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Design Slashdot's New T-Shirt and Win Cool Stuff! 508

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the and-the-jeers-of-anonymous-coward dept.
It's been some time since we had a new shirt design for folks to buy, and it's time to change that. More specific guidelines for the contest follow, but in short, we're taking design submissions starting immediately. Winners will get a $75 credit at ThinkGeek, as well as 3 copies of of their t-shirt design. Winners will be chosen by me.
tester data

Technical Specs

  • Designs should be for Black or White shirts. Or even better, both!
  • No larger than 12" wide by 15" high
  • No more than 5 colors (Black & White Count as Colors People!)
  • Entries must be either 300 DPI Bitmap (JPG, PNG, Tiff etc), or Vector Format (PS, EPS, PDF)

General Recomendations

  • I strongly recommend the use of Slashdot's favorite shade of green in any design submission. Slashdot's "Green" is 006666 in hex. 0,102,102 in RGB. Entries will not be excluded for failing to use the green, but I like it, and I'm the judge!
  • You can try anything: From witty slogans to fancy design.
  • Avoid photographs & shadows since they don't print very well at 5 colors.
  • Parody is fine, but I'd rather designs be original.

How to Submit?

  • Email tshirts at, and provide a URL to your design(s). If this isn't possible, you may attach your submission to an email.
  • Winners will be selected in a few weeks by Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda (Me!) based on their creativity and design.
  • There may be more than one winner if there are several good entries! I have permission to select as many as 3 winners if there are many good entries!


  • The submittor of each winning design will get $75 credit at ThinkGeek
  • 3 Copies of your T-Shirt Design
  • Bragging rights at LUGs, CompSci Labs, Cubicle Farms, and Tech Tradeshows around the world.

Finally our lawyer demands that you read the Official Rules. Do it!

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Design Slashdot's New T-Shirt and Win Cool Stuff!

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