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Slashdot's 10,000th Story 238

After two and a half years we're happy to announce that this is the 10,000th story posted on Slashdot. Uncounted trolls, repeats, server meltdowns, lost nights of code, conferences, quickies, hot grits, flame mails, broken links, 'Score:-1', karma whores, rants, submissions: its been a great ride... along the way we've posted a lot of sweet stories and had some great discussions. We promise to make the next 10,000 suck less! Congrats to Hemos (2153 stories) Roblimo (700) Cliff (693) and Sengan (664). Course I rule all over them with 4478 (I had a 6 month head start tho ;)
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Slashdot's 10,000th Story

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I wonder what the first story on Slashdot was... Ha! I know:

    *nix clones:

    Linux, BSD, SunOS/Solaris, HPUX, NetBSD, FreeBSD, A/UX (remember that), SVR4, AIX (gag), Irix, Ultrix, 4.2, ...

    Which is the One True *nix?

    And so the flamewars began!

  • Us Slashdot geezers recall a day when everyone was an AC, though we usually identified outselves in our comments anyway. Then logins were created to cut back on the trolls. Failing that, moderation was introduced to regulate the trolls. I now contend that with moderation, the logins are no longer needed 'cept for those who actually wish to moderate. Abandon logins now! And end the ID spoofing schemes that seem rampant now.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    This might touch a nerve... but what the hell, we did it anyways.

    Due to this post, Jon Katz was told that Richard Dawkins (the creator of the word "meme") was going to be waiting in a white car just outside of Paris, France to give an exclusive interview.

    Little did Jon know (little does he know anyways) that we actually had dressed a monkey up as Richard Dawkins and placed it in the back seat of the car.

    As Jon Katz excitedly drove up, the car with the monkey (dressed as Richard Dawkins) pulled away. Jon, being Jon... gave chase.

    At speeds exceeding 90mph (sure, it's France... but I'm an American, I can't stoop to metrics) Jon Katz chased the monkey car until the chase ended... tragically... when the monkey car crashed, killing the monkey in the process.

    It is rumored that Jon Katz will be blamed for the monkey's death, and may face the death penalty under French law for killing a funny animal.

    We all mourn the loss of the monkey we lovingly dressed up as Richard Dawkins.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    It's almost like you were waiting for more stories or something. :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Does anyone know when the 1st Natalie Portman or Naked & Petrified posts appeared?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    If this is the 10,000th story, do you remember which one was the first? I want to know.
  • this still means only 1 post per word of average Jon Katz story :) :) :)

  • What I'd like to know is what story generated the most responses. Or maybe, what have been the ten most popular stories (according to the nomber of comments posted) that have been posted on /.

    Who knows, perhaps by the 20000th, Rob will have learnt how to spell definitely. Hint: word stem finite.

  • Now that this little site has been around. How many of us old timers are still around, USING THEIR ORIGINAL username.


    "Trust is a trick that dogs play. They don't want you to know how delicious they are."
  • I'll bet it was the great Sengan - "The US is attacking Iraq illegally and I am disabling posts to the story" story of Dec. 98 or one of the Columbine Shooting/Jon Katz stories.

    Or a flame war about Gnome vs. KDE.

    Of course I am just guessing.
  • Where have you been? A significant amount of the posts to Slashdot now are talking about Slashdot: "Slashdot sucks"; "Slashdot doesn't post stories like they used to"; "is this really news for nerds?"; "that's what freshmeat is for"; "Andover controls all the content on Slashdot now"; "I think Rob is getting paid off by VA Linux"; "why aren't there more stories on BSD?"; "is anyone else annoyed by that jamie guy?"; "where did that jamie guy come from?"; "I think I'm going to have to start ignoring stories by that jamie guy"; "you'd think Slashdot would at least be able to verify the stories before posting them"; "wasn't this posted just last week? Hemos could at least check the archives before posting"; "is Slashdot slow today or is just me?"; "why has Slashdot been so slow lately"; "I think the speed of Slashdot over the last while tells you something about the power of Apache and/or Linux". That's just a *very* small sampling too, I could go on for hours. To say that the posters never talk about or appreciate Slashdot is false; they just have nothing positive to say :).
  • I think slashdot readers gets more than their fair share of criticism for exclusivity. There may be a few sickos that home in on ungeeks and flame them - but I've never noticed it, is this a real problem? I think you're more likely to get sad lonely nerds trying to hit on you.
  • "No one likes a math geek, Scully." - Mulder

