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Hemos The Iron Chef 55

So Hemos decided he should stop back in Holland to visit some family, pick up some comic books, and eventually visit the Blockstackers office. We felt that was reason enough to record a new episode. We talk about TiVo hacks, the Napster/BMG agreement, and I ask everyone for Bloody Mary recipes.
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Hemos The Iron Chef

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  • AW, Bummer! And here I thought that Hollywood was coming out with a geek space hero movie.
  • The Prime Minister of Canada is the leader of fewer people than the Govener of California. It is easy to count 10 million votes. It is a lot harder to count 100 million.
  • by Sebbo ( 28048 ) <> on Friday November 17, 2000 @10:33AM (#617002) Homepage Journal
    "...on the cutting board!"

    On the cutting board? The cutting board is a sacred place! You do not wrestle on the cutting board. You are no chef! You are no Geek in Space! You are nothing! Nothing!
  • The average election has a 6% margin of votes thrown out. Why? Because people don't vote right. What are the election officials supposed to do if you vote twice? Count both?
    PBC threw out 19,000 ballots which isn't that bad. Another county threw out 26,000 votes, but it's much more republican so you don't hear much about it from the team that is behind.
    >I know what party I will never vote for again...
  • Forget the Tomato & V8 juice. Use Clamato! Presto - it is way cool, salty from the get go. The Tobasco and Celary Salt are Not optional. This is all a good start now back to the Vodka - just my $0.02 - use Absolut Citron (frozen) and you have a kick ass drink. Cheers!

  • Try substituting Gin for vodka in your next batch of Bloody Marys. It's really yummy. Some contend that this version, called a Red Snapper, predates the Bloody Mary.

    And whatever you do, never skimp on the ingredients. You can afford quality ingredients - your tastebuds will thank you immediately and your head will thank you the following morning. Bombay Saffire, for example, is excellent in a Red Snapper.

    Angostura bottles a brand of Worcestershire Sauce which does not list "anchovies" on its list of ingredients. It is also a lot less salty than it's better known competitor. I prefer it, but who knows if that is just me or my years of vegan brainwashing talking. (and of course, who knows _what_ is in the "Natural and Artificial Flavor.")

    Here is what I do:
    (I never measure anything)

    Fill a glass completely with ice.

    Pour in the liquor until it's 1/3 to 1/2 full.

    Dump in a healthy pile of celery salt.

    Add tabasco or similar hot sauce ( I prefer the Louisiana[tm] brand - it's not so tart) to taste. (you can always add more, but you can't take it back out once it's in there, so start easy).

    Lots of (a tablespoon or two) worchester sauce.

    Squeeze in the juice from a 1/4 lemon.

    I usually stir this up at this point and then-

    Top off with tomato juice ( or better yet, V-8, the low sodium variety - because we are already putting celery salt and worcestershire in this thing.)

    Garnish with lemon and whatever veggies you have laying around. The celery stalk is fine of course, but anything that will fit in the glass is good - a big old carrot stick, string beans, whatever. Ideally the garnish rod can function as a stirring device.

