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Spider-Man 2 Preview Online 425 425

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the get-your-lust-on dept.
Several folks noted that you can now see the first trailers for Spider-man 2, provided you have some broadband action going on. It's nice to know that there will be something to look forward to after RotK comes out.
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Spider-Man 2 Preview Online

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  • The video is embedded in a swf file....ack!

    Anyone able to extract it?

    BTW, Doc Oc rox. :P Also the car dodging shot...wow. :)

    Nice FX
    • Arrgh. Well, that explains why I can't see it. swf files don't play on my IE - every time I try the installer, it goes off to the Macromedia site, and comes back with an error. Nothing informative about it, no option to just download the whole thing, so I'm stuffed.

      Well done, Macromedia.

    • I'm still trying to figure it out. I wget'd the .swf from that page, and used swfdump to extract some information:
      The URL it gets the movie info from is http://playlist.webevents.yahoo.com/makeplaylist. d ll?pt=xml&sg_id= but it appends some junk to that, and then it only gets a playlist file of some sort. I logged my browser requets and found:
      GET /makeplaylist.dll?pt=xml&sg_id=39082&sid=5550836&s =96429575 HTTP/1.1
      But the playlist file only contains this information:

      And I don't know how
    • by NoNeeeed (157503) <slash@p[ ]leader.co.uk ['aul' in gap]> on Monday December 15, 2003 @02:18PM (#7726486) Homepage
      That has to rank as one of the worst ways to deliver a moview trailer, full-stop.

      I'm on a corperate network with a nice fat pipe, but I have to play the 100k version, the 300k version plays about 5 seconds, stops, plays the next five, stops, etc. The client doesn't seem to be able to cache properly. Even with flash's cache turned right up.

      Just give us a damned MPEG or Quicktime file!

      I bet this is mostly done to prevent copying. When will people realise that this just stops your advert from being seen by the most people. Normlly when a trailer comes out on the Apple site, one of us donwloads it and shares it with our mates, cos it's quicker. That's good advertising. This is like saying "no, you can only see adverts for Coke if you go to a special Coke store". It's not like it is the full movie, it is just a trailer, the first rule of advertising is make sure as many people see it as possible.

      Bah, bloody suites.

      I hope someone manages to extract it.
      • I bet this is mostly done to prevent copying. When will people realise that this just stops your advert from being seen by the most people.

        Or maybe to make it work on more platforms? Macromedia's plugin is installed on all windows machines by default, and is easy to install under linux as well. Quicktime and WMP don't have nearly the same default install base. I wish they'd do more movie trailers using flash, as neither quicktime nor WMP work as a plugin on my system, usually resulting in me screwing a
        • You're giving them too much credit--while it's true about the wider audience playback with Flash, if that were really their reason, then they would have actually emhedded the video into a swf. The flash player can play back video encoded with the Sorenson Spark (or Spark Pro) codec which is pretty decent (though obviously not as good as MPEG 2/4). Instead, it actually connects to a stream which can neither be saved nor cached so playback is mostly dreadful. When I'm in charge, I'm going to send out CDs w
      • I bet this is mostly done to prevent copying.

        Yeah, it's a pretty sad state of affairs when companies are being this overprotective of their "intellectual property". I remember the good old days when companies actually WANTED customers to see their ads, now the ads themselves are restricted and controlled as if they were a separate product.

        Oh well, if I can't see the ad, I can't get hyped about the product, and I'll spend my money elsewhere. They chose control over profits.

        On a side note, I'm guessing Ap
    • by wo1verin3 (473094) on Monday December 15, 2003 @02:45PM (#7726743) Homepage
      I'm still trying, but it looks like they got smart.

      a) The video is not contained within the .SWF file. The flash file itself is only 61.8 KB

      b) They did more then just load a video file on the same server, it appears to be coming from a streaming server of sorts, here is a piece from the flash code that someone brighter then me might be able to figure out:

      StreamEngine.prototype.doConnect = function () {
      this.standard_nc = new NetConnection();
      this.tunnel_nc = new NetConnection();
      this.standard_nc.cType = standard;
      this.tunnel_nc.cType = tunnel;
      this.standard_nc.connected = this.tunnel_nc.connected = false;
      this.standard_nc.owner = this.tunnel_nc.owner = this;
      this.standard_nc.onStatus = this.tunnel_nc.onStatus = function (info) {
      fcServer = "flv1.broadcast.vip.dal.yahoo.com";
      appName = this.playList.firstChild.childNodes.this.playListA ctive.attributes.appName;
      var connectString = "rtmp://" + fcServer + "/" + appName;
      trace (connectString);
      this.tunnelLoad = setInterval(this,"tunnelConnect",1500);
  • Asuming the host will be down sooner than you can say 'Slashdotted', are there any locations of .torrent files?
    • nah (Score:2, Informative)