    'Nuff said. :)

  • Probably depends on your definition of old timer.
  • Hey! This isn't "News for Nerds"! What gives?
    Happy 10k, Rob!
  • by Zen ( 8377 )
    Slashdot has been my start page for over 2 years, and I keep coming back (around a dozen times a day :) for more. You've turned us all into net news junkies Rob. Congrats!
  • Story number 4 was pretty funny in a juvenile kind of way.
  • Party sounds like a good idea.. :)
    I for one will hit the pub this evening and raise a glass to Rob and Hemos and all the /. makers that've given me a superb place to hang round.. :)
    I was wondering though.. How many /.ers out there would actually be interested in some form of occasional party...
    I've been lurking around the net for about 11 years now, and from the first chatters/BBS sites, one of the more binding aspects was the infrequent "Get togethers"..
    A mud I'm on ( has a huge meetup every summer in Michigan, which is huge amounts of fun, along with impromptu meets now and then, all over the world.
    There's been articles recently about how "removed from society" the internet makes people. This may be a chance to gainsay that alltogether..
    I'd be happy to arrange a beerup for any slashdotters in Bristol, UK that want to get together sometime, and raise a glass to trolls, flame, and a damnably interesting time. :)
    What better way to thank Rob and co, than to raise a glass of beer in their honour? :)
    Real email is
    If yer interested, let me know.

  • That's what I was about to say!
  • In celebration, I'm going to ignore all of my coworkers that don't use linux, and I'll try to be the first to say anything every time anyone around me has some news. :) Or maybe I'll just go back to bed...
  • Try some of the "sections", the bastard step-children of slashdot. My favourite hangout is science. [] If it doesn't make the main page, you can expect 10 comments on good, nerd stories. Oh well, makes for a high S/N ratio if nothing else.

    What would be really interesting to know is what is the current highest user number. I suppose I could get a new username and find out, but that seems like kinda a waste.

  • No, really. Seeming as we are counting stories, maybe its worth counting for the 10'000th "First Post" or "Troll" and give them an award. Something like a lump of dirt perhaps?
  • I think the fact CmdrTaco wasted the 10,000th story on self-congraduatory back-slapping speaks VOLUMES about the *cough* quality of the stories posted lately around /.

    I'm just suprised Jon Katz wasn't the one who posted the story. ;)

    Congradulations, /. May your next 10,000 *not* have anything to do with grits.

    George Lee

  • As far as I can see, Slashdot doesn't seem to have any privacy policy whatsoever. Now that Slashdot has certainly hit the big time (and, perhaps more worrisome regarding privacy, owned by a major company), isn't it about time something was put into place?
  • This is funny.. Some moderators out there think CmdrTaco is a trool :)
    No really he mentions during the "2000 beanies awards"... I belive the RealVideo can be downloaded from "Geeks in space" on the sync.

    It makes sence when you think about it...
    The avrage post deserves a mod 1... but ACs posts default to mod 0.. so the avrage ho hum post gets modded up... considering the shear number of AC posts and that the majority are pritty good and deserving of atleast mod 1...
    So yeah... AC is the ultimate Karma Whore :) and a pritty dang successful one too :)
  • Well, I've been reading Slashdot since I joined the workforce, and I must say you probably cost me more than 10.000 hours of work-time. Not that I mind, of course ;-)

    Keep up the good work guys, and don't let the naysayers distract you. There are a lot of us out there that just like Slashdot the way it is, but since we've got nothing to complain about we're a rather quiet bunch.

    Anyway, on to the next 10.000 !

  • I wonder how they kept count of all the stories? The boring way of course would be for the computer to keep the count for them. But I like to think that they have a big sheet of paper on a wall where each time they post a story, they mark another line on the paper with a tally pen, whose ink is the blood of trolls.

    So you see, trolls are important to Slashdot, because where else are CmdrTaco and Hemos going to get fresh troll blood for the tally pen? And I won't mention the successful meat-supply business that funds the running of Slashdot, where they supply fresh troll meat to various restaurant chains in their local area. Those McDonald's burgers aren't really 100% beef, you know....

  • Imagine a beowulf cluster of these!
  • I come here, get the scoop, it keeps me up to date, I get great info from intelligent posters, the site layout is clean and organized.

