43PM Ubuntu Unity: The Great Divider
Sunday April 17, 2011 @10:46PM 5 Out of 11 Crashed Unity In Canonical's Study
Friday November 05, 2010 @05:28PM Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland
Tuesday October 19, 2010 @02:48PM Ubuntu 10.10 Multitouch Support Demo
Monday November 02, 2009 @08:16AM Transpacific Unity Fiber Optic Cable Leaves Japan