      Yahoo has more bandwidth than God, man. They're advertising this on their front page, so I imagine they're ready for some serious hits.
  • About the trailer... (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:08PM (#7725715)
    Clearly Dr. Octopus is the nemesis, but I read the Lizard will be in this movie as well. Maybe he will appear in a future trailer?
    • by The Lynxpro (657990) <lynxpro@@@gmail...com> on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:33PM (#7725999)
      "Clearly Dr. Octopus is the nemesis, but I read the Lizard will be in this movie as well. Maybe he will appear in a future trailer?"

      Dr. Curt Conners might be in the film. He was mentioned as being Pete's boss before Pete got fired from the lab in the original film. Curt Conners in the comics became "The Lizard." However, it is doubtful "The Lizard" will make a reptilian appearance in this film. Remember, Sony plans on Spidey being a never-ending franchise, like MGM/UA's James Bond series.

      But, from the way it sounds, the Scarecrow will appear in the new Batman film for the first 10 minutes before the movie focuses on Batman and his main foe, R'as Al Ghul. What a great film...Chris Nolan directing and they already have Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Cain as Alfred, the guy from 28 Days Later as the Scarecrow, and possibly Kurt Russell as Sgt./Commissioner Gordon...

      Oh yeah, back to Spider-Man 2! :0
    • God, I hope not. IMHO that whole "two villian" cheese was the worst thing to happen to the Batman films (well, that and giving it to Schumacher I suppose).

      Doc Oc's got enough juice to give Spidey a good ride for an entire movie on his own, he doesn't need the Lizard showing up for no damn good reason. This goes for any future Spidey villians down the road too: Venom (obviously), Carnage (you just know they're going to throw him in on the Venom pic), Return of Green Goblin/Hobgoblin (again, can't you just
      • This goes for any future Spidey villians down the road too: Venom (obviously), Carnage (you just know they're going to throw him in on the Venom pic), Return of Green Goblin/Hobgoblin (again, can't you just see the whole Osborn family mess in one picture).

        God please not Carnage. The "Holy shit this groovy black costume I picked up during the Secret Wars is alive!" storyline promptly ceased being entertaining when the Marvel execs decided "Hey, if they like Venom, why don't we give them FIVE! WEEEE!". I
        • See, that's the thing: no way you can convince me a Venom-themed movie needs anything other than Venom. Perhaps this is in the works for the third movie? The trailer showed a brief shot of a military-dressed man with someone. This was how they setup Venom in the SpiderMan cartoon, since they didn't have Secret Wars - some guy (JJ's son I think?) was an astronaut and came back from space with the symbiot in tow. It first found Parker but he eventually rejected it, then it found Eddie. You setup the first par
  • Screw .swf (Score:4, Informative)

    by Gannoc (210256) on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:09PM (#7725726)

    Get it up on Quicktime/Apple like all other trailers, you bastards.

    • Or less propietary formats. avi/asf is pretty widely supported, helix (from realnetworks) is open. Quicktime depends too much on apple players that are not available for all plataforms, even when mplayer can cope with it i'm not sure how much will be left out.

      After all, the company that makes the movie and the trailer want that us buy their product, or speak about it, or reccomend it to friends. The whole idea of the trailer is that the people have a hint on how it will be. Putting things in a way that ma

      • Re:Screw .swf (Score:3, Informative)

        by runenfool (503)
        avi or asf? Huh? And quicktime is too proprietary?

        How about an mpeg? 4 even ..
      • Re:Screw .swf (Score:2, Flamebait)

        by Zed2K (313037)
        Quicktime is available for all platforms that matter.

