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EdX Drops Plans To Connect MOOC Students With Employers 59

Posted by samzenpus
from the no-job-for-you dept.
First time accepted submitter cranky_chemist writes "MOOC provider edX plans to abandon a program that allowed companies to mine their massive open online courses for talent after a pilot program in which none of 868 students were hired failed. edX cited HR departments for the program's demise, stating 'Existing HR departments want to go for traditional degree programs and filter out nontraditional candidates.'"
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EdX Drops Plans To Connect MOOC Students With Employers

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 16, 2013 @04:30PM (#45707271)

    Yeah now that students are wised up to the Bad Deal []

    student loans are and are avoid college unless they can pay (which after decades of tuition inflation, they can't) they really have no means to support themselves except through raiding the ol' endowment , which can last at best another 7-10 years even in the case of multi-billion dollar endowments.

    They can see online learning is going to rip them a new one, so thy're trying to get out ahead o fit,. now how to make money from it so things can be business as usual (hint: you can't!). Hey, maybe if we cut ourselves a slice of that Monster pie, we can keep this thing going.

    Here's a dose of reality. For decades and decades you've ripped people off imposing double and triple inflation rates tuition increases with not a thought to the financial burden you were imposing on "people barely not children" and co-signing grandmas. Then you lobbied congress to make student loans unbankruptable just to keep your gravy train going. You discouraged stymied and thwarted every attempt to put your courses online or bring costs under control right up until Kahn Academy proved it was so simple it could be done by one guy with a magic marker.

    Now you're all about it!

    But the math still doesn't add up, does it? No , it really doesn't. You're still just fucked.

    Sometimes in life, the new things just don't include the old things in any way at all.

    And you thought you were bigger than history and changing times.

    I just want to make sure that the state doesn't waste our precious taxpayer money making good on pension obligations when you-all go bankrupt, which can't be too soon.

  • by Slugster (635830) on Monday December 16, 2013 @04:51PM (#45707521)
    A US Supreme Court case found that if an employer was using skills testing that resulted in racial discrimination, then they were guilty of racial discrimination if they intended to be discriminating or not:

    The court case is "Griggs vs. Duke Power"
    For an explanation, see- []

    The only kind of testing that US companies can use now without fear of discrimination lawsuits, is educational requirements. Ridiculous but true.

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