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Doom Movie in Production For Aug 2005 Release 398 398

Lord Prox writes "Doom: The motion picture is now in production from Universal Pictures for a release date of August 5, 2005. According to IMDB the cast includes The Rock, Rosamund Pike, Razaaq Adoti, Ben Daniels, and Karl Urban. The plot and setting is right from the game."
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Doom Movie in Production For Aug 2005 Release

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  • So..... (Score:5, Funny)

    by FatherKabral (819599) * on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:31AM (#10621033)
    Who's going to play the big floating eye?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:31AM (#10621034)
  • Censorship? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by 2.7182 (819680) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:32AM (#10621044)
    I heard that an issue was the amount of goriness. Remember the soldiers hanging from meathooks ? Apparently the director wants to show that!
    • Re:Censorship? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by telbij (465356) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:33AM (#10621076)
      Why would they censor it? They have that in Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Silence of the Lambs, etc...
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Yeah, but in all those films, they were white guys getting slaughtered. With this film, they're worried about upsetting the helldemon minority.
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Why would they censor it? They have that in Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Silence of the Lambs, etc...

        Yes, but those were all FICTION movies.
    • Yes I read that too. He also wanted to show flesh splattering everywhere when a rocket is used in an enclosed area. A lot of money is going to be spent on CGI effects, like being melted in acid.
    • by BabyDave (575083) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:45AM (#10621235)

      [Joke shamelessly pinched from a Charlie Brooker cartoon about the Doom movie from several years ago ... ]

      The movie features a cameo appearance by Macauley Culkin:

      Culkin I get strung up on a meathook and beaten insensible with a carjack. It's a great honour - apparently the part was written specifically for me.

  • by Exmet Paff Daxx (535601) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:32AM (#10621045) Homepage Journal
    How do you make a movie without vertical clipping? I think it's going to be a real challenge to explain to the audience why a rocket fired 300 feet below someone can hit them. Should make for interesting cinematography though.
  • by sholde4 (815798) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:33AM (#10621068)
    No plot and Mars.
  • by gowen (141411) <> on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:34AM (#10621078) Homepage Journal
    Hooray! Because we all know that films [] based on video games [] are always great []
    • Interesting that two of the three stinky movies you mention were directed by the same prize sweaty-arsed rat cock who directed Alien Vs Predator.

      Why? Sweet Zombie Jesus, why did anyone let him near AvP? I saw it two days ago and I'm still so fucking angry I want to take an angle-grinder to the guy's face.
      • by Idarubicin (579475) on Monday October 25, 2004 @02:05PM (#10622697) Journal
        Sweet Zombie Jesus, why did anyone let him near AvP? I saw it two days ago and I'm still so fucking angry I want to take an angle-grinder to the guy's face.

        Really? I heard it was a great comedy. I mean, really great. Bust-a-gut funny. Tears rolling down your cheeks funny.

        It was a comedy, right? Right?

    • Are you kidding? Those three movies were great.

      A better choice of examples would have included this [].
    • I Suppose it's a 'Bad Thing' (tm) that I liked most of the movies you listed as well as the other GC's posted . . . maybe I'm just amused to easy. . . .
    • House of the dead.
    • Re:I'm excited! (Score:2, Informative)

      by SwartKrans (758994) [] this comes to mind
  • by general_re (8883) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:34AM (#10621080) Homepage
    ...cuz you can't have both, Mr. The Rock.
    • Flashlight or Camera more like.

      Its just going to be one big long Blair Witch movie.

      Snivveling aliens rendered with the fastest supercomputers to produce 16 million unique shades of black taking technicolour to new levels.
    • by CGP314 (672613) <> on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:16PM (#10621563) Homepage
      Well, if the main character is the rock, now I can understand why he can't use a gun and a flashlight at the same time.