    What I don't like? Sometimes the speed sucks, and those trolls... But society isn't without it's pests!
  • Who is Natalie Portman? Have I been living under a rock? Is she some famous model, rock star, singer, blah?

    I'm on her site now ( looking at her perty pictures, still clueless as to who the hell she is!
  • I think it's a common mistake if it's done by someone who doesn't type its very often. If it's an insult to you, it's your problem. If it's not, well, if it's the way you want to deal with its consequences, it's up to you. It's your choice. It's all I can say.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Countless? This is the land of computers, just ++var it!
    How about some statistics, Rob? I know there are some such as hits and browser type, but there must be data to be derived from the messageboard.
    Some cool ones I can think of:

    Slashdot's total karma (could actually be a rough rating of the value of slashdot's accumulated information in the messageboard)
    Total posts per quarter (graphs are cool)
    Troll count (sorry, gotta count the trolls)
    Most popular author by replies vs number of stories posted (Keep em comin Katz!)
    Number of stories on Quake vs every other game combined :)
    Number of registered users (this can be approximated with enough clicking, but we all really want to know :) )
    Number of active users (who have logged in in the last two weeks)
    Anonymous coward vs Known Coward post ratio

    Anyways, Rob and co. Thanks and congratulations for making the most exciting page in the age of indoor boredom.
  • Anonymous Coward's Karma was (last I checked) around 2000.
  • The hof [] is neat, but I would like to see Hall of shame with stuff like, Least Active stories, Least visited stories, Least active authors, Least active poll topics.

    And we need a new algorithm for Top 10 Comments, (maybe sum of karma of the comment and child comments?)
  • I'd say slashdot is poised to become the zdnet anchordesk of the GNU/Linux world! Congrats to CmdrTaco for becoming the new Jesse Berst.
  • Damn good job!

    'nuff said!
  • That's it. Now Grit is going to send Urgje after
    you. And if the little guy is mad, he's dangerous.
    He doesn't come out much.
    ------------------------------------------- -------------
    UNIX isn't dead, it just smells funny...
  • First all..CONGRATS.....second of all....anyone notice the irony of the 10,000th story being the 10,000 story story? :) All and's been a fun ride, here's to many more

    Lame sig not here
  • get that NNTP-gateway going!
  • Congrats on beating MTV to the 1,000,000 video mark!

    MTV shows videos?


  • The only surprise I could find was that some of the stories have disappeared leaving just the comments by themselves. What surprise did *you* mean?

    Anyone have any other early screenshots of Slashdot? I want to remember what it *looked* like.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Juvenile funny is the best kind. BG eats BS!

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • We promise to make the next 10,000 suck less!

    You know what this means? You heard it here first boys and girls, Slashdot is FIRING Jon Katz.

  • That's a good idea. If you really want to be accurate about it, you could find some proportionality constant that would adjust your formula so that stories always average to some constant "activity" value. Then, the ones that stick way out above this value are your most active.


  • So Rob, what was the first story you ever posted??

  • No, it was spammed with the same tools as used in the Borland/Interprise Developer Survey article [] (which is number 2 on the HOF).

    This spamming tool, incidentally, was made open source by it's author, who posted the source code (it's a bash script) in a few comments to the thread.

  • Well, if you get 00000004 or so you start seeing Rob's test posts, presumably from some of the earliest strings of comments. As you get higher, you see rare authors, including "The Slashdot Authors", and some others.

    It's all just fun, of course.

    You're looking for screenshots of Slashdot? But chips and dips was so much more *fun*.

  • Oops! Flaunt [] is really here.

    And, of course, I meant increment the story link a few times in binary

    Ed Fisher
  • One last goodie for all you fans out there!

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

    Story 1,000! []

    What a blast from the past... a whopping *four* comments to that story.
  • What makes you think that the first time you saw it wasn't the first time it happened?

    Grits is an oatmeal-like hot cereal popular in the Southern USA -- that is all (sorry if that's too obvious -- on the Internet everyone assumes you're a dog :-)

    +++For-pay Internet distributed processing. []+++

  • Maybe we should take a peek at the first few stories to see how things have changed?
    Is there any way to do this? "Older Stuff" only seems to go back to October '99. I suppose the oldest stories are archived somewhere? Are they publicly viewable?
  • Congratulations, of course.