        Oh wait, it won't play on my cell phone or my gameboy either...what about those formats? After all, people who love movies don't only use OS's that are niche products but also have cell phones.
  • WAY too small (Score:3, Insightful)

    by neoform (551705) <djneoform@gmail.com> on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:09PM (#7725728) Homepage
    Why was it so tiny? i could barely see anything.
  • by rf0 (159958) * <rghf@fsck.me.uk> on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:11PM (#7725747) Homepage
    Right on my Wedding Anniversy...cheapo present :)

  • by Anonymous Coward
    like the MPAA today. We'll hate them tomorrow when there is some P2P story.
    • I think the MPAA is fine. They put out a great product for the most part and I really can't complain about thier prices. I am sure it costs a hell of a lot more to produce a movie than some canned artist that they have for CDs yet the cost of a DVD isn't much more than a CD.
  • by Spytap (143526)
    Awesome trailer, though mroe of a teaser than an actual trailer. That alone makes me positive of next summer's number one B.O. hit though.
    • Re:wow... (Score:2, Funny)

      by cluke (30394)
      That alone makes me positive of next summer's number one B.O. hit though.

      Yep, all those sweaty, overexcited, unwashed nerds in one place at one time... you'll get quite a BO hit off that alright! ;-)
  • Real Life (Score:4, Insightful)

    by grub (11606) <slashdot@grub.net> on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:15PM (#7725782) Homepage Journal

    It's nice to know that there will be something to look forward to after RotK comes out.

    Umm.. there's something called Real Life.. It's a hoot, I suggest you disconnect for a while and try it out.
    • And honestly my "real life" only has to last two more days. Once Return of the King makes it out of the gate then the rest from here on out is gravy.

      Oh wait, Extended DVD! Got to make it one more year....then the gravy.
    • by Zoop (59907)
      Real Life.. It's a hoot, I suggest you disconnect for a while and try it out.

      Yeah, war, terrorism, women rejecting you, going uphill is work, getting killed doesn't result in a respawn...I can see the appeal.
  • by Faeton (522316) on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:17PM (#7725813) Homepage Journal
    I love the fact that they're still making Peter Parker a geek. True to the comic's heritage and spirit. Although in the first one we see that he has no need for glasses, he's still wearing them here. A geek at heart, but one that can kick ass.

    The anguish between his powers/ reponsibilities and love life looks to play a bigger part in this movie. DocOct looks great without a cheezy mask to hide behind.. and it looks like they're working in the revenge angle for Harry Osborne. Looking good here!

    Next up, Spiderman 3.. Introducing Venom!

    • isn't the whole point of him continuing to wear glasses so that he doesn't give his identity away?
      • Wasn't the whole point of the grandfather comment karma whoring? (+1, I love geeks, they're so dreamy)
      • yup (Score:5, Funny)

        by SweetAndSourJesus (555410) <JesusAndTheRobot AT yahoo DOT com> on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:32PM (#7725994)
        If you're ever on the run in a comic, just put on some glasses.

        "You've got the wrong man, officer. That guy wasn't wearing glasses."

        Works every time.
        • Re:yup (Score:5, Interesting)

          by BrynM (217883) * on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:59PM (#7726267) Homepage Journal
          As someone whos only been wearing glasses for only a year or so (and I'm over 30), I can say that the disguise can work - but not if the person you are trying to deceive sees you every day. I've had people standing right next to me that don't recognize me because they knew me before the glasses and they knew me pretty well before. No kidding. I was kind of amazed when I realized that it worked.

          A psychologist friend explained to me that people zero in on a particular feature of the face to remember what you look like. With most people, it's the eyes and/or the nose. When you have glasses, it's the glasses and/or the nose and the eyes are pretty much ignored. Since that major feature is no longer in common with their previous mental image of you, their brains classify it as a "new" person until corrected by the observer gathering more information or being told.

          If you don't believe me, get some stage glasses (no prescription) and go see some folks you haven't seen in a while at a bar or somewhere else that's crowded and public. Now see how long it takes for one of those friends to recognize you.

        • The Shoveller: Don't start that again. Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing doesn't wear glasses!

          Mr. Furious: He takes them off when he transforms.

          The Shoveller: That doesn't make any sense, he wouldn't be able to see.

      • It's crazy, but this has actually worked in real life for me, so don't knock it too hard. I'd been playing sat afternoon soccer with a bunch of guys for months (without specs) and turned up to a bar with glasses on, and they didn't recognise me. I was even introduced directly, and they still thought I was another guy with the same name as "that guy from soccer". Pretty surprising, although I'm still doubtful it would work on Lois Lane over a period of years.
    • Next up, Spiderman 3.. Introducing Venom!

      Rats! I'm still holding out for Paste-Pot Pete.

  • by Illserve (56215) on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:17PM (#7725822)
    on the web monkey who coded up that streaming client.