      -Colin []
    • by DarthVain (724186)
      I don't know... They could have a lot of fun with this movie... If they make it a kind of Action/Comedy/Parody it might actually be worth seeing. What it will probably will be is a sub-par action film with lots of CGI and effects... But they could have a lot of fun.. like the whole flash light thing... they could have the Rock going down some dark hallway, freaking out due to monsters, frantically switching back and forth between flashlight and shotgun... then finally saying something glib like 'screw this'

  • Well, I guess what plot there was there is thin enough for a Hollywood production!

    Bang! Boom! Bang! Argghhh! Bang! Ouch! Bang! Boom! Bang!

    Roll credits...

  • by grm_wnr (781219) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:35AM (#10621097)
    I want the post of Gaffer for that movie!
  • So... (Score:2, Redundant)

    by TuringTest (533084)
    So, 90% of the movie will be pitch black?

    Now put here your jokes about the duct tape mod.
  • by halivar (535827) <bfelger&gmail,com> on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:39AM (#10621135) Homepage
    The poor man's Vin Diesel.

    He'll probably have to type IDKFA every thirty seconds just to make it through the movie.
  • by CleverNickedName (644160) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:39AM (#10621138) Journal
    I believe the rock will not only do all his own stunts, but he will also be doing all his own camera work too.

    You can't beat those first-person movies.
  • by stratjakt (596332) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:39AM (#10621141) Journal
    In other words, there is no plot, and the movie is set in several hallways and rooms that look identical to the one in the last scene.
  • I'll say it again... (Score:5, Informative)

    by cjpez (148000) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:39AM (#10621145) Homepage Journal
    ... with any luck, it'll be every bit as good as the comic book [].
  • by DirtyJ (576100) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:39AM (#10621146)
    release date of August 5, 2005

    To let the general public get the full Doom experience, they should push the release date back like 5 or 6 times and eventually put it out in 2009.

  • by jayhawk88 (160512) <> on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:40AM (#10621157)
    The code to destroy the base is IDKFA.
  • Finally (Score:5, Funny)

    by PetoskeyGuy (648788) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:41AM (#10621175)
    A story so short there is no need to read the article.
  • by Aash (130966) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:42AM (#10621185) Homepage
    Anyone can submit info to the The Internet Movie Database, and it's rather notorious for posting incorrect information about movies which are still far from release.

    I'm not saying that the casting news at the imdb definitely isn't true, I'm just saying to take it with a grain of salt.
    • Yeah, but (Score:3, Interesting)

      by pavon (30274)
      This has been reported all over the place, including interviews with John Carmak himself. It is still slightly vaporware, but is definately not a hoax.
  • by Apostata (390629) <apostata AT hotmail DOT com> on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:42AM (#10621189) Homepage Journal
    1. Star-studded cast - check

    2. Fantastic storyline - check

    3. Less than a year from production to release - check

    Wow - how will this not be a hit?
  • The plot and setting is right from the game.

    Ummm... which one? Doom 1, 2 (and 2's other versions) were all placed in large environments. Doom 3 (so far) is placed in very dark, almost catacomb areas. Drasticly different...
  • Before final fantasy or resident evil, there was doom. Oh wait, what about Wolfestein. Oh wait.... PONG the movie, that's what i want to see. (Actually not a bad idea for a short film)
  • by OffTheLip (636691) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:44AM (#10621216)
    Will movie theaters need to upgrade to the latest video equipment to be able to run this film?
  • yeah right (Score:5, Insightful)

    by nomadic (141991) <(moc.liamg) (ta) (dlrowcidamon)> on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:44AM (#10621219) Homepage
    The plot and setting is right from the game.

    Oh come on, do you think they can really condense the intricate storyline, complex characterizations, and nuanced dialogue of Doom into a 2 hour movie? I think not.

    Good god, people, Doom had a bad storyline EVEN BY VIDEOGAME STANDARDS. Who actually thinks it will make a good movie? If you answer "me", then please explain it to me.

    The funny thing is most slashdot stories about something the MPAA has done are followed by comments about "who cares, Hollywood movies are so bad why would you want to watch them anyway?". You do realize that you can't honestly be in both camps, you know? You can't criticize the mindless drivel that Hollywood puts out and then say in the next breath that you're eagerly awaiting Doom.