  • If you use clamato and vodka, it's a Ceasar..
  • In response to Our Gracious Lady's proposal of assistance to resolve the current electoral impasse we have received the following, which seems to me to be a perfect response. So I'll leave it there, and hope that I've given you a smile or two.
    We are evaluating your proposal. As an interim measure we are sending a Marine Task Force to "liaise" with you. You should be aware that this Task Force outnumbers your combined forces 7:1, so please do not act hasty.
    We have a number of questions and observations for you:
    1. A quick look at a map showed us where you are. It appears that you are about the size of one of our aircraft carriers (an aircraft carrier is a big ship that has lots of airplanes on it. Some of the airplanes even carry weapons!)
    2. You refer to American cars. I assume you mean the shiny metal things that move when you put gasoline in them, do not have an electrical system designed by Michael Faraday and are capable of retaining oil in the engine rather than on the garage floor.
    3. Gasoline is a liquid that you put in cars. It is readily available on most street corners and costs less than bottled water. We could let you have some if you are unsure what it is.
    4. Holidays. As you know, we in America like to work. A lot. We would require that we continue to take just two weeks a year. You should also be aware that July, August and every Friday afternoon appear in our work schedules.
    5. While we debate your suggestion we should probably withdraw all of our forces from NATO. Please feel free to give us a call if you need help with anything while we are gone. By our count it's twice now that you've upset someone over there. If you get our answering machine please leave a message and we'll call you right back when we come in.
    6. Dentistry. We'll send you someone.
    7. Committees. In America we have an interesting thing called a decision. How will that integrate with your practice of having 47 people sitting around until the last person falls asleep? We need clarification.
    While we consider your offer we think it proper to ask you to give back everything that you've got from us (just a temporary measure). As such please return all refrigerators, computers, aeroplanes, air conditioners (Oops silly me what was I thinking), telephones, roads with more than one lane, plumbing, profitable businesses etc...
    We suggest that you may want to consider identifying any useful ideas that you would like us to make into practical, profitable, products. Except the Sinclair C5, the Millennium Dome, Birmingham, the Channel Tunnel, and anything you have that involves a railway or cooking. A 3" x 5" postcard should probably be sufficient to list these items.
    In the meantime, we will hold a referendum on your suggestion. We'll get back to you.
    The Citizens of the USA
  • No, he's right. A person can be vice president, and become president due to the current president's death, impeachement, etc. If less than two years was left in the old president's term, the new president is still eligible for two full terms as the elected president. Thus, 10 years.

  • by Karmageddon ( 186836 ) on Friday November 17, 2000 @11:34AM (#617009)
    as a history major, I find this election gratifying because I get to display my fine grasp of minutiae..."

    Oh yeah? Well, why then the persistently wrong-headed bringing up mention of Gore's winning the "popular vote" as if it makes any difference at all. In the US, you get elected via the electoral college. It is not a "proxy" for the popular vote, and it is not an archaic throwback to a bygone era. It is the deal, the whole deal.

    The history is, we didn't have a country: there were 13 colonies, and in order to get them to agree to form a country, a deal was struck. We have to live with the deal because it would be unfair not to. Just like Slashdot made a deal with Andover, the colonies made a deal with each other. At one time, the popular vote did not include women and slaves, and today it does not include children, though children are included in the size of the electoral college delegations (hmmm... maybe the E.C. is more representative?) Yes, smaller states get a disproportionate clout in the vote, just as the Slashdot editors get disproportionate clout (comparative to IQ and sophistication) on Slashdot. So quit bringing up the popular vote as if it matters, it doesn't.

    And, even if it it does matter in a "my father can beat up your father" way, a smart person will also realize that the campaigns are run toward winning the electoral vote. If the popular vote mattered to the outcome, we'd see different campaigns and likely see a different apportioning. It's unscientific to use today's measure of the popular vote as a proxy for the national will.

  • I believe the laws state that satellite cannot carry broadcast networks only if you can receive them them over broadcast. So in your case, you should be able to get directv to send you NBC over satellite.
  • And nobody I know really gives two shits about the president of the united states. l
  • 1. Kidnap Mary and her little lamb.
    2. Skin Mary and sell the skin to the Ed Gein Fine Leathers Corporation.
    3. Put Mary into a large blender, or a wood chipper like in the movie Fargo.
    4. Add Vodka to taste, tabasco, and a stalk of celery. If no celery is available, you can use a femur.
    5. Give the lamb to your local Satanic church. It's always best to be on the good side of the satan worshippers.
  • Ask Slashdot: Home made grow rooms (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 17, @02:12PM EDT (#15)

    Well, everyone describe yours!

    2000-11-17 18:33:51 Home made Grow Rooms (askslashdot,humor) (rejected)

    anonymouse cowerd

  • First off, you are right that the DirecTV receiver with Tivo will not Tivo-tize the anything not on the satellite. That cheaper price is helped by not having a MPEG encoder in there. And DirecTV probably wouldn't be very happy making your cable viewing experience better with their equipment.

    As for getting locals on the dish ... Whoever is the local NBC affiliate pays money to be the only way for you to watch NBC. Allowing you to watch another NBC affiliate means the local affiliate looses ad revenue. Not that Tivo owners actually watch commercials anyways ...
  • Here's a cool link for finding pictures (scans, actually) of boobs to e-mail [mailto] []
  • At some places here in Baltimore and around the Bay we use Old Bay Seasoning [] in our Bloody Marys. YUM! Butcha gotta get McCormick, that's the Balmur native's choice. If you really can't find McCormick, try making it yourself [].