    Do you keep statistics on the speed of growth? I'd be really interested to see the number of stories posted in each month; but also the number of comments, submissions, page views... in each month.
  • Or if you are babylonian that would be:
  • There, on the left. That forth link, Privacy [].


  • Congrats!

    Congrats on beating MTV to the 1,000,000 video mark!

    Some interesting things:
    What story had the most trolls?
    What story had the most comments?
    What was the first story?
    How much disk space do the stories and comments currently use?
  • Of some of use antiquated things like Binary

    and considering that Slashdot is on the net, and the net uses IP, and IP uses Decimal representations of Byte Notated numbers,
    39.16 is apropriate but doesn't really SAY anything :)

    Now... 40.0 will be really big!
    (that 10100000000000 for you Binary geeks, or 10240 for you Decimal shovanists :)

  • For those who have been to [Everything 2] [] may have seen some people just [NFN] []. Could CmdrTaco just be posting pointless stories in order to increase his story count? That is, is he just [PSFN] []?

    Lets see ... "Atmel Chip for Embedded Linux Devices" has almost no posts under it. That means that nobody cares about it. That means that Taco posts pointless stories. That means he is just [Posting Stories for Numbers] [].

  • Congrats on S10K. Maybe now it's time to have a moderation category for the stories themselves. The rating could appear on the front page beside the story, for example. Unlike regular moderation, it would always be an option, but like regular moderation, it would preclude posting comments on that story.

    Such a system would let all those people who post saying "What does this topic have to do with nerds?" or "This doesn't matter" could instead let their opinion be heard by reducing the rating of the story. What a relief it would be to the rest of us.

  • Hate to correct you, but shouldn't this be:

    "100,000,000 trolls on Slashdot, 100,000,000 trolls,
    Moderate one down, move your mouse around,
    100,000,001 trolls on Slashdot..."


  • I ate some bad chicken. Nasty stuff.
  • Keep up the good work, you guys.

    Looking forward to the cool million.
  • Nothing more than to say congrats.

    And to remind moderators that this is on topic :)

  • You know you're really right about Slashdot feeling like home. It's weird, but I even appreciate the trolls and "hot grits". It may be the dark underbelly of Slashdot, but part of what gives Slashdot its character are the trolls, the karma farmars/whores, and moderation debates. This place wouldn't be the same without it.

  • Them's fighting words! You gonna take that lying down, Rob? Nuke his karma!


    lets see if anyone's Humor Impared

  • > These numbers total a mere 8688. What accounts for the missing 1312 stories? Duplicates?

    No, the other 1312 stories were submitted by the authors who didn't made at into the "Top 5".

    (OctobrX, CowboyNeal, emmet, jamie, JonKatz etc.).
  • Joy Happiness and only a few lines :-) Come on dudes, we want to see a t-shirt contest, balloons, cake, features, a "I remember the day we started", Interviews, Best of Slashdot. This should not go by this obscure. You guys now should brag and boast your accomplishments. That is how it is done in the corporate world. Hmm, maybe that is why I like Slashdot, it is not like the corporate world :-)
  • Well the first indexed story is here []. Perhaps the first real story is gone forever.
  • On behalf of the academy, I would like to give the award for best forum for news, flaming, gossip, and hot grits, to. /. []
  • by hawk ( 1151 ) <> on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:34AM (#1249090) Journal
    OK, the largest number ever. With another 9,950 or so posts to this article, someone *really* gets the 10,000 post on the 10,000 article. The prize will be a [drum roll, please] yes, a life! :)

    This will lead to new depths of behavior. Lured by the not so lurid prizes, the cellar dwellers of the web will realize that the first post nonsese was just the beginning; there's plenty of cool numbers.
    10,001 will be of interest for the symmetry. But it will be hard to top 12,321 and 12,345 . . . (except, of course, by getting post 666 in a microsoft thead :)

    hawk, who should really know better . . .
  • by bgarland ( 10594 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:09AM (#1249091) Homepage
    This is the 23,114,038 "first post!" that wasn't.

    Congrats, /.

  • I'm hoping to start a collection of The Worst of Slashdot. Send me links to the best Troll, offtopic, stupid, bizarre, and funny posts ever. I want Natalie Portman with hot grits using a Beowolf posts! I want BSD is evil/sucks posts. Send the links to [mailto] I want them all. THis will be no mere lame webpage. Think Yahoo-style directories

    Send them /.ers! and remember........ "Jon Katz is a Windbag!"
  • by thegrommit ( 13025 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:02AM (#1249093)
    the most popular/controversial story I wonder?

