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Journal twitter's Journal: Extremetech Writes Vista Obituary

Extremetech is convinced price cuts can't save Vista and that things will only get worse for the soft.

How did Microsoft arrive at this awful position? ... Removal of features such as WINFS and PC-to-PC synchronization lowered the value proposition for Windows Vista and helped cement Microsoft's reputation as a company that makes a lot of promises but fails miserably at delivering them. ... it comes across as a very crude clone of Mac OS X's interface. ... Vista's "aero" desktop ends up paling in comparison to what was offered in Mac OS X Tiger and positively stinks compared to the cool stuff in Mac OS Leopard. ... Worse than the rest of this, Vista's insatiable need for processing power, RAM, and hard disk space has given it a reputation among some consumers as a serious computing pig. ... One has to wonder why Microsoft just didn't start from scratch if there were going to be so many application compatibility problems...isn't backwards compatibility supposed to be the saving grace of Windows? Why bother if many programs won't run or won't run well at all? ... SP1 is far too little, far too late. Vista's reputation is sealed and nobody trusts any propaganda coming out of Redmond about it.

Choice is coming again to the operating system arena after far too many years of a tedious, incompetent and dull reign by Microsoft. Consumers are shunning Vista and that is a very positive thing for all of us. As Mac and Linux desktop market share goes up, more and more pressure is applied to Redmond to respond competitively. Microsoft's time as king of the operating system hill was a terrible, terrible thing for all of us who use computers regularly.

The UI situation is even worse when you compare Vista to Compiz Fusion but the roots of the stink are DRM and the non free way of doing things. These are a snakeoil M$ can never escape from. Freedom is the escape that works.

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Extremetech Writes Vista Obituary

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