    Last time I was in the Big Easy I got a Bloody Mary with some okra in it.

    Seems everywhere I go, I get a regional Bloody Mary variant. That's why I love this drink!
  • It's good to seem Hemos back but:

    Am I the only one who went voting this year just couldn't help but instinctively look for "Hemos" as the last candidate? and am I the only one somewhat disturbed by that?

    Makes you wonder if the accusations that GIS is just another step in fostering a personality cult aren't somewhat true . . .
  • Republicans sued against a manual recount.

    OK, now the irony in this is the Republicans badgered our Secratary of State here in Oregon, threatening a recount in Oregon.

    It didn't happen, yet, thankfully. Although some random can still throw Oregon into a recount by filing the right papers and paying $8,000 by Dec 12.

  • You'd be suppressed what goes on in the darkened theatres in Amsterdam.
  • In theory.

    In reality only one time has any members of the electoral college gone against popular vote(in 1960, IIRC it was kennedy vs nixon). And the President and the rest of the government receives its power from a mandate of the people. If most people want to give the Presidency to another canidate and the electors give it to another, than the system has failed, both in intention and traditional practice and it was soon cease to exist. Don't be surprised if next election there is no electors.

  • I bet he read it on the register []
    and pinched this [] article.

    Whilst The Register probably found it on a newsgroup, they usually have the IT stories before /. hence why all the Kharma Whores go there.

  • First off I'd like to say I'm putting asside my normal "conspericy" jokes becouse of all the election year insanity than makes Krull rants seem plausable by comparison...

    As for the "Elitest" idea that "If they are too stupid to get the vote right they shouldn't vote"..
    Good arguments but I find flaw with them...

    Your local election officals (and from what I see.. Floridas election officals) are jerks. Contact your local government and bitch.
    After the Election you Floridians should contact your local officals and bitch as well...

    There is no excuse for treating voters poorly. PIRIOD!! It is your responsability to bitch and bitch and bitch any time someone pulls that.

    The Republicans (and most likely the Democrats) have a HUGE manual on voter fraud and harrasing voters is probably in there...
    Both partys send people out to spot such behavue.
    Tell your local (Demo or Repub or non-partison) voter fraud people to keep an eye on your voting precinct...

    The fact that your election officals not only don't prevent voter harrasment but are the source of it tell me your election officals are doing a poor job.
    A good craftsmen puts pollish on.. not becouse it matters but becouse it's habbit. Humans are creaters of habbit and a person who dose a good job will do a compleate job someone who harrases voters is going to mess up elsewhere as well.

    To continue...
    if you allow your election officals to harras you out of your vote you in effect gave it up. Your not "Dumb" but protecting your ego.. is your ego more importent than your vote? Sadly for many americans the true be told.. YES IT IS... Thankfully Cmdr Tacos vote isn't up to trade for his ego...

    Still.. if you are willing to give up your vote for your ego.. you should not clame your vote later on...

    The idiots of this election are not those who were harrased out of a vote... sad that it happend and it probably happend at lot.
    While I'd like to see people release ego my preaching in this area would be a small matter of glass houses...
    So those who have sold vote for ego.. or had to sell ego for vote.. I ask.. I beg.. get over to your local officals and harras them... Becouse nobody should ever be asked to make that trade...

    But once the trade is made... drop it.. in the end.. you gave up your vote... don't ask for a reclame now...

    The idiots are not the people who make a mistake and are harrased into not asking for a new ballet..
    We all make mistakes... Hay punch the whole card if that happends :)
    But if your election officals are jerks you still need to ask for annother ballot so you can vote..

    The idiots are the ones who walk in don't look at anything and mindlessly punch... thats just plain dumb... You know who you are going to vote for you have 5 min (in Florida... where I live it's 3 min) to punch the right holes.. Of course I punch keys more rapidly than that but I allready know where they are (on my keyboard) take the time to LOOK...

    The idiots are also the ones who punch twice think it still counts...

    One other issue I wish to address...
    This so called "Throwing your vote away"...
    This election above all others... Throwing your vote away?!?

    Voting for someone just becouse he isn't someone else? When the two main candiates are vertually identical (as thies two are) voting for the twin of what you dislike isn't going to do anything.