  • by Frac ( 27516 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:30AM (#1249094)
    JonKatz would probably kick everyone's ass with over 90% of the total bytes in body.
  • by Sebbo ( 28048 ) <> on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:22AM (#1249095) Homepage Journal
    We can come up with better words than those...


    And one more really useful one,

  • by Louziffer ( 39872 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:43AM (#1249096) Homepage
    I might as well say it...

    I'm the Monkey Moderator.

    I feel that I've outdone myself with this latest Masterpiece of Monkey Moderation, and to celebrate... I'm revealing my secret identity.

    I can't take credit for every one of the monkey moderations you've all seen, but I've posted all but a couple that I know of. I've actually hoped it'd catch on a bit more than it has, but alas... I was unable to keep up with so many trolls on my own.

    You'll still see the occasional monkey moderation from me. I'm not going to let this die easily... but from now on, I'll honestly take the karma hits as they come.

    Here's to Monkey Moderation in all it's Glory (hehe)... may it continue!

    "It all started with a Monkey."


  • by TheTomcat ( 53158 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:47AM (#1249097) Homepage
    Re:In celebration... (Score:5)
    (-1 here I come...)

    Has anyone else noticed that when someone posts "I'll probably be moderated down for this", "There goes my karma", or "-1, flamebait", they are almost certain to be moderated UP?

    Hmm.. my karma could use a boost:
    "Yea, I'll probably be moderated WAAAAAY down for this. I'm sacrificing my karma by posting this, but I think the original bears repeating."
    That'll probably grab someone's attention. (-:
  • by Wholeflaffer ( 64423 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:03AM (#1249098) Journal
    Maybe we should take a peek at the first few stories to see how things have changed?

    Congratulations and continued good luck!

  • by spiralx ( 97066 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:43AM (#1249099)

    How about...

    • Party-line
    • Wrong
    • Yes, I agree
    • Spam
    • h4X0r-speak
    • pr0n
    • Anecdote
    • Waffle
  • by 348 ( 124012 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:26AM (#1249100) Homepage
    Come on Moderators, Move this one up a little more. Hot grits posts are as much a part of this site as anything else, give him that +5 Funny, he's earned it, after all he's posted on just about every one of the 10,000. That's /. Commitment, even if it's a little misguided.
  • by JudgePagLIVR ( 145069 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:13AM (#1249101)
    of postings, the next 10,000 will take roughly 2.5 weeks.
  • by Cyclope ( 150361 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:05AM (#1249102)

    I still have 9930 articles to go through...

    This is where I should write something
    intelligent or funny but since I'm
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 24, 2000 @07:21AM (#1249103)
    how bout letting us moderators type in our own ?

    I can see it now:

    Re:In celebration... (Score:3.1415926539, Yes, I agree, Wrong, Yes, need write ins, Are you crazy, Not a bad idea, waffle, orange, cool, a troll moderator was here but I'm too lazy to make a real troll comment so I'll just moderate with a stupid write in, ok, great idea, bill gates sucks, Monkey, Hot Grits, MEEPT!!, fuck off, right, libertarian, Insightful, Troll, +5, Bruce_Perens., moderator whore, more... [])
    by Zurk [] ( on 09:49 AM February 24th, 2000 CST (#121)
    (User Info [])
  • by dillon_rinker ( 17944 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:18AM (#1249104) Homepage must have missed the Hellmouth stories. I remember the story you note, and how at around 400 posts it was EXTREMELY active. Of course, that number of posts was exceeded just yesterday by the mention of a potential GPL violation.

    I think a more accurate metric of the most active story would be total posts / total number of currently active posters (defined as, maybe, people who've posted within the last week). A more accurate metric of most visited stories would be total hits / total number of registered users. Thus a story commented on three times by every poster when there were 100 posters would be more active than a story commented on by half of 10,000 posters.
  • by Seth Scali ( 18018 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:37AM (#1249105)
    Who has the highest average reply rate (i.e., JonKatz usually gets 200-300, and not infrequently in excess of 400 or 500)?

    Who is the "favorite" author on Slashdot (who has the highest number of hits per story, on average?)

    What is the most frequently appearing topic? Linux, Microsoft, Star Wars Prequels, The Internet, Links, Quickies (when are we gonna get more quickies, anyway?), Science, or something else?