    Alright, I MAY see it, but that's only because Rosamund Pike is sexy as hell. When you're the sexiest woman in a movie [] that also stars Halle Berry, that's something special. But the movie itself isn't something that a sentient being should look forward to.
    • Re:yeah right (Score:3, Interesting)

      by stratjakt (596332)
      What the article submitter probably meant, was, that the plot isn't from the game, but from all the comic book and Doom novel spin-offs from the game. Some geeks are really into all that crap.

      To me it was always about "shoot monsters", I never even took the time to realize the monsters were demons, and I was a space marine, and that the whole thing was happening on the moon (or earth, or mars).

      Doom 3 tries to jam the backstory down your throat, although I liked the franchise better without a plot. You d
    • Re:yeah right (Score:3, Insightful)

      by kabocox (199019)
      It would make an o.k. action flick with lots of guns and explosions. Plot? Who needs a stinking plot? Doom isn't an RPG. Think what they did with that Final Fantasy movie. Doom has the right plot for hollywood... They can change anything they want to make it work. They can kill off any characters they introduce. It could be a horror movie or an action flick.
    • Re:yeah right (Score:5, Interesting)

      by CAIMLAS (41445) on Monday October 25, 2004 @03:28PM (#10623663) Homepage
      Even though doom has a "bad" storyline, that doesn't mean it won't make a good movie. A good scriptwriter can resurrect even the blandest of plot outlines into an excellent, hillarious, action-packed film.

      Take Indiana Jones, for example. It's one of my favorite films, and just came to mind, so I'll use it. How do you summarize the storyline (of, say, raiders of the lost ark) for that film? How about, "US archeologist battles nazis in egypt to try and regain ancient biblical artifacts" - now think of all the completely cheesed out films you've seen with similar plots. It's all in the presentation. Consider Beowulf - not much to that plot, really, in summary, but it evolved over time to become a wonderful epic.

      Even if they were to use the basic plot laid out at the beginning of (and gradually throughout) Doom 3, they would have something to start with. Then give the mischelaneous people encountered throughout the game a larger role (or other people) in the character's quest. Add a lot of jokes (in the nature of films such as Shrek), and it would strike a cord with many of the people that played the original doom. (Well, with my group atl east. Remember the 'demon' - the red bull-like creature that charged? We called it a penis monster because it looked like a giant cock. I'm sure other sexual references could be made throughout the film... but maybe that's just my twisted sense of humor). Another action film that I'm reminded of that would have been bland and boring sci-fi without the humor is The 5th Element. Remember those damn pig creatures? The action was -cheesy-. But it was a pretty freakign good film, as there was a large amount of humor intertwined throughout it.

      That said, I agree with you. It'll likely suck horribly. I think their best bet is to not try to make it a horror film, but to make it a film that appeals to what made Doom initially popular - to a large respect, just running around shooting things and having blood squirt everyhwere, making jokes at 4am while drinking mountain dew about the game characters, etc. etc. - I'm thinking along the lines of things like the "exploding wall of blood" scene in Evil Dead 2. That would Rock (and, now that I think about it, The Rock would probably be a pretty damn good "Ash" type character, as he's quite over the top with his acting... hrm. I'm starting to see a lot of (likely unfulfillable) potential here.

      Still, there's no way it could be worse than tomb raider. (On second thought, at least TR had fleshy boobs...)
  • This is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck......
  • But if its for real and it releases, then it will probably be on video while the spilled soda is still sticky on the theater floor. In that case, I might watch it at a friends house, if he feels up for downloading it.
  • that the plot is about running backwards through dark hallways shooting zombies, right?
  • by dubstar (565060)
    In an effort to increase the level of suspense the entire picture will be shot with a single hand held flashlight for lighting?
  • Possible? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by 21chrisp (757902) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:51AM (#10621309)
    Call me a pessimist, but I can't see modern Hollywood producing such a violent and gory film. This will probably be another sci-fi/horror flick turned PG-13 (which you can't really call Doom). No studio in it's right mind is going to release a film with people gutted and hanging on hooks. Soccer Moms of the world would have them for lunch.
    • by AbbyNormal (216235)
      Soccer Moms of the world would have them for lunch

      The execs or the "people gutted and hanging on hooks". That's kinda gross!
  • Will the movie characters strafe jumping away from the monsters?
  • by night_flyer (453866) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:54AM (#10621341) Homepage
    from the original game...