    Twetel Dee (Al Gore) vs Tewetel Dumb (Bush)... Wow what a choice we have...

    Al Gore: Asside form taking a role in establishing the Internet he has not been very pro-net...
    Al Gore supported the CDA.. along with many Democrats.. (Religous Right supported the Democrats over the Republicans the election year folowing the CDA nonsence in trade for the CDA.. it was the only time that happend).

    Al Gore is very supportive of funding and growing technologys but he is also supportive of technological suppression for specal intrests.

    Bush: Microsoft Good...
    Ok Bushes addatude is probably easyer to summerise.. Bush is a great deal more simple minded. Not dumb.. avrage.. I want to make that clear.

    Geeks, Reporters, and Politicians are rather smart people..
    It takes a great deal of intelect to do what we geeks do.. to grapple and report data the way reporters do.. and to put it to use the way politicians do..
    It is not an unjustifyed call to question Bushes ability to understand the most complex and constrainning issues. He is to avrage...

    But the ability to pass a trivia test isn't a fair test of a political canidates mettal. Being smart dosn't include knowing all things... It just means your tempered with the knowladge you need and the ability to handle it.

    Al Gore dosn't come up much smarter.. Sorry but with all Al Gores public experence he still screws up and says something the press reads as "I invented the Internet"... He knows how the press will read what he says...
    That was pritty dumb...

    Ferthermore in a book he writes about wanting to ban cars.. Now wait. No way is he sereous.. But Thats not the kind of ammo you leave laying around for future political opponents. That was dumb.

    Al Gore is smartter than Bush but I challange that Al Gore is no better sutted to grasp the complex issues.

    In any case Bush and Gore are not very diffrent..

    Now for irony sake... I did vote for Nader.... You may say a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.. but with me.. I didn't just vote FOR Nader.. I voted "Not Gore"...
    I don't know what Bush would do but history tells me what Gore would do is not good.. I'd rather have an idiot who MIGHT get it right than a smart guy he is garentied to screw things up..

    Having said that.... It dosn't matter now..
    Whom ever gets in office will have 4 years of nothing... The White House is a house devided... 4 years of anarcy... I like that.

    Anyway... the only scary part of this was that the misscast votes went to Buccannan....
    Al Gore isn't that bad.. Maybe annother CDA for the supream cort to strike down.. Ban guns.. Nothing that really stresses me much..

    Bush might mess with the Microsoft case... Otherwise I don't see much damage comming from this clone..

    Nader I like... all the way around...

    By Pat B... scares the hack out of me... and he was catching all the misvotes...
    He is also a whinny baby... Should do Slashdot posts... (Oh gods I just looked in the mirror and saw Pats face..)

    Anyway... my views... A vote for Pat is a vote for the Krull....

    As for that other elitist....
    The one who ranted about "Your generation" and "DotCom" and whatever.. I'd like to know what that full rant was...

    But ANYONE who would dismiss a generation becouse it's convenent shouldn't be taken sereously...
  • Ok I'd like to know why Taco is asking us to Spam Kurt.
    What is it that Kurt did to deserve this?
    Did he abandon BSI?
    Did he install Windows NT on Slashdot?
    Did he get an MSCE?
    Or is Taco just evil incarnet and tormenting his room mate into surrendering his tressured Furbes for Tacos fendish experements..

    Well I want to know and I think we all should know before continuing this assult on Kurt...

    So what I suggest is that you send e-mail to and ask...

    Thank you....
    Jeffery (The evil ranting cyber cat) Felinoid McLean [Dark lord of shiny things]
  • It might ammuse your rulers to know the United States is allready under the control of the Krull.
    It's just one step in our plan for world domination.

    We are currently responsable for this election and we currently have control over Napster.

    As for your question in item 10.. As near as we can tell a psycopatic human did it but we are simply relying on human reports for this and have no Krull varification.

    All we are sure of is that there was no Krull involvment...
  • notice that since GIS stopped being done regularily, all the episode have been *filled* with lots and lots of swearing? How is this getting passed thesync? I thought they edited.

    Keep up the good work!
  • The first recount (By Florida law) should have been a hand count.
    Having said that I object to a FORTH count. Gore should be limited to asking for ONE recount. More than that we are looking at pure delay and there is a point where ALL the votes in Florida get thrown out. If this were to happen Gore would win.