    Who has posted the most comments, besides the Anonymous Coward?

    What, in your opinion, were the coolest stories you've posted on Slashdot (yeah, the Netscape Open-Source thing was the indicator that Slashdot was "respectable", but what have you guys gotten the biggest kick out of posting?)?

    Any regrets?

    Anything you would do differently?

    Did you ever imagine anything like this happening 3 years ago?

    Where do we send congratulatory "Who" box sets?

  • by Mikesch ( 31341 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @07:03AM (#1249106) Homepage
    So that would make this the 9999th story...
    Now that everyone has forgotten the entire "when does the millennium start" fiasco, I needed something to bitch about.

    Seriously tho, congratulations.../. has gotten me through more than one seriously boring computer lab.

  • by CraigMcPherson ( 52487 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @08:11AM (#1249107) Journal
    The first "naked and petrified" post on any open-source website was made by me on in July of 1999. I started with "Natalie Portman naked and petrified" because Ms. Portman had the greatest mass-market appeal and name recognition potential of any young lady I could think of.

    I started "Mae Ling Mak naked and petrified" after becoming enamored by reading a couple of Ms. Mak's Segfault articles. I soon extended "naked and petrified" to others as well, and of course as it gained in popularity others took it in all new directions.

    It wasn't me that took "naked and petrified", my beloved love-child, to Slashdot. In fact, I don't know WHO it was. But once comments were disabled on Segfault, SOMEONE did, and I decided to review my decision that Slashdot wasn't the right place for "naked and petrified". In fact, Slashdot was a *WONDERFUL* place for "naked and petrified".

    I think it was roughly around September that Segfault disabled comments. I've been posting "naked and petrified" messages (including the famous "Open Letter to ESR" which ESR himself wound up reading) here ever since then, on and off, and so have my many loyal fans and followers. I've also engaged in a few other projects when my "naked and petrified" muse wasn't helpful, such as PR0J3C7 31337-H4X0R-5P34K, which never really got off the ground, although I am rather proud of its first work, "1 H4V3 4 DR34M".

    Of course, petrification-related stuff has been around the Internet for as long as anyone can remember. As long as the Internet has existed, people with an interest in petrification have been able to find each other and talk about their interests. Only in the past 10 years, though, have the websites and newsgroups and stuff started to spring up related to that interest.

    Well, it was a good 10,000. Here's to 10,000 more... NAKED AND PETRIFIED.
  • by Nerds ( 126684 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:01AM (#1249108) Homepage
    Does this include the 2,000 stories that were repeats of stories that were posted earlier?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:00AM (#1249109)
    I will now pour 10,000 bowls of hot grits down your pants !!!

    (By the way, this is the 100,000,000th troll)

    thank you.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:05AM (#1249110)
    100,000,000 trolls on Slashdot, 100,000,000 trolls,
    Moderate one down, move your mouse around,
    99,999,999 trolls on Slashdot...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:06AM (#1249111)
    I submitted this a months ago !

    Hot ants down my pants, ouch !
  • by Tony Shepps ( 333 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:08AM (#1249112) Homepage
    In between all the flaming, we never take the time to really tell CmdrTaco and the rest of the team how we feel about the site. It really is a fine work, and I feel like it has changed my life to be able to come here and get an update on the latest News for Nerds, as well as good discussion of all the stories. So hat's off to all of you.

    And hat's off, too, to all the people who have taken the time to post insightful, interesting, informative or funny comments; the site is as much about you, because the net has enabled you to participate as much as the authors of the stories and the editors who select them.

    Despite all the whining about the acquisitions, it sounds like CmdrTaco has done the truly noble and honorable thing and guarded the independence that makes the site what it is. I can't tell you how much I respect that, and thank you for doing the right thing, and understanding what the right thing was to do.

    And that means that the next 10,000 stories will give us all as much reason to come here as the last 10,000 did.

  • by Stiletto ( 12066 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:08AM (#1249113)
    Of course, the number 10,000 is only significant to those of us who use a base-10 numeric system as their preferred counting device.

