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Star Wars Prequels Media Movies

Star Wars Asciimation Revisited 173

Posted by timothy
from the hey-it's-from-1977-after-all dept.
Treebeard the Ent writes "A few years ago, Slashdot did a story about a guy Who was creating a full motion Ascii version of Star Wars in Asciimation. This is a link to the source of the now infamous Star Wars ASCIIMATION project that has been evolving since 97. This guy has stated that he prefers to finish this project on his own (but you are welcomed to do any of the other Star Wars movies). In his FAQ's he has stated that he doesn't have time to support his Java applet nor the text files, so he would not be making them available for anyone. Fortunatally enough for those of us who are interested, he has left them wide open in a standard zip file on his server. So download and have fun... Just please don't make any ASCII pr0n movies..."
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Star Wars Asciimation Revisited

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