    Bush should be worryed about the hand count.. If the sloppyness of the recount is any indication the Florida officials are not reliable enough to do a hand count.

    I'd also like to add.. You can botch a machine count as well as a hand count... So it shouldn't matter as much what kind of count as it should matter how well the count is being done...
  • by Sotaku ( 142458 ) on Friday November 17, 2000 @09:32AM (#617027)
    Man if you know where to get Hashish in Holland, MI, do tell!

    I have the feeling that if the slashdot crew was actually in Holland the Country, it'd be alot cooler website. =)


  • Today I heard DaimlerChrysler sacked Chrysler CEO James Holden, replacing him with (Sound of ta-da played by kazoo) Dieter Zetsche.

    Let's start a pool on the number of days before Napster isn't just a puppet of BMG, but an actual hand. Shawn, you can always find a job at Mr. Chow's, make mine without MSG, please.


  • I really enjoyed your commentary about the election. It is sad that you recorded on Sunday and *very little* has changed.

    I have a suggestion for Geeks in Space... how about a live show with call in by either by phone, email, IRC, ICQ, or any other communication methods.

    Keep up the good work!

  • good I agree for the most part. add some tabasco, garnish with white pepper and celery salt (that is the magic ingredient). I dunno about the salted glass -- I'd just stick with the celery salt, but that's a quibble.

    The secret to a good bloody mary is lots of ice, and recognising that you want enough vodka to mix well with the (small) can of Tomato juice, not the large glass you pour it in. Too much vodka is a bad thing, suprisingly.

    Even better if you can make your own TJ -- fresh squeezed!. That will get rid of ANY ill effects of the previous night.
  • Yeah, but the majority of those 26,000 votes were in black, predominantly democratic precincts, where Democratic "get-out-the-vote" organizers told people to make sure they voted for someone on each page of the multi-page ballot, apparently unaware that the presidential section took up two pages.
  • have a suggestion for Geeks in Space... how about a live show with call in by either by phone, email, IRC, ICQ, or any other communication methods.

    Wait...don't we have the closest thing reasonably feasable right now? Isn't it called Ground Control? And isn't it at thesync []?

  • Pulp Fiction nimrod.
  • I thought this was gonna be about Iron Chef []


  • Ahhhh! Red Snapper! Verrrrrry tasty!

    (Apologies to Kuni []!)
  • Bloody Maria:
    Tomato Juice
    Worchestershire Sauce
    White Pepper
    Habenaro Pepper
    and the best part, stir it with a Slim Jim!

    (damn I can't wait to get done with work today!)
  • Disclaimer: IANAL, IANA FL Resident...
    1. The ballots were put up for public review before the elections. They were published in the newspapers, and mailed to every registered voter. That was the time to say "hey, this is poorly designed", or "hey, this doesn't comply with FL law".

    2. Now, to be sure, the design of the ballots left a lot to be desired. But UI design is hard, and people who are good at it don't generally find themselves working in local government.

    3. No matter what the ballot design is, there's going to be some voters that get it wrong. It's actually remarkable that as many voters managed to deal with it without a problem...

    The Democrats have some points in their favor, but the ballot design is IMO the weakest.


  • and speaking of blood... Hemos, and iron...

    Well cooking with blood would truly make one the Iron chef.

  • Perhaps what you seek is a Bloody Caesar, the divine Canadian drink with its sublimely mad Clamato juice?
  • Ha!, a reference to UHF, one the best movies ever, its funny!

    I'm still waiting for that special DVD edition. But seeing how the movie is out of print, it looks like I'll be waiting a long while...
  • I'm waiting for the Walkie/Slashdot poll crossover...

    "I have perverse sexual lust for Hemos"

    (The last option on It's Walky [] is "I have perverse sexual lust for...")
    The last one was "Where do babies come from" and of course everyone voted "Perverse sexual lust"...

    So Keenspot is out to make us into sexual perverts [].. and Slashdot is building a personality cult around Hemos...
  • Finally, something on Slashdot that I can try to be an expert on.

    First off, think of the drink as a libation. This is not something you'd want to get out of hand on. The sour stomach later in the day can attest to that.

    With that warning:

    16 oz. glass, packed full of ice (and I mean full; use small ice cubes. Crush the household variety if you must).

    Limited amounts of more than an ounce and a quarter.

    Fill with tomato juice, from a can. Tomato juice from a glass container dosen't have the true taste you're looking for. Leave a half inch or so.

    Two or three shakes of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.

    One and a half to two teaspoons of horseradish (fresh if you grow and make your own, otherwise use the kosher variety). Not heaping, mind you.

    Three or four shakes of hot sauce, the jalapeno green stuff made by that major hot sauce maker. I forget the brand name (see what 20 years of bartending does to ya?). Starts with an "M".....the green sauce has the flavor without the nasty bite.

    Squeeze a good one quarter lemon in and drop the carcass in. Really freshens it up.

    Shake the hell out of it. Get the horse mixed in really well. Serve with the center of a bunch of celery, using the prettiest floral looking stalk.

    Only have one or two. After that go over to Champagne Seabreezes or Mimosas. You'll thank me later.............

    Have I told you abot Mint Juleps? Or the wonderful Ramos Gin Fizz?

    Ahhh......cocktail time. Treat it with respect. It will treat you equally as well.
  • How exactly?

    Each vote would be counted by three people. A Gore rep., A Bush rep. and a county rep.

    Explain to me how you would go about convincing two strangers to commit election fraud.

    Besides, Do you realy have that much faith in Punch-Card readers? Espesialy in the hands of people who have never used them (the readers) before? It's not as if a bad vote is instantly kicked-back to the voter.

    Question to People who've used Punch-Card computers : Did you ever have problems with accidentaly not punching things all the way through, causing bugs?


  • The one ingedient everyone seems to miss is fresh ground black pepper.

    I actually prefer my Marys virgin, since I often drink them when DD. Tastier then soda, and no one realizes you're not drinking along.

    On the subject of Virgin Marys, if you like V8, a little pepper, Woust. Sauce, and Tabasco really livens it up.
  • In the Ontario municipal elections, some sort of electronic ballots were used, and the count wan done within an hour of the polls closing.
    Take that, Yanks :-P *joking*
  • Great. I can't enjoy Geeks in Space in its full 24kbps splendor. I guess I'll have to contact my new DSL ISP and get them moving on the account toute de suite.

    P.S.: The key ingredient to an excellent Bloody Mary is real blood.

    1. Ahhh, the merger of European music giants. I would have figured this too get more coverage on the Dotted Slash, but I suppose we've heard this one before. This merger is really nothing new. This rumbling has risen twice before, in 1994 (when EMI was hungry to expand past just a few rock solid outputs, and was entertaining offers) and just recently after EMI added Priority Records in 1998, BMG looked towards EMI as possible apple to its eye. But now with Priority moving into swanky new L.A. digs (10 year lease signed this week) and Virgin slacking somewhat, EMI is looking to move. BMG would make sense, but for one other forgotten suitor.....

    1. "Anyone remember me?" whispers Warner from atop its giant media babel-tower. What of Warner's attempted acquisition of EMI? Remember the one that was going to push them over the edge and have Sony, Universal & oh,
    2. BMG screaming "bloody monopoly"? Well BMG/EMI would make it the largest music body in the world - they just don't have to worry about archaic American monoploy laws so they might just get away with it.

    1. P 2 P___H U M O R []
  • I guess you guys don't get the insightful comment for that. Even by sunday you should have realized that the Election would be going on for months.

    Hell, up here in Canada we're not going to be having ours for at least another week, but it'll be figured out long before yours.
  • Check out the incredibly-fantastic and funny movie called, 'God of Cookery'. It's available on DVD, though quite expensive.

    Favourite quote: "Good use of folding chair!"
  • 1.5-2 shots of vodka
    small can of tomato juice
    some horseradish
    shake the heck out of it.
    in a salted pint glass
  • If anyone has a TiVo they'd like to hack, I've got an axe they can borrow... and a nice reciporocating saw - very nice smooth cuts.

  • Republicans sued against a manual recount.
    I think we can understand considering the handrecount would put the future of our country in the hands of people who make RMS look like a successful well adjusted business owner.
  • I always thought V8 juice; horseradish; worchestershire (sp) sauce; vodka ( of course ); Little tobasco; make it nice and spicy and throw in a celery stick. that my friends makes a wicked good bloody mary.

"Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning." -- Marlo Thomas