    I would guess that many of us geeks who reed /. are able to count and manipulate numbers more easily in octal or hex, making this story (number 023420 or 2710h) pretty meaningless.
  • by auntfloyd ( 18527 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:51AM (#1249114) Journal

    31,000 hot grits pouring
    22,000 Natalie Portman references (slowing down, guys)
    33,000 Jon Katz flames
    5,000 references to the supposed sexual preferences of Slashdot staff
    10,000 "is this really news posts?"
    10,000 First Posts
    100,000 First Post wannabes
    5,000 "I submitted this months ago" posts
    and maybe
    300 good trolls.

    [Note that these numbers are based on recent averages]

  • by gleam ( 19528 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @08:39AM (#1249115) Homepage
    Oh? It's early slashdot stories you seek?

    You can't get much earlier than "Chips and Dips", and you can also get some insight into Taco, the Man, instead of Taco, the Commander...

    So here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

    Taco's first e theme, Flaunt []. It was designed for 1600x1200, and DR11. And boy, if you don't see "Chips and Dips" right there on his screen. Talk about a little self-promotion!

    And what else do we have? We have his DR12 theme, Obsidian! [] Obsidian features a few irc chats here and there, and we get to see taco lurking (as an op no less) in #linuxwarez. Woo!

    We also find out that, originally, his themes were hosted at, in the "TacoWare" directory on the ftp. Hmmmmmm. TacoWare. I think we have a competitor for the Dilberito!

    Congrats guys, it's good to see all the progress that's been made.

    Oh, and for all those of you looking for early slashdot articles, check these:

    Nov 19, 1998 [] -- Taco announces kernel 2.1.129 on slashdot. Amazingly, no one trolls!

    March 23, 1998 [] -- Java news! The most interesting thing about this one, is the link address, and the lack of any and all comments. Hmm. (For a hidden surprise, try incrementing the link a few times!)

    Well, that's enough time wasting for me for today (har har, I just got q3a for linux)

    Ed Fisher
  • by RPoet ( 20693 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:06AM (#1249116) Journal
    It's here []. Some very interesting statistics :)
  • by Haven ( 34895 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:53AM (#1249117) Homepage Journal
    I would be pleased with this, but wasn't I reading this on Wired and last week? Come on guys! This is old news.

    [disclaimer] Every /. article needs someone flaming the story to be old. [/disclaimer]

  • by Catch22RG ( 71033 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:11AM (#1249118)
    A story for the sake of being the 10,000th story? Sounds to me like this is CmdrTaco's way of saying "FIRST POST!!!" ;)
  • by Count Spatula ( 103735 ) <f_springer AT hotmail DOT com> on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:05AM (#1249119)
    Perhaps now that 10000 has been reached, /. can celebrate by putting in a couple more moderation words, such as "surreal" or maybe "BFG Bait"...

    (-1 here I come...)

  • by 348 ( 124012 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @06:07AM (#1249120) Homepage
    After 2 and a half years I'm happy to announce that this is the 10,000th troll posted on Slashdot. Uncountable Firsts, Off-Topic mods, repeats, Flames meltdowns, lost nights of Karma, Songs, Natalie Portman Threads, hot grits, flame mails, broken links, 'Score:-1', karma whores, rants, submissions: its been a great ride... along the way we've posted a lot of sweet trolls and had some great discussions. We promise to make the next 10,000 suck less! Congrats to NPG (2153 Trolls) Gnarflanger (700) Trollmastah (693) and AC (9664). Course Hot Grits Guy rule all over them with 4478 (He's posted on all 10,000 ;)

    Seriously guys, Congratulations, It's been a fun ride so far.

  • by Trollmastah ( 129873 ) on Thursday February 24, 2000 @07:05AM (#1249121)
    (POSTIN') ON THE THREAD OF THE DAY Postin in the morning sun
    I`ll be postin when the evening comes
    Watching the stories roll in
    And I'll watch 'em roll away again
    I'm just postin on the thread of the day
    Watching the time troll away
    Postin on the thread of the day
    Wasting time.

    I lost my job 'cause of Slashdot
    And watched the site hit 10K
    I've got no karma to live for
    Look like nothings gonna come my way

    I'm just postin on the thread of the day
    Watching the time roll away
    Postin' on the thread of the day, Wasting time

    Postin' here resting my bones
    Cause this moderator won't leave me alone
    10,000 stories I've trolled, Just to make this site my home

    So I'm just postin on the thread of the day
    Watching the time troll away, ooh
    Postin on the thread of the day Wastin' time

    Seriously Guys, Congratulations, you've done a great thing here.

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?