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Slashdot 10-Year Anniversary Party Grand Prize Winner 102

From Brisbane to Beunos Aires... From the UK to France to Romania... from New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between, we had well over 100s of parties and over 2,300 registered attendees scattered around the world. Many of them got boxes of t-shirts and ThinkGeek gift certificates (and some of them even got them on time). We've seen cakes with legos and logos, we seen nerf gun fights, and even a lawn sporking. I've put a tiny sampling of my favorite pictures online. The grand prize winner is of the $1k store credit at ThinkGeek is Lindsi from Minneapolis. Their party featured a lolcats cake, a taco bar and a dude in a helmet smashing computers with a sledge hammer in a raining parking lot. They earned it. We had a great time in both Palo Alto and Ann Arbor- I hope you guys had fun wherever you gathered. See you again in 2017!
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Slashdot 10-Year Anniversary Party Grand Prize Winner

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  • Ugh, lolcats?? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Tetsujin (103070) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:04AM (#21184809) Homepage Journal
    That is a punishable offense, not something to be rewarded...
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      If you read any photography related web forums, something I strongly advise against, you'll see that lolcats photos are pretty popular.

      Some guy buys a $3000 lens for his $3000 DSLR, shoots a photo of his cat, then posts a modified JPG version so everyone can validate his pointless consumerism. "Here I am shooting cat photos in my living room with $10,000 in camera gear. Please tell me how excellent my purchasing acumen is."
    • I say take back the prize. No penance until they make an NEDM pie.
    • It's not as bad as wring 'legos'. Nowhere near.
      • Agreed

        For "legos" to be correct, each piece of the kit would need to be a "lego". THEY AREN'T!

        Lego is the name of the company that makes the Lego bricks, connectors, and other assorted pieces. Come on people, it's not that hard to get right...
  • I love the sporks on the field. Wish I would have thought of it!
    • by mashmac2 (1097411)
      Thanks! We've used those forks before for different designs and patterns... it's lots of fun to design and layout a giant forking once in a while.
  • Glad that I could be part of the winning team!

    Thanks for letting me take a whack at the E250.

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That rocks!!!!! Check out our details. [] We had so much fun!!!
    • by archen (447353)
      Actually the video is sorta interesting. I was actually half tempted to just post a cut from Star Wreck where the P-fleet officers all get wasted at a party. I mean who could tell with a bunch of people dressed up with star-fleet outfits? Just photoshop in some slashdot banners. But obviously that would take away the thunder of honest to goodness slashdot parties. That and I don't think I could explain the shooting the beer can off of someone's head with a phaser part.
    • by steveo777 (183629)
      It was a fun night! Glad I got to go play some Guitar Hero with everyone. Way to go, everyone!!!
      • by filterban (916724)
        Totally awesome evening. I'm really glad Vibrant won. It was one of the best parties I've ever been to, so it's GOT to be one of the best Slashdot parties out there, right? :)

        LOLCATS FTW!
    • by ug333 (919867)
      It was a fun night, indeed. Smashing computers with a sledge hammer should become an annual tradition. It really helps relieve the geek stress.
  • by paranode (671698) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:08AM (#21184887)
    Or is there an attractive female in those pics?!?
    • that's CHEATING! (Score:3, Insightful)

      by zanderredux (564003)
      no photoshopped pics! that was the rule as I understood!
    • by ivoras (455934)
      Do my eyes deceive me or Google just got Slashdotted? :)
    • Vibrant Technologies hosted the party. I believe the woman in the picture you're referring to was one of their staff.

      Vibrant Technologies Staff Profile Page []

      I was at this party and have to say is was a good time. Guitar Hero, Halo 3, taco bar (though not a CmdrTaco bar), cake, face painting, and of course smashing stuff. I personally took my pent up aggression out of a Cisco router.

      Many thanks to Vibrant for hosting the party!

      The only negative, we didn't get any /. schwag.

      • by lindsi (1165797)
        We actually finally got the shirts. I'll get an email sent out this week or next for addresses.
        • by Plutonite (999141)
          Oh great. Now that you're doing the ethical thing, I (and all other happy hosts) am going to have to hunt down the people at MY party to give them their shirts, as opposed to using them to decorate my wall.

          Girls... You make life so difficult.

          PS: Did anyone figure out why there was a rm -rf /* on the back? I didn't understand why.
    • by Plutonite (999141)
      Your eyes surely deceive you. You too can achieve similar effects, with a little practice: []
  • by eknagy (1056622) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:10AM (#21184901)
    My favorite photo is: []
  • by Provocateur (133110) <shedied@gmail. c o m> on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:12AM (#21184953) Homepage
    Wondering what you would pick from ThinkGeek, do certain things come to mind right away, or you had to do several browse sessions?

    In short, what's on your THinkGeek wishlist (or shopping cart, if you hadn't made a wish list). Just curious what a /. winner would pick. Awright, you got me: I just want to live vicariously through you!
    • by lindsi (1165797) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:28AM (#21185157)
      Thanks! We all had a blast at this party. I have to say the prize money will be split up amongst the other brains of the operation - I have to give credit where credit is due, to Corey (vibrant_com), Kris (kblommel) and Hudson (decepticoneazye) for their efforts. Maybe we can put it towards something everyone can enjoy at the next geeky-get together. (I heard /. has birthdays every year...! Ha.)
      • +5 Excellent to Corey, Kris, Hudson then!

        So what does this mean, will you guys be waving goodbye to your *snif* basement dwellings?

        Now don't go shop and simply get the Geek Shirt, it almost says 'I went to the /. anniversary party and all I got was this lousy* (geek) shirt!'

        I don't think it's lousy, personally. But you get what I mean.
      • by filterban (916724)
        You guys deserve it. If any more get togethers are planned that are 1/2 as fun as that party, I'd do my damndest to make it, even if it's a "Slashdot turns 10.1" party!
  • I think I could salvage some of that hardware. [] It still looks useable and I bet I could install Linux on it.

    I'm imagining a beowulf cluster already...

    • Could be that they were all equipped with Broadcom NICs, Winmodems, and Adaptec RAID cards? Or maybe they all ran Windows at one point, and smashing them was a cathartic response to years of wasted effort?

      Nah. My guess is that smashing stuff is just fun.
    • I think I could salvage some of that hardware. It still looks useable and I bet I could install Linux on it.

      I think there's a new geek test here. If you watched the video/looked at the pics, and your first thought was, "Damn, I could have used that equipment", you're a geek. I know I certainly felt an urge to shout "Noooo!" for some of it.

    • by goodtim (458647)
      I am not sure if this is funny or just sad. But in one of those pics, there appeared to be an HP N2000 PA-RISC system. I only know this because up until about January, my company ran their ERP system off one one.
  • Hey.. (Score:2, Funny)

    by eniac42 (1144799)
    And chicks! They got chicks!
  • by frankie (91710) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:22AM (#21185085) Journal
    ...because he never showed up at the party he hosted [] and apparently ran off with all the free swag. I'll pay $5 to anyone who helps me track down this lousy thief.
  • Beunos Aires? (Score:2, Informative)

    by powermacx (887715)
    Should be Buenos Aires.
  • Jesus Christ.
    I hope, they still publish text-stories then.
    Not some youtube-clone-mee2-bs.

  • Crap, I almost went to that party in Minnetonka too. Looks like a blast! I'll be there in 10 years...
  • Parties in France (Score:3, Interesting)

    by anticypher (48312) <> on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @11:36AM (#21185267) Homepage
    There were parties in Paris and Lyon, with reasonably good turnout. The party in Lyon profited from having some good organizers who knew each other. They had a Duke Nukem release party :-)

    Lyon party photos [] from Zopeuse [] and more [] from the pterjan [], and the Logiciel Libre crowd.

    In Paris we attempted all the typical "geek" or "nerd" activities; drank Guinness, played wii games, ate a good meal, compared our DSLR cameras, had a DSW over who had been using computers the longest, and finally took some photos []. Those are just mine, either I'll grab the other people's photos and add them, or let them post a link in a followup posting.

    the AC

  • Ya hey dere, Minnesota. I see youse gots somma dat dere facepainting? So much for edgy, eh?

  • Thanks first for the opportunity. Montréal's Slash party was nice. Maybe we were about 25 slash enthusiasts at the climax. Here's my summary right after the party [] (with alcohol still running in my veins): "Interesting to see a sample of Slashdot readers. Most were very friendly, some were rather shy (as we expect nerds to be?), some were "older" but some were also very young! And the discussions about 1.5D, 2.5D, 3.5D, surfing in Hawifi, this North Korean drum-driven CD and three-way code merge were definitely worthy of a Slash-like party, and that barmaid reading the Slash book. Yeah. We should have more of this. Life still has surprises. Thanks."

    One of the pictures on Picasa web album is a barmaid which accepted to play our game and be photographed while faking reading the cryptic "Running web logs with Slash" book (I happen to run a small slash-based website, that's why a bought a copy of the book). As good slash users, pictures were copied on the web even as the event occurred by people at the party :-)
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by paulius_g (808556)
      I wish I went to the Montreal party. At first, I believe it was to be held at a bar. I'm not 18 years old and unlike many of my fellow peers, I don't have a fake ID nor plan to get one. Good to know that you all had a great time.
  • Can someone confirm that she only wore a wedding ring to keep the slobbering masses away and she is really single and is going to marry me. []

    • by lindsi (1165797)
      HAHA. I was in her wedding, so I have to vouch. My sincerest apologies, my friend.
      • I feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of geeks suddenly cried out in disappointment. I fear they will return to their basements.
  • The t shirts arrived but late.
    Anyone out there want one?
    Free OBO.
    • by Seakip18 (1106315)
      Heh, sure. If anything, I can show it to the other two guys who came to the party.
    • by u8i9o0 (1057154)
      I've been looking for solid confirmation of a meeting place/time in your comments.
      Since I haven't seen any, I'm assuming that you're arranging this all via email - so I'll send you a message.
      • by opencity (582224)
        A spot hasn't been picked. Cakeshop has the same comedy crews at the end of happy hour.
        I'm leaning towards Hopscotch as it's a shorter trip with two cases of XL t shirts. But no booze.
        If anyone has an opinion post away or else I'll ask the venue and set something up for Friday evening.
        • FYI this Friday is also the 2600 meeting, and we usually end up at Hopscotch at some point late in the evening.
      • same post again what the hell -

        Hopscotch Cafe - Friday Night Nov 2
        Ave A btw 8 / 9 st

        I'll get there around 8:30 and I'll be wearing ... uh ... clothes.

        As usual respect the venue, buy something (no booze :- ) and/or leave a tip if possible.
        • by Xentor (600436)
          Well well, noticed this one just in time... Nice of them to lock the old thread to make coordination difficult.
          • by opencity (582224)
            I emailed them about facilitating this but got no reply.
            Bring friends. T shirts for all.
    • by Xero_One (803051)
      I'll take a shirt please. I'll save you on shipping too, just let me know where you want to meet up.
  • by sootman (158191) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @12:04PM (#21185671) Homepage Journal
    ... that the story to cap the festivities would contain the awkward phrase "... we had well over 100s of parties..."

    The proud Slashdot editorial tradition continues. Here's to over tens of more great years! :-)
    • by Blakey Rat (99501)
      I'm surprised you didn't mention the raining parking lot. Who was the parking lot raining on? Sounds painful...
      • by sootman (158191)
        Oh yeah, that one too. Good catch. I didn't actually read the whole summary. ;-)
  • by Zedrick (764028)
    The "winning party" is a fake - there's girls in some of the pictures.
    Can't be a real slashdot party.
  • I was happy to see the name of the city where I live at the begging of the article, only to discover that it was mispelled!!
  • Photos, (with girls no less!) []

    Shame I couldn't go as the arsenal is a great spot with many memories. Back in the eighties/early nineties it was NOT a cool place to go. Back then the walls were **covered** in weapons of all kinds like swords, hand grenades, maces, halberds, etc. (hence the name...) Are they still there or are the pictures in another area?
  • Highlight reel here [] and full-length here []. (Oh, and being a female, I can vouch for not only our existence, but our presence at the party!! :-D)
  • Creative! (Score:4, Funny)

    by gbridge (746125) on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @12:31PM (#21186085)
    You really have to give them full marks for creativity. They even made cardboard cutouts of girls!
  • I'm pretty sure my invitation got lost in the e-mail.
  • I too was there and confirm that there were women at the party. My whole hand went numb when I smacked one of the Dells. Be careful when using Sledge Hammers in the cold rain, as it hampers ones proficiency in later Guitar Hero sessions.
  • 2017???

    Mid-30s cynical geeks congregating to office space an old computer while celebrating Slashdot culture could happen in hundreds of locations every year. Just get bunch of startup shwag partners, run the /. Party schedule software, collect the videos and photos and make it an annual thing.

    I would love to organize it.
  • But forgot what the day was. Didn't get it onto my calendar manager, and there was nothing on the main page about the parties on the day(s) of/before them.

    Could have made it, too, if I'd known "this is the day". B-(

    Oh, well. Maybe in another five years or so... Like after I've retired and moved to Nevada...

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