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Collaboration and Rivalry In WebKit 44

Posted by Soulskill
from the enemy-of-slower-load-times-is-my-friend dept.
An anonymous reader writes "An unconventional article on the development of the WebKit project was just posted to the arXiv. Those guys data-mined the WebKit source-code change-log with Social Network Analysis. They claim that even if Apple and Samsung fight each other with patent wars in the courts, they still collaborate in the WebKit community. The report provides a different perspective from the Bitergia WebKit analytics. Some interesting polemics regarding Apple, Google and Nokia participation in the WebKit project are also highlighted in the paper. There are some nice figures capturing collaboration and rivalry in the WebKit community."
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Collaboration and Rivalry In WebKit

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  • by jonwil (467024) on Friday January 24, 2014 @07:01PM (#46062379)

    Ummm, WebKit (and all its forks) ARE LGPL, all having been forked from the original LGPL KHTML engine.

    And the whole WebKit vs Blink issue happened because Apple (creator of WebKit) had no interest in a whole pile of WebKit stuff Google created for Android and Chrome and Google had no interest in a bunch of WebKit stuff Apple created for Safari, OSX and iOS. So rather than try and pretend that there was anything like a single WebKit anymore, Google decided to go its own way and call it "Blink".

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