    You're a marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbour, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation.

    The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. With no action for fifty million miles, your day consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in the rec room.

    For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have been able to open Gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into one and watching them come out the other.

    Recently, however, the Gateways have grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity -- babbling vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the research is suffering a small set-back, but everything is under control.

    A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from Phobos. "We require immediate military support. Some fraggin' evil is coming out of the Gateways! Computer systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, attempts to establish contact with either moon have been unsuccessful.

    You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty million miles were sent up pronto to Phobos. You were ordered to secure the perimeter of the base while the rest of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio picked up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling orders, screams, bones cracking, then finally, silence. Seems your buddies are dead.

    It's Up To You

    Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving you with only a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your way out. Whatever killed your buddies deserves a couple of pellets in the forehead. Securing your helmet, you exit the landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial firepower somewhere within the station.

    As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear animal-like growls echoing throughout the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no turning back now.
  • by Dachannien (617929) on Monday October 25, 2004 @11:54AM (#10621348)
    The really sad thing here is that the Doom movie is likely to be more true to the original than Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy was.

  • ...that this movie will be disliked. Why? Well, it's possible that the movie itelf will suck, but I personally doubt it. Instead, I think it comes from a perspective shift between playing a game and essentially watching a movie about playing a game.

    I think I am one of the only people on the planet who likes the original Mortal Kombat movie. Granted, the movie itself is not mind-blowing or original; but instead it accurately captures the mood and feel of the original games. Combine that with some inte
  • by jmichaelg (148257) on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:01PM (#10621429) Journal
    My son is an avid film buff and Doom player. By chance, he got a copy of the script. An excerpt from his email describing the script:
    Bad doesn't begin to describe it. It is one of the single best examples of everything thats wrong with Hollywood. The charachter
    sic development is so awful that you actually want everyone to die so that the movie will.
    (spoiler warning)...
    And one of the marines (john) and his scientist sister figure out that essentially this virus from another planet infects the DNA of people and then, if they are bad, manipulates their inner badness into an external representation making them monsters (resulting in lines like "we've all got a monster inside"). So John, since he has not been infected because all the monsters know that he is so good (literally thats the rationale), has his sister pump him full of the virus, and it manipulates his goodness into an angelic form making him an angel (seriously).
  • by msaulters (130992) on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:05PM (#10621462) Homepage
    Who's going to play Barney the dinosaur? If this movie doesn't have a Barney patch, it's just not worth watching.
  • by g_adams27 (581237) on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:07PM (#10621488)


    According to a leaked copy of the script, it appears that in the final scene, just before stepping into the final room full of monsters, The Rock will step up to a computer terminal and type in "idkfa".

    Then after picking up all the weapons and ammo that have inexplicably just materialized in front of him, he'll type in "iddqd" followed by "idspispopd".

    Then apparently he'll just walk right through the wall and blow the entire room away without taking a single hit!

  • by DroopyStonx (683090) on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:42PM (#10621846)
    ooh THE ROCK types IDKFA!!!

    HA HA HA, yeah, it was posted 4832984 times before this post and each are marked funny. IT'S FUNNY, PEOPLE.

    We can't hear this one enough, can we?!

    "Hey, The Rock!"

    *insert joke about flashlight* ... ...

    IDKFA!!! HA HA HA.
  • by lxt (724570) on Monday October 25, 2004 @12:58PM (#10622008) Journal
    I think the burning question is whether you'll be allowed to download the first 20 minutes off P2P, before a little message pops up saying "Get the other 40 minutes, for only $4.99 - plus, a free hint booklet!"

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