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Kubuntu Announces Commercial Support 59

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from the where-canonical-won't-go dept.
sfcrazy writes "Kubuntu is one of those few GNULinux based distributions which brings the two leading technologies together — Ubuntu and KDE. There are quite a lot of businesses which are using this combination in their set-up. Until now there was no professional support available for Kubuntu users. To fill this gap the Kubuntu community has launched commercial support for businesses, organizations and individuals. The Kubuntu team is partnering with Emerge Open to offer this service which is called 'Kubuntu Commercial Support provided by Emerge Open'."
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Kubuntu Announces Commercial Support

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  • Re:Wait Ku...buntu? (Score:5, Informative)

    by bmo (77928) on Monday September 02, 2013 @07:23PM (#44741779)

    Ubuntu stopped giving money to Kubuntu, but Kubuntu is alive and well. []

    For those unwilling to click through:

    Kubuntu to be sponsored by Blue Systems
    [Distributions] Posted Apr 10, 2012 17:33 UTC (Tue) by corbet

    The Kubuntu project recently lost its sponsorship from Canonical, which is pursuing its fortunes in other areas. The project has now announced that it will be sponsored by Blue Systems instead. "Blue Systems sponsors a number of KDE projects and will encourage Kubuntu to follow the same successful formula as it has always had - community led, KDE focused, Ubuntu flavour." The actual extent of this sponsorship is not clear at this time.


  • Re:Or... (Score:5, Informative)

    by bmo (77928) on Monday September 02, 2013 @08:23PM (#44742103)

    Actually, that will only install the default KDE with none of the Kubuntu defaults. Whether you want that or not is up to the user.

    apt-get install kde-full kubuntu-desktop

    installs the whole magilla.


  • by deathguppie (768263) on Monday September 02, 2013 @11:19PM (#44742879)

    I still remember when kde2 came out. There was all this talk about everything as a file, like plan9, but in a user oriented fashion. KDE4 did away with all that, but kept the idea of user functionality. If for you functionality is having a button in a specific place, or having settings preordained and hidden, then KDE is not for you. KDE allows for some amazing things, like workspaces. (I gaurantee that this concept will be picked up eventually by the major players as something they came up with)
    KDE has in most cases at least two ways do do everything, if you can't find it in one place it's in another. This is a pain to some people, but to someone trying to figure out the system, it means that they have at leas two chances to figue it out before they go to the forums.
    KDE is by far the most configuable DE bar none. Where other systems have hacks to change things KDE gives it to you on a platter. There is almost nothing that you cannot change to suit your needs.

    While I understand the desire to have a simple desktop setup, any power user who has had more that a couple months with KDE will tell you, there is hardly any DE that can stand up to it for useability.

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