    I know it's getting hammered, but you can't even pause the damned thing to let it catch up, and if you restart it, you get 2 simultaneous audio streams at different time points.
  • broken already...

    Maybe it's Opera on Linux... Maybe advision.webevents.yahoo.com is blocked 'cause of that "advision" part.

    Either that or they are just ignoring coding standards again.

    Or we broke it again and they don't have their server set to provide useful feedback.

    Either way I'll host a mirror with hella huge (edu) bandwidth if someone wants to give it to me.
  • by giftedtiger74 (655652) on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:21PM (#7725870) Journal
    Yes it would be nice to have it in QT and downloadable.. Yes it has an awesome catch scene at the beginning of the trailer with the still poignant "Peter can't let himself fall for MJ".. Bottom line, its gonna be a summer blockbuster and we all will pay our 8$+$5 for our X-treme 128oz Turbo Chug and Popcorn flavored butter. ;)
    • by MORTAR_COMBAT! (589963) on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:39PM (#7726065)
      Peter can't let himself fall for MJ

      No. Peter has already completely fallen for MJ, but can't endanger her by being with her. That's the tragedy of Spider-Man, that's the part (aside from fairly interesting baddies) which makes Spidey so interesting (to me at least). (Just because Clark Kent can't endanger Lois Lane by being with her and revealing he is Superman, doesn't make Spider-Man a rip-off, does it?)
      • Go pick up the latest Ultimate Spider Man comic. This theme is covered very heavily in the comic.
      • (Just because Clark Kent can't endanger Lois Lane by being with her and revealing he is Superman, doesn't make Spider-Man a rip-off, does it?)

        I can't even believe I'm arguing this point, but the crucial difference is that (at least at first) Lois wants nothing to do whatsoever with Clark, she only has eyes for Superman.

        I thought in the comic that MJ knew Spiderman's secret identity all along -- IIRC, she flirted with both of them, knowing full well they were the same guy, but Peter of course had no

  • Now that Saddam Hussein has had to pull out of "Santa Claus and the Weapons of Mass Destruction".

    Crazy beard... crazy guy.
  • As in "Science Fiction, Double"? Kind of old-school for slashdot, don't you think?
  • Streaming Sucks (Score:5, Interesting)

    by vanyel (28049) * on Monday December 15, 2003 @01:56PM (#7726243) Journal
    I'll wait for the quicktime version so I can actually watch it. I have yet to have streaming video work well, even at postage stamp size and a high speed connection. This one is no exception. Let me download something with decent quality in non-realtime, ThankYouVeryMuch...
  • He lives. Bad guy dies/is captured. A little bit of romance is thrown in. Someone else can fill in the rest of the details.
  • It's Bill Gates!
  • by mblase (200735) on Monday December 15, 2003 @02:37PM (#7726660)
    ...There's also a QuickTime trailer out for the upcoming Hellboy [apple.com] movie.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Seriously. Who hasn't had that dream where Kirsten Dunst insists on kissing you only to wake up in a big mess?
  • by Conspiracy_Of_Doves (236787) on Monday December 15, 2003 @02:52PM (#7726824)
    Isn't Doc Oc suppose to have a east european accent? I guess in today's politically correct world we can't portray ANY foreign person as the bad guy, in fiction anyway.
  • FOUR legs.....? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by SensitiveMale (155605)
    Should he be known as Dr. Quadrapus then?

    And no, his real arms and legs don't count.
    • Re:FOUR legs.....? (Score:3, Informative)

      by Scrameustache (459504)
      Should he be known as Dr. Quadrapus then?
      And no, his real arms and legs don't count.

      He went from a 4 limbed creature to an 8 limbed creature.

      Why YOU don't count the first 4 is your problem.
  • by ALeavitt (636946) <aleavittNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Monday December 15, 2003 @05:01PM (#7728109)
    Seriously, I'm sick of this trend. The trailer for the original Alien is still the best one I've ever seen; rather then show you the plot or good glimpses of the monster, all you got were quick shots that let you know that Alien was going to scare the hell out of you. Now we have trailers like the one for the Matrix Reloaded (they showed the best parts of the Hundred-Agent Fight) and this monstrosity for Spiderman 2. I think it would have been much cooler if we had seen Doc Oc's mechanical tentacles walking up... and nothing more. Leave well enough alone; let us know we're getting something cool, but don't show the best parts. Leave some surprises for the actual movie.

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