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Labels Agree On Free Music Downloads To Cell Phones 104

Posted by kdawson
from the free-as-in-bundled dept.
An anonymous reader writes "CNet's Crave reports on a potentially revolutionary digital music service set to launch worldwide later this year. It's offering free, unlimited over-the-air downloads to cell phones, with music from all four major record labels, with no subscription. And the selections that users download get automatically downloaded to their PC or Mac. Rather obviously, the tracks are DRMed, but unlike the similar Nokia service unveiled last year to much disappointment, this MusicStation Max service will have exclusive handsets from LG and no additional fees to customers. This is a little similar to an idea talked about last year, but with all four majors on-board it seems to have greater potential."
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Labels Agree On Free Music Downloads To Cell Phones

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  • by siyavash (677724) on Tuesday February 12, 2008 @10:45PM (#22401442) Journal
    "...Rather obviously, the tracks are DRMed..."

    They still don't get it! Do I say more?
  • by ipsi (1181557) on Tuesday February 12, 2008 @11:15PM (#22401630)
    If you read the article, it does say that you'll need a special contract and a special phone. And in addition to that contract, I believe you'll need to buy an unlimited data plan as well. Woo.

    And it's not like you can put them on your iPod. If you want to use them on the computer, you'll need to use an approved player. Which I'm sure will be *fantastic*, the best *ever*!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 13, 2008 @01:50AM (#22402586)

    We got computers that do more then math becuase people wanted to do more then math with computers. But that doesn't mean we get rid of calculators becuase calculators are far cheaper and smaller then computers with an interface far more suited to doing math. Unfortunately that same can't be said about cell phones.
    bullshit []

    Cheap? check!
    small? check!
    does very little more than make calls and store numbers? check!

    they dont make LOTS of phones like that, because there isnt much demand for them, but